10 Great Womanizers Throughout History

In Don Quixote, the famous adventure story, the name Lothario came to signify the “unscrupulous seducer of women”.  A Lothario came to be known as a ladies' man, a kind of Don Juan who will use his mind, intellect, and charm to entice women.  These characters became more prevalent in literature during the Romantic Movement, but there are real life Lotharios who can give their fictional counterparts a run for their money.

Since the poet put his feather quill to paper, womanizers have roamed the countryside trying to seduce and charm their way into a woman’s bedroom.  The language of unrequited love and attraction is a skill that few posses. Men around the world have long desired the secret formula that would enable him to woo the fairer sex.  Is it a talent that emerges from basic ideas of attractiveness?  Or is it something subtler? Does the high school football quarterback always end up with the prom queen? The realms of life where a successful womanizer can be brought up in are actually quite varied.

Many have used fame in order to catapult themselves into the upper echelon of ladies’ men.  It’s no secret that rock stars have built entire careers because of the potential women they might come in contact with, while suggesting, “It’s all about the music”.  There are many pathways to the legendary status that some men have achieved in womanizing.  Being successful in the arts, whether it be music or film, will almost certainly gain someone access to legions of beautiful women.  Sports stars have also been known to dabble in the science of seduction.  The relationship between fame and womanizing is pretty clear.  But it is the everyman, the one without the glitzy celebrity that desires the secret formula that will make him enticing to women everywhere.

The men on this list have racked up such high bedroom statistics that it's shocking parts of their anatomies haven’t rebelled in protest.  Some of these proclamations have come from the noted Lothario first hand, so they can be interpreted with a fair amount of bias.  Yet judging by their reputation it’s fair to say that they are in the ballpark.

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10 Casanova

This author and adventurer was so good at describing the ways of womanizing and seduction that his name has even become synonymous with the term “womanizer”.  His exploits during the middle of the 18th century made him famous, most especially for his elaborate affairs with many different women.  He spent his time travelling around Europe, getting into adventures and meeting notable people including Mozart and Voltaire.  When he was in Paris, his sexual exploits became so apparent that he was reported to the police and forced from the country.  This happened in most cities he stayed in for too long.  When he finally settled down, he wrote his now infamous memoirs, describing in detail his scandalous life and his many dalliances. The autobiography of Casanova was a huge success, and you could say he literally wrote the book on womanizing.

9 Scott Baio

One of the quintessential teenage heartthrobs of the 1980's.  His fame grew as a star of TV shows like “Happy Days” and “Charles in Charge”.  He admitted to Howard stern in one interview that he had probably slept with over a thousand women.  He has been with a galaxy of Hollywood celebs including Pamela Anderson, Heather Locklear, and Denise Richards. And if those facts don’t freak you out than this will...He was banned from the playboy mansion for sleeping with too many playmates.  That's probably the most epic way anyone has gotten banned for anything.

8 Lord Byron

Lord Byron was a writer, poet, and general aristocratic hero of the early 19th century.   He is described now as being on of the first “celebrities” in the modern sense of the word.  He chased fame, and while he was alive, had the reputation of being the greatest poet on earth.  His many dalliances with women got him into trouble and he had a self-imposed exile from England for a time.  He got into numerous affairs with wealthy aristocratic women and would eventually end up causing turmoil with the high-society families involved.

The “Byronic figure” is now a popular figure in literature, which can also be characterized as the “anti hero”.  There aren’t too many records of the numbers that Byron tallied but one account described, “He slept with more than 250 women in Venice”.  In just one year…

7 Russell Brand

During the height of his “sex addiction,” Brand said he was bringing home three to four women a day.  His libido was so out of control that he would have his handlers find women for him at his shows and conveniently tell them where the backstage area was.  He was briefly married to one of the most famous women on the planet, Katy Perry.  But even her radiant beauty wasn't enough to keep this notorious swashbuckler tied down.  He claimed to have slept with over 2,000 women before entering sex rehab.  And that was in 2007…


John F. Kennedy has been described as a “compulsive womanizer”.  In his early days as a Massachusetts congressman, colleagues attest to his borderline obsessive chasing of women.  His aristocratic upper crust connections made it possible for him to have affairs with many high-society types.  According to rumours, however, he wouldn’t discriminate too much, going through a plethora of stewardesses and secretaries.  According to those close to him, he was “more interested in quantity than anything else”.  His most famous affair was with classic Hollywood beauty Marilyn Monroe.  The infamous incident where Marilyn Monroe seductively sang an intriguing version of “Happy Birthday,” led the President getting nervous about rumours of their affair, and he cut it off shortly thereafter.

5 Hugh Hefner

The infamous owner of Playboy has seen an endless parade of women come through his doors since the original publication was founded in 1953.  The magazine has established the careers of many models and even some actresses, including Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthyHugh Hefner is in a league of his own in terms of surrounding himself with beautiful women.  And apparently he’s still going strong at the tender age of 88.  When asked about his possible tally, he wasn’t completely sure, which isn’t surprising given how many decades this man has been at it.  “How could I possibly know? Over a thousand I’m sure”.  Other estimates put him in the 2,500-5,000 range.

4 Gene Simmons

3 Umberto Billo

Easily the most unrecognizable name of anyone on this list…and for good reason.  He was a bellhop at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas.  He says over the course of his illustrious career carrying bags for people, he must have been with around 8,000 women.  His legend grew and he recounted to various publications that women would travel from Europe to re-enjoy his services.   He described visiting three or four women’s rooms per night.  When he became too tired to carry his patron’s bags anymore (where did all his energy go?), his boss gave him the axe.  Quite an impressive resume for a man who earned a living checking bags.

2 Warren Beatty

1 Wilt Chamberlain

“Wilt the Stilt” as he was referred to, was one of the most prolific scorers on and off the court.  He’s the only player to ever score 100 points in a single game.  He starred alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan the Barbarian.  He is considered one of the best and most dominant players in NBA history.  It’s safe to say this 7 foot giant conquered many areas of life, like a gladiator of old.  The lifelong bachelor was a true womanizer from start to finish.  He claimed to have bedded over 20,000 women in his storied career.


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