10 Cheerleaders That Brought Scandal To A New Level

When you think of cheerleaders, the first thing that generally comes to mind is the squeaky-clean, average, teenage girl. Rarely do we think of aging transsexuals, underage sex parties, soiled underwear, and murder. Believe it or not, all of these things have had their place in the world of cheerleading. If you find this hard to believe, just take a look at these "positively true" cheerleader scandals.

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10 The Vanessa Curry and Kobe Bryant Scandal

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This scandal isn't too surprising at first. However, it does have some interesting talking points. Everyone knows about all the scandal that surrounds Kobe Bryant allegedly cheating on his wife Vanessa Bryant. In this case, when Kobe purportedly cheated on his wife, he saved himself from the embarrassment of calling his wife by the wrong name by dating LA Laker Cheerleader Vanessa Curry. This wouldn't be the first cheerleader that Kobe supposedly cheated on his wife with, but it's definitely the first cheerleader he may have slept with that went on to join the pop/R&B group known as The Pussycat Dolls.

9 Wendy Brown Swears She's Only 15-years-old.

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This just may be the saddest story on our list.

Wendy Brown had always dreamed of becoming a cheerleader when she was in high school. Unfortunately the dream never came true and she found herself in a position where she was 33-years-old and raising her 15-year-old daughter. Since Brown resembled her daughter and had access to her daughter's ID, she used her daughter's credentials to enroll in a high school and join the cheerleading squad. Brown attended classes, practices, and even went to a pool party at her coach's house.

Brown was charged with fraud and never intended to do anything to younger children. She just felt she didn't have much of a childhood and wanted to try to get her diploma and join the squad.

8 Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders Hold Up the Bathroom

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In February of 2006, two cheerleaders for the NFL team the Carolina Panthers were arrested on a rather interesting charge that led to their termination from the organization.

Cheerleaders Angela Keathley and Victoria Thomas had been out drinking in a North Carolina bar. The two had disappeared at some point in the evening and the line for the women's bathroom started to grow at roughly the same time. According to several witnesses, Keathley and Thomas had been holding up the bathroom for a considerable amount of time while they used the stall for a night of lesbian love-making.

7 Arizona State University Cheerleader Quits Squad For Exciting New Career

via: sundevilcheer.com Note: Simpson is not pictured.

Note: Simpson is not pictured.[/caption]

Courtney Simpson grew up in a devout Mormon family. She planned to save sex until marriage but found out that sex was the constant topic of gossip with her Arizona State University cheerleading squad. Simpson decided to give sex a try at 18-years-old and then went right into a career in porn.

An initial bad experience doing gonzo porn for her first scenes didn't faze her; Simpson just changed companies. After a stack of her pornographic images was left on her parent's door-step, Simpson quit the team, quit school, and moved to California to do porn full-time. This led to ASU looking into legal claims of trademark infringement when Simpson wore her uniform in a scene.

6 Mulberry High School Cheerleaders Over-react

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"Over-react" may be an understatement in this case.

In 2008, Mulberry High School student Victoria Lindsay was beaten within an inch of her life after she had used MySpace and text messaging to "talk trash" about her fellow cheerleaders. Instead of retorting right back or letting it go, several Mulberry cheerleaders lured Lindsay into a home and conned two young men to stand guard outside while they videotaped themselves beating Lindsay so badly that she temporarily lost her hearing and her vision.

How was the evidence acquired? Well, in a moment of the kind of brilliance that you might expect from a hormonal and over-reactive group of 14-17 year-olds, they put the video on YouTube. The beating was so brutal that everyone involved was charged as an adult on counts of felony battery and false imprisonment.

5 The Fab 5 of Texas Cheerleading

via: solarmovie.is Photo is from a film adaptation.

Photo is from a film adaptation.[/caption]

These five Texas High School Cheerleaders made national news when photographs they posted online of a wild night of debauchery made their rounds.

Thinking they were invincible, the five girls hopped in a limo and went out for a night on the town. This involved drinking copious amounts of alcohol, purchasing condoms, and sexually suggestive poses and antics. The photos made their rounds and the girls, their principal, and their vice principal, were all taken down.

The five girls involved were already notorious for having essentially taken over their school while the principal ignored bad behavior. It is alleged that the girls were just awful to students as well as teachers. The school had gone through five coaches in three years, they fooled a coach with a chocolate tampon, and used her phone to send crude texts to her husband. The last coach that continued to complain about the girls was eventually stripped of her tenure. She sold her story to Lifetime and a film was made.

4 Breakfast Times At Morton High

Via: newsabc.com

There was a tradition in the Morton High School cheerleading squad where senior members would take the new members out to breakfast at a local diner. The older girls decided they would use the tradition to engage in a little bit of hazing. The new members were driven to a home by senior members and then bound, blind-folded, and thrown into a pool. Many girls feared they were going to drown.

To make matters worse, senior members soiled their own underwear, and then mashed the garments in the younger girl's faces.

Seven seniors were charged as adults for Class B misdemeanors. The city had passed anti-hazing laws in 1995.

3 The Curious Case of Storme Shannon Aerison


Storme Shannon Aerison was born as Charles Daugherty. Charles was born with both male and female genitalia but identifies as a woman.

Storme has gotten into a lot of trouble across Colorado. Over the years, she has been served with several counts of fraud and theft. She has pleaded guilty due to insanity as she has been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. Regardless of her reasoning, nothing is stranger than her apparently convincing impersonation of a high school cheerleader.

When Charles was 26-years-old, she enrolled in a high school in Colorado. She had somehow fooled the school into believing she was a 17-year-old girl. Charles not only made the cheerleading squad, but fooled the school long enough to have attended two pep rallies!

2 A Benefit For the Troops

via: tape.preps.com A Ware Shoals Football Game

A Ware Shoals Football Game[/caption]

Ware Shoals, South Carolina high school Cheerleading coach Jill Moore had been dating a member of the U.S. National Guard. As a "thank  you" to his service in the name of his country, Moore decided to get her squad together to organize a party to celebrate the service of the National Guard. One might think this would mean a bake sale or a car wash to raise money or awareness, but that would be dead wrong. Moore threw an actual party, providing alcohol for the underage cheerleaders and the National Guard, where teenage girls were "hooking up" with the soldiers. At least one sixteen year old had full-blown sex with a guard member.

The principal of the school, Jane Blackwell, actually tried to thwart police investigations into the matter. Both Moore and the principal were arrested for providing alcohol to/aiding to the delinquency of a minor, and obstruction of justice, respectively. The Guardsmen involved were placed on leave.

1  1. The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader Murdering Mom

via: amazon.com

Here's another story that was turned into a movie. It's a surprisingly good made-for-TV movie with an interesting and long name (see above) starring Holly Hunter and Beau Bridges.

The movie of course takes some liberties, but the true story goes as follows:

A mother by the name of Wanda Holloway desperately wanted her daughter to make her high school cheerleading squad. Wanda put her daughter Shanna in gymnastics for years in anticipation of making the squad. When Shanna didn't make the team, Wanda blamed it on a girl named Amber Heath. Wanda enlisted her ex-brother-in-law, Terry Harper, to kill Amber's mother for a very expensive set of diamond earrings. The logic was, Amber would be so distraught over her mother's death that she would quit the team.

Fortunately, Harper went directly to the police.

The kicker? Shanna never really wanted to be a cheerleader.

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