10 Friendly Board Games That Resulted In Violence

Most of the popular board games are family friendly, innocent fun that you can play with friends, parents, siblings, boy/girlfriends, children, and even grandma but once you bring out people’s competi

Most of the popular board games are family friendly, innocent fun that you can play with friends, parents, siblings, boy/girlfriends, children, and even grandma but once you bring out people’s competitive spirit innocent fun can very easily escalate into vicious arguments. Even if everyone began the game with good intentions, it takes one wrong move, and a comment to spark some negative energy.

The board games that made it to this list didn’t just lead to innocent arguments; they lead to people being violent with each other. Next time you have an evening of Scrabble, a family game night, play Monopoly, or spend time at your local Board Game Café keep in mind that although it looks like innocent fun it’s also a competition, and competitions can cause even the nicest people to make ruthless decisions.

10 Ouija And Its Long-Term, Dark Reputation

9 Woman Stabs Boyfriend for cheating in Monopoly 


Although the money used in Monopoly isn’t real money it’s one big competition, to make more money than your fellow players, and lose the least amount of money possible. Monopoly inspires tension, because it’s way too close to real life. In Monopoly and in real life people can very easily be in debt, or get rich quickly, for reasons beyond their control, which will inevitably cause anger.

8 Researcher Dismembers his Opponent After A Game Of Chess

 From 1955 until the fall of the Soviet Union, in 1991, 36 teams of Soviet researchers explored Antarctica. Apparently life at an isolated Antarctic research station is extremely difficult, because it's not only an isolated environment but a freezing cold landscape. In some parts of the continent  the sun sets in February and doesn't rise until August.

7 Game Of Yahtzee Leads To Drunken Fight Between A Husband And His Wife

6 The Father/Daughter Battleship Game That Lead To Daddy Getting Violent And Angry


Battleship is a board game where people are encouraged to sink, and destroy each other’s miniature, plastic battleships. It’s also a competition to try and create the most virtual, violent destruction possible.

5 Murder mom over Yahtzee 


4 Board Game Kills Half A Million People:

Han Dynasty Figurines playing Liubo (Bo). Image Courtesy of

The Han Dynasty was a time in Chinese history, when boarders were expanding faster than ever, which pressured Chinese kingdoms to maintain order, in a rapidly growing country. The central empire was dealing with political turmoil, while smaller kingdoms tensely fought amongst each other.

Oddly enough, what brought the kingdoms together was a board game that ended in a violent accident. It started when Liu Xian, the son of Wu King Liu Pi, visited the China's capital city. While visiting China's capital city he played a board game called Bo with the son of the emperor, Prince Qi. During the game Qi got extremely angry and threw the board at Liu Xian's head, and killed him.

3 Domino's Game Leads To Murder

2 Husband Gets Shot Over The Results Of A Bridge Game

via:Myrtle Bennett (left) the housewife who killed her husband / Courtesy of

On September 29, 1929 four people sat down to a play a game of bridge. Sounds fun, right? Well…not exactly. It was an evening of Bridge that caused Myrtle Bennett, a 35-year old housewife to shoot her husband, Jack Bennett, with a handgun, a couple hours after their Bridge Game caused intense argument.

1 Never Play Chess With A Cannibal


Saverio Bellante and his landlord, Tom O’Gorman, were playing chess. The true story I’m about to tell you is the reason why you should never play chess with cannibals.

The game was going fine until Saverio and Tom got into an argument over the chess game they were playing, which lead to Bellante brutally murdering his landlord. Bellante called the police, and told them he had murdered Tom O’Gorman, cut open part of his chest, and eaten part of his heart. The police responsible for Bellante’s arrest claim that O’Gorman’s body had multiple stab wounds, and he was missing part of his lung.


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10 Friendly Board Games That Resulted In Violence