10 Hotel Room Horror Stories Revealed

The hotel industry is filled with tales of blunders from bed bugs to worms to leaky ceilings to sheets covered in unknown substances to horrific staff members. There seems to be no shortage of awful hotels that don’t know how to run a proper business. The question really is who stays in these hotels? Review sites such as Trip Advisor and Yelp can give a good look at what other travelers are saying about the hotels in question and after reading this, we can assure you that you will want to read them before you book your next hotel stay.

From the woman who had an unknown naked man in her bed to the front desk that just happened to have cockroach spray on hand to raw sewage spewing out of the ceiling; this is a collection of the worst of the worst. These are real stories about real hotels and in fact some of these stories came from top rated five star hotel stays. If you have never stayed in a downright disgusting hotel, it will be hard to believe that they do in fact exist. So sit back and read on to discover 10 disgusting hotel horrors and be thankful none of these experiences happened to you.

10 The Infestation


We couldn’t begin to count how many stories there are of bedbugs, cockroaches, worms and other creepy crawly things that people find in their hotel rooms. From waking up to spiders, the size of your palm, on your face to worms pouring out of the taps, there is no shortage of horrific scenarios. One of the worst stories comes from a couple in Guatemala who were staying at a rustic resort. They arrived in their room to find 20 or so cockroaches living in the curtains. When they went to complain, the front desk gave them cockroach spray and told them to kill the bugs themselves. Needless to say the couple kept the spray by their bedside all night long.

9 Blood, Mold and More


One particular hotel in London gets especially horrific reviews from almost every single person that stays there. From blood on the sheets to mold in the bathroom, we cannot believe this place is still in business. The walkways to the rooms are narrow and look like something out of a horror movie and the beds are made up of saggy mattresses and dirty sheets. There are often gaping holes in the walls, broken cabinets and the doors don’t lock. The smell of the restaurant (who would even eat there) mixed with years on unwashed carpets makes for the most unpleasant of odors. And most guests report having some sort of breakout or bug bite for days after.

8 The Sewage Room

A leaky faucet is annoying, a leaky ceiling a bit more frustrating but a ceiling that is leaking human excrement, well that’s just one step too far. Indeed one Trip Advisor reviewer posted ‘Great hotel for the price, but leaking raw sewage through ceiling’. This isn’t the only horror story about sewage though, there have been countless instances when sewage pipes have burst and leaked right into rooms. When you can smell the stink seeping into your room, it’s time to get out and leave the hotel, immediately.

7 Restaurant Problems

Sometimes it’s not the actual room that grosses us out but the restaurant inside the hotel. Horror stories from around the world include surly staff who scream at patrons, multiple hairs found in the food and dirty dishes on the tables. A lot of hotels feature a buffet which can only make matters worse. Food is often left out for hours, people use their hands instead of utensils to pick the food up and if your room has bugs, likely they have fast tracked their way to the dining room. Or how about the outdoor dining room that got soaked on when the Jacuzzi above broke and started leaking everywhere.

6 The Murder


Imagine checking into your hotel on Halloween night and discovering that a murder was taking place right next door to your room. Well that is what happened to one hotel guest in a reputable hotel in Milwaukee a few years back. After hearing sounds of what sounded like someone being stabbed while chained up, the guest ran down to the front desk to get help. Turns out the hotel had set up a haunted house in the room next door and neglected to mention that small fact. Even though the guest was moved he continued to hear murder like screams all night long.

5 Don't Look Under the Bed


It is easy to see if your hotel room is dirty; the mold is visible in the shower, the sheets are speckled with an unknown substance and the water glasses are dirty. But what about the things you can’t see. Imagine the surprise you would feel if you decided to work out in your room by doing some sit ups. You happen to be doing them beside your bed and low and behold under the bed is a very dried up used condom. Luckily all you have to do is call the front desk and ask them to remove it but who knows what else is hiding in there.

4 The Sochi Games


The disaster of the hotels that Russia built for the Sochi games deserves an entire article on its own but here are just a few things that journalists faced when staying there. No running water, no heat and no Internet. The toilets weren’t working and the doorknobs fell off in their hands. There were rumors of spy cameras in the showers and the hallways were lined with stray dogs. On top of that, at least one hotel lobby was devoid of a floor. We aren’t sure what happened to these hotels after the games but we can assure you we aren’t going to travel there to find out.

3 The Garbage Room

There is something about someone else’s garbage that just grosses us out. Perhaps that is why so many people complain about the garbage from the previous room guest still being in their room. Or maybe it’s because the garbage is full of used sanitary pads, moldy food and other disgusting things. Band-aids littered around the floor, condom wrappers in bedside table drawers and sex toys under the bed. You name it; it’s been left for the poor unfortunate soul to find who came into the room next. Hotels that don’t clean their rooms thoroughly should be avoided at all cost. Just ask the guest who found a dirty thong underneath her pillow.

2 The Mix Up

It happens more often than you think, the front desk agents mix room keys up, room numbers up, etc. But what happens when they give the person a new key at 3am when he or she is very intoxicated? A good hotel desk agent will check to make sure the room they are telling them is the correct room. Unfortunately they aren’t all good. Men have waken up with woman on top of them, fully naked. A honeymoon couple was barged in on but a prostitute and a woman came out of the bath to find a naked man sleeping on her bed. Now that would give you nightmares.

1 The Feces Debacle

We could write an entire book on people finding poop in their hotel room but some of the grossest have to be the following. One guest posted on Trip Advisor that she found human feces smeared all over the walls of her bathroom. When she requested to move rooms the hotel offered to send a maid in instead. There was the guest who pulled back her covers to discover a pile of feces right in the middle of the bed. Then there was the guest that could smell something awful but couldn’t find out where it was coming from. After searching for half an hour with the hotel manager they finally discovered someone had smeared the inside of the closet with human excrement. Grossed out yet?

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