10 Clothing Optional Beaches To Visit In 2015

There is something to be said about being able to bare it all when you are in a country that you don’t call home; where nobody knows who you are. There is something freeing about walking into the warm sand with the sun shining down on you and slipping out of your bathing suit top and baring it all. Topless sunbathing started to become increasingly popular in the mid 1960’s and The French Riviera was the place to be for women who preferred to leave their tops at home. The trend quickly grew as women’s liberation moved to the forefront of society and beaches around the world jumped on board. From Canada to the Caribbean to Italy to France to the United States; all over the world women are baring it all. Some of the best topless beaches to visit in 2015 are also nude beaches, where entire swimsuits are optional. Some of the beaches on this list are legally clothing optional while others it seems that officials turn a blind eye; either way you won’t be the only one sans clothing on any of these great spots. Breathtaking landscapes, clear blue waters, plenty of shade so those normally covered bits don’t get burned and other unique features make these the ultimate topless beaches to visit this year.


10 Orient Bay, St. Martin

This breathtaking white sand beach with its sparkling blue waters is one of the most famous beaches in the Caribbean due to both its beauty and its clothing optional policy. One of the busiest beaches on this list, visitors will find a large number of beach bars and restaurants to choose from located right on the sand. The 2 mile long beach offers excellent snorkeling opportunities as this area has been recognized as a marine reserve. Although most visitors who choose to bare it all will be found at the southern end of the beach in front of Club Orient; there are no rules on covering up on the rest of the beach.

9 Euronat, France

Some of the best topless and or nude beaches are found in France and thus it is no surprise to see Euronat Beach on this list; located on the Atlantic side of France. This family friendly beach is often filled with more nude families rather than just topless ones but don’t let that scare you away. This amenity filled beach offers everything from surf lessons, horseback riding, volleyball to just laying around on the endless stretch of sand. The rolling surf, the towering dunes and the superb weather makes this beach a must visit.

8 Whale Beach, Nevada

On the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe lies Whale Beach, a serene adult beach where clothing is entirely optional. Tucked away in secret cove this beach requires some effort to reach and beach goers should prepare to hike about a mile to get here. The result is paradise; clear blue waters, large rocks perfect for yoga and a welcoming group of naturists. The water can be a tad chilly depending on the time of year but the surroundings make up for it. No trash cans, vendors, or other amenities means you will bring in what you need for the day. Keep your eyes out for the large rocks jutting out of the water like a whale; hence how this beach got its name.

7 Wreck Beach, Vancouver

Wreck Beach is North America’s largest clothing optional beach and is located only 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver. The beach has a hippy like feel, anything-goes vibe and natural beauty. This beach is famous for its fun nude beach events including the world-record skinny dipping event. This family friendly beach offers such activities as body painting, beach volleyball, music jam sessions and nightly sunset rituals. Vendors Row offers everything from snacks to hand crafted jewelry to manicures and pedicures. If there is a beach in Canada to visit; Wreck Beach is the one to see; clothing optional of course.

6 Red Beach, Crete

This secluded beach is just a 20 minute walk from the infamous Matala and offers privacy, breathtaking views and the chance to bare it all. A quiet intimate beach with dark reddish sand, clear waters and a few umbrellas scatter the area. Red Beach is a fully nude beach so visitors should prepare themselves for that. A primitive stone walled coffee shop is open sporadically for food and drinks but visitors should bring in enough to last them all day. A rocky limestone ridge is a miniature version of the famous Matala limestone with carvings and amazing sculptures. The steep walk to the beach ensures that it remains private and visitors here appreciate and maintain that level of privacy.

5 Porto Ferro, Italy


All beaches in Italy are legally topless and we could go on about the incredible variety of beaches but Porto Ferro is our number one favorite topless beach in the region. The striking varying colors of the sand from ochre to orange combined with the stunning dark green vegetation and sparkling water sets the stage for an unbelievable landscape. Ample parking, picnic area in the pine forest and a bar where you can grab a local beer makes this often deserted beach a top pick. Enjoy the feeling of getting away from it all on this quiet, often deserted stunning beach.

4 Playa de Maspalomas, Canary Islands, Spain

Miles of golden sand backed by towering dunes combined with the cleanest and clearest water around makes this beach a must visit. The eastern end of the beach is where you can bare it all and most beach goers take off more than just their tops. A great place to build sand castles, play in the waves and enjoy the many restaurants, bars and shops that line the area. The dunes are incredible and standing atop one of them feeling free and unclothed is one experience you will never forget.


3 Arambol Beach, Goa, India


This far north beach in Goa is perhaps the most beautiful of all the beaches here and is only made sweeter by the fact that topless sunbathing is the norm. Made up of two beaches visitors can spend the day on the main sandy beach perfect for swimming and sunbathing or head to the rock beach bordered by picturesque cliffs. A freshwater lagoon nearby is fed by hot springs, and you can try your hand at rubbing the infamous mud all over your body for an invigorating scrub. Hike into the jungle to spot a magnificent Banyan tree with a stone sculpture beside it that has become a pilgrimage destination.

2 Sculptured Beach, California

This stunning beach offers spectacular sunsets, cherished privacy and is one of California’s best kept secrets. Located in Marin County visitors should be prepared to hike a good three miles to reach this hidden gem. Soft sand, tide pools, rock formations including a blowhole and exceptional marine life spotting await you here. Dolphins and whales are often visible from the beach (bring a pair of binoculars) and if you time your visit right prepare for an unbelievable sunset. Topless, nude or fully clothed; anything goes at this beach.

1 Kehena Beach, Hawaii

This long and narrow stunning black sand beach is unofficially one of the few clothing optional beaches on the Big Island. Coconut trees that frame the beach offer exceptional shade and spinner dolphins make occasional appearances. The waves can get high and rough here and weak swimmers should be very careful. This “hippie” like beach is full of drums, music, pipes and open minded people. A steep trail down to this ensures it is hardly ever overcrowded; but remember this is a local beach and you must carry in what you want to use for the day and remember to respect the land.

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