10 Incredibly Weird Trends You Didn't Know About

Trends are a huge thing in our culture. Whatever your particular interest, there’s likely a list out there of what’s hot and what’s not every decade, year, or month. Are you a fashionista? Then you probably religiously follow the trends of every season, and find yourself rushing out to buy a midi skirt and crop top, or a certain pattern for spring. If you can’t get enough of Sephora, you probably have bought quite a few neon eyeliners or strange polish shades because they were the ‘must have color of the season.’ A foodie who tries every strange dish at a restaurant at least once? From durian to dumplings, you’ve tried it all, and are always looking for what new flavor you can explore.

Trends can be fun to keep up with, and many individuals pick and choose what trends they truly like and are interested in incorporating into their lives. After all, no one wants to be a trend slave.

However, a lot of trends are… well, just plain weird. Something you’d never think of doing to your hair, or something you’d never think of consuming, all of a sudden you’re told – it’s a must! It’s the hottest of the hot!

Here are 10 weird trends you may not have heard of, but just wait… they’ll be popping up on trendy lists soon. Get ahead of the game by trying out some of these trends.


10 Dyed Underarm Hair

Women around the world are getting bolder with their hair color, moving beyond the brunette or blonde choice and opting for blue, pink, purple, green, every shade in the rainbow. Hair that’s colored an unnatural color is becoming hotter and hotter, as individuals love to try out new hues on their lustrous locks. However, this trend pays attention to an area of the body most women shave or wax away – underarm hair. Rather than making it disappear, women are increasingly deciding to grow it out, and then dye it an attention-grabbing shade. For more about this strange trend that’s been continually picking up steam for the past few months, check out our in detail post that talks about how this trend came to be, and why it’s becoming such a big thing.

9 Frizzy Hair

Have you spent hours with a special, expensive brush in your hand and countless potions and serums atop your counter, desperately trying to turn your unruly locks into a shimmering sheet of silk, like the women are always flipping in commercials for hair products? Well, this trend may just be exactly what you’re waiting for. Stop trying to tame your mane – this year, frizzy is in. Whether you just incorporate a few wisps into your otherwise sleek hairstyle, or just roll out of bed without even glancing at your hairbrush, tousled, wild and frizzy is this season’s big hair trend. Throw out the smoothing serum, stop checking the weather report for the humidity levels, and just let your natural hair take center stage.

8 Eyebrow Extensions

It’s likely escaped no one’s notice that women have been gravitating more towards the Cara Delevigne level of eyebrows lately rather than the overly thin, overly plucked brows that were trendy in the 90s. And sure, there have been seasons when a very bold brow was the must have beauty look. However, this weird trend takes things to a whole new level. You know eyelash extensions, those genius devices that take your lashes from average to luxe? They’re travelling a bit further north. Instead of just letting their brows grow or filling them in with makeup, women are looking for a very, very bold brow, and putting extensions in to really fluff them up.

7 Bowls

Okay, this trend might seem a bit broad – of course we all use bowls, that’s hardly news. When it comes to this food trend, we’re not talking regular foods that always come in bowls. We’re talking healthy bowls full of super-foods. Sure you’d put soup in a bowl, but if you’re looking to stay on trend in the food world, stick your smoothie in a bowl rather than a tall glass. Then sprinkle it with a few superfoods and you’ve got yourself a healthy, trendy meal. Acai bowls, chia bowls, this trend will definitely encourage you to incorporate fresh, healthy items into your daily diet. The sight of someone slurping a spoonful of mango smoothie dotted with chia seeds might be strange, but hey - it's hip and healthy.

6 Cricket Flour

Those of you who cringe when you see a cricket in its natural habitat might want to avert your eyes – they’re coming into our homes, and more specifically, into our kitchens. There have always been a small subset of people who championed consuming bugs – inexpensive proteins, they argue, a great part of a healthy diet. This trend makes things a bit more palatable for those who don’t want to crunch down on legs and wings. The new must-have in your pantry? Cricket flour. Crickets are crushed down into a fine, flour-like powder that can then be incorporated into everything from homemade protein bars to desserts. Cricket flour is nutritious, packed full of iron, B12, protein and more. However, it definitely takes a brave foodie to try a cookie made with crickets.

5 Coffee with Butter

Picture this – it’s early in the morning, you’ve just woken up, and more than anything you just want a big, steaming mug of coffee. You pour out the delicious beverage and stir in… a spoonful of butter?! That’s right – the new trend is steering your daily dairy choice away from milk or creamer and into a fattier realm. The trend was started by entrepreneur Dave Asprey, and is called Bulletproof Coffee. Bulletproof Coffee consists of low-mold coffee beans, 1-2 tablespoons of MCT oil, and 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter. It can clock in at over 400 calories – just for a cup of coffee! Those who worry Frappuccinos have too many calories suddenly have a new fatty caffeine drink to contend with. The actual medical opinions have been mixed – some, like Dr. Frank Lipman, say it can provide great clarity and a bit of pep to start your day. Others, like Dr. Donald Hensrud, just see it as a cup full of calories, saturated fat, and very little nutrients, a.k.a. not a good choice.

4 Snail Facials

You may have thought the infamous bird poop facial was the weirdest thing that people were smearing on their faces in order to enhance their looks – think again. This beauty trend looks towards a creature that’s a bit slimier – snails. Before you start calling PETA, don’t worry – a snail facial doesn’t involve diced up snail or anything like that. It involves, quite literally, letting a snail crawl across your face. Apparently, the mucus that snails leave behind when they crawl has nutrients and antioxidants that’ll make you look young and fresh. However, most of the champions of this trend are in the media, not actual medically trained individuals. Whether it’s actually proven to work in the long run or not remains to be seen, but for now, people are rushing out to let snails slide across their cheeks.


3 Charcoal

Anything that claims to detoxify the body immediately sets the trend world ablaze – how many people embarked upon juice cleanses because they were the hot way to detox? A lot. Most medically trained individuals are skeptical, as the body can pretty much detox itself, but anything that claims to cleanse and rejuvenate usually becomes a trend. One of the newest in the detox trends is charcoal. No, people aren’t crunching big chunks of the black rock. Instead they’re taking capsules of activated charcoal, or sipping it in a juice. Again, people are tied on whether this is effective or not – but, it’s getting sold and people are giving it a try, so it definitely earns a spot as a weird trend.

2 Mesh Hair Dryers

You may have thought nothing new would ever happen in the world of hair dryers – after all, they’ve invented countless devices that effectively dry your hair. That’s all that needs to be done, right? No need to reinvent the wheel. Well, people are always looking for the hot new thing, and now hairstylists can try out this new trend – mesh hair dryers. Instead of a harsh stream of hot hair coming from a concentrated nozzle, mesh hair dryers are a bit more like a diffuser. They create a softer, more spread out heat that apparently works wonders. For now, it’s strictly for professionals, but who knows – it may be popping up in a salon or drug store near you soon.

1 Bone Broth


This trend got a lot of public attention when a celebrity – Shailene Woodley, in particular – spoke out about it’s effectiveness. Bone broth is exactly what it sounds like – the broth that results from boiling bones, from either cows, chickens, or fish, for hours and hours until they break down and create a lovely, clear stock. Some restaurants have even started selling it for those who don’t want to spend hours by their stove, staring into a pot of bones. In theory, sipping this concoction is supposed to give you a slew of health benefits like improved digestion, reduced inflammation and shinier hair. Medical professionals have said that, while it’s good for you, the promises some trend-lists are making are a bit hyperbolic. It might not transform your body, but it’s definitely good for you, so ladle up a big bowlful.


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