10 Spooky Celebrity Ghost Sightings

Michael Jackson’s ghost was spotted at the Neverland Ranch. In 2009, after CNN ran a special on Jackson’s life entitled Inside Neverland, fans swore a shadowy image in one of the mansion’s long hallwa

Michael Jackson’s ghost was spotted at the Neverland Ranch. In 2009, after CNN ran a special on Jackson’s life entitled Inside Neverland, fans swore a shadowy image in one of the mansion’s long hallways was the King of Pop’s ghost.

In 2011, Pete Doherty, the former Libertines co-frontman better known for his drug use and on-and-off romance with supermodel Kate Moss, told The Sun that the ghost of Amy Winehouse was haunting his flat.

Some celebrities remain famous in the afterlife while others recede into oblivion. Some A-listers go gently into that good night while others, long after they’ve shed their mortal coil, are still primping for close-ups. An entire industry is built around celebrity ghosts and paranormal, paparazzi ghost hunters. Call it a ghostly encore. Call it 10 actors in search of a director. Whatever you want to call it, these famous celebrities lingered long after the lights went out.

10 Anna Nicole Smith

In February 2007, former Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith died in room 607 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. According to a story in In Touch Weekly, a guest named Stephanie Pont saw Anna Nicole’s spirit wandering the hotel in 2008. Pont was attending a party at the hotel’s Passion Club on New Years Eve, so whether she saw Anna Nicole’s ghost or simply imbibed in too much champagne is up for debate.

Anna Nicole Smith famously revealed to FMH magazine that she had supernatural sexual encounters. The busty blonde said, “A ghost would crawl up my leg and have sex with me at an apartment a long time ago in Texas. I used to think it was my boyfriend, then one day I woke up and it wasn’t.”

9  9. Bugsy Siegel

8 Lucille Ball

7 George Reeves

6  6. Jean Harlow

Jean Harlow died at age 26 from kidney disease. It's believed the scarlet fever she had as a child contributed to her untimely death. However, alcoholism, sunstroke, a botched abortion, and poisoning due to platinum hair dye are just a few of the sensationalistic stories surrounding her death.

Jean Harlow was married to Hollywood producer, Paul Bern. Bern shot himself in the bathroom two months after his marriage to the sex symbol. Both Harlow and Bern are said to haunt their old Hollywood home.

5 John Lennon

Julian Lennon says he was contacted by his father’s ghost. Paul McCartney claims that when he, George Harrison, and Ringo Star sang Lennon’s song “Free as a Bird,” John’s ghost was in the studio with them. And former Oasis front man Liam Gallagher claims his idol visited him in Manchester, England.

4 Orson Welles

Orson Welles, the boy wonder of radio and stage, changed the face of cinema with his 1941 directorial debut, Citizen Kane. Welles only made 13 full-length films, and none were as well received as the story of Charles Foster Kane. The film’s nonlinear narrative, deep focus shots, and chiaroscuro lighting earned Orson Welles the title of “the ultimate auteur.”

3 Adolf Hitler

Hitler committed suicide in a bunker in Berlin on April 30, 1945. However, the world’s most despised dictator is said to haunt his former Bavarian mountain retreat. According to Gerhardt Strauss, a German historian, “If you look in the shadows of the linden trees and the shattered remains of his mountain home, you can see his spirit wandering aimlessly throughout the ruins.”

2 Elvis Presley

Elvis has left the building… Well, apparently not. The King of rock n’ roll may have died at the "tender" age of 42, but his ghost continues to haunt Graceland. In fact, Elvis believed in the paranormal and used to say that his mother’s ghost would often visit and talk to him. Elvis and his mother, Gladys, are both buried at Graceland, so it’s possible they’re haunting the 13.8-acre Memphis estate together.

1 Marilyn Monroe

Did Marilyn Monroe commit suicide, or was her death an accident? Did government spooks kill Monroe because of her affair with JFK? Did the mafia kill Monroe in their vengeance against the Kennedy brothers, or did RFK commit the crime himself? It’s no surprise that the unusual circumstances and conspiracies surrounding Marilyn’s death have led to stories of a restless spirit.

Marilyn Monroe has been dead for more than 50 years, but her ghost is said to haunt the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Marilyn stayed in a poolside suite at the hotel during the height of her popularity. Several guests have seen her ghostly image in the room’s full-length mirror. Even after hotel management moved the mirror into the lobby, visitors claimed to see the blonde beauty's reflection.

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10 Spooky Celebrity Ghost Sightings