10 Hot Girls Who Totally Regret Doing P*rn

In the 21st century we live in a wonderfully strange and contradictory society that both glorifies and shames sex all in the same breath. "Sl*t shaming" has been a major issue for women for a while, a

In the 21st century we live in a wonderfully strange and contradictory society that both glorifies and shames sex all in the same breath. "Sl*t shaming" has been a major issue for women for a while, as our exploding connectivity and sharing options allow us to overshare basically every aspect of our lives, including our private parts.

With the lines between pro and amateur blurrier than a night out with Robin Thicke, the p*rn industry is booming like no other time before, luring thousands of women of various ages and backgrounds with promises of quick and easy cash and possible fame. But the road to silicone valley is paved with broken dreams and terrible decisions. Here are 10 women whose forays into the world of adult entertainment came back to bite them in the you know where (and not in the fun way).

10 Tiffany Six

School is intrinsically connected to sexual maturation in this day and age. And that’s probably why everyone has at least one fantasy of that hot, hip teacher they’ve had their eye on all year, slipping them her number and a note to call her tonight next to the “good job” smiley face on their social studies report. Well, mostly everyone... right?

Well some kids at Richard B. Haydock Intermediate School came closer to that fantasy than most when they found out that their science teacher was a former adult star Tiffany Six. Unfortunately this quickly led to Ms. Halas’s suspension and, after a no doubt short battle in court, sacking. One really has to feel for Ms. Halas, as she wasn’t working at the school during the time of her more lurid career, and by all accounts she was a competent and responsible teacher. During an interview she even made sure to clarify that “… I didn’t do the students. I have to say I’m not into the students, though. At least I don’t do that.”

9 Melissa King

8 Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham has managed to make a pretty steady living off of the world's morbid fascination with her reproductive parts. First she was 16 and Pregnant, then she was a Teen Mom, capturing our attention so completely that we are still watching her try to figure out how to be a teen mother/human being despite being 24 years old.

7 Jaimee Foxworth

Jaimee Foxworth was best known for playing Judy Winslow, the youngest of the siblings on Family Matters until Steve Urkel (Jaleel White) showed up and literally stole the show. As the show refocused around the wildly popular geek, there was less screen time for Foxworth until they decided to write her out of the show as if she never existed. No farewell, just never existed. That had to suck.

6 Babsi

A mysterious woman who adopted the name Babsi filled herself with more than the Holy Spirit in a series of solo videos she filmed in an Austrian church. Despite taking efforts to keep her identity secret by not showing her head, Babsi was still recognized by her breasts and arrested for her sins.

5 Montana Fishburne

For half a whole second, the internet buzzed at the news that Laurence Fishburne's (The Matrix Trilogy) daughter was going to make a sex tape. For half a whole second, Montana Fishburne dreamed that maybe she too could gain fame and prestige in Hollywood like her dad and personal inspiration, Kim Kardashian. Half a second later, Montana Fishburne realized the truth. You have to be pretty damn lucky and pretty damn smart to parlay pseudo-celebrity into a full blown career. And turning a career in adult entertainment into a career in anything else extremely rare.

4 Kendra Sunderland

3 “Lucie” from Czech Republic

Still from Lucie 5334's video/ Czech Casting

Lucie is pretty much the ideal fantasy woman: Interesting and well-educated, smokin’ hot, and sexually liberal. For a price of course. While we’ll probably never know exactly what that price was, we do know she’s paying for it now as it turns out Lucie’s day job was, you guessed it, teaching.

2 Nadya “Octomom” Suleman

1 Courtney Stodden

With her fake moans and “dirty talk”, I hesitate to even call Courtney Stodden's sex tape p*rn. Supposedly it’s a personal video of the failed singer, jailbait bride, and Playboy reject, filmed for her husband Doug Hutchinson. The funny part is apparently the video was “stolen”, prompting her to sell it for 1 million dollars and donate proceeds to “children with cancer”. I’m a little sorry for her husband if this was for him. She spends half the film talking and posing for the camera in various states of dress. Her smile at the end had to be the most genuine moment of the whole tape. You can see the relief in her eyes: it was finally over.

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10 Hot Girls Who Totally Regret Doing P*rn