10 Celebs Who Lost Their Looks With Age

Getting older sucks. We get it. But if there is anyone that has access to the resources, and has a good reason to keep themselves looking young, it is a celebrity. So, why do some of them either choose to let themselves go, or get so much plastic surgery that they look like a completely different person?

The pressures to look young in Hollywood must be hard for aging stars to deal with, but still, many of them choose to age gracefully. Just look at stars like Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz, and Jennifer Lopez. They look like they haven't aged a day. For most of the following 10 celebrities, too much indulgence in drugs and alcohol has played a factor in their deteriorating appearance. And for some of them plastic surgery was too tempting to pass up. But for all of them, aging has not been an easy road to travel, and it shows.

10 Keith Richards


The lead guitarist of The Rolling Stones' former hard partying ways are no secret. He was charged with drug possession five times between 1967 and 1980, and he was even sentenced to a year in prison at one point, but the sentence was overturned. Richards has been open about his addiction to heroin, and went into detail about some of his experiences in his book (co-written with journalist, James Fox), Life. The life of a musician often includes copious amounts of drugs and alcohol, and long, stressful stretches of time on the road. In 2010, journalist Peter Hitchens wrote about Richards that he is "a capering streak of living gristle who ought to be exhibited as a warning to the young of what drugs can do to you even if you're lucky enough not to choke on your own vomit."

9 Lindsay Lohan

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8 Mickey Rourke

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Former amateur boxer-turned-actor, Mickey Rourke used to have looks worthy of leading man status. But after a hiatus from acting to work as a professional boxer, he made a comeback to Hollywood, looking a little different. He had aged, and not in the natural way many Hollywood leading men age. Rourke made no secret of the fact that he had undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures to fix the damage boxing had done to his face. He claims the original doctor he went to did a terrible job, and he has been trying to fix it ever since. Despite his looks, he has made a successful comeback to acting, having won a Golden Globe in 2008 for his role in The Wrestler.

7 Joan Rivers

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Infamous fashion TV host and comedian, Joan Rivers may think she looks better than ever, but in reality, her addiction to plastic surgery has given her an unnatural appearance. But she doesn't care what anyone else thinks, as long as she can look in the mirror and tell herself she looks good. Now in her 80's, Rivers has had hundreds of procedures, and has no plans to stop. Some people prefer to accept themselves as they are, but Joan Rivers says, "Stop telling everyone it's okay not to be pretty! If you can fix it, fix it!" To each their own.

6 Janice Dickinson

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For someone who calls themselves the "world's first supermodel", Janice Dickinson really let herself go. An aging model definitely has a lot less job opportunities, but considering models are usually naturally beautiful, cosmetic surgery is probably not the best way to stay relevant. Dickinson has admitted she has had numerous procedures, from a breast augmentation, to a tummy tuck, to facelifts. She has also talked about her wild lifestyle during the height of her career. Despite what the drugs and surgeries have done to her looks, she claims to regret nothing.

5 Mark Hamil

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It is hard to believe that the man who originated the iconic role of Luke Skywalker is now 62-years-old. Until you see a picture of him. Then it's hard to believe he isn't a lot older. In 1977, he was in a car accident and fractured his nose and cheekbone, but that doesn't account for the weight gain. Still, unlike other stars on this list, Hamil has aged pretty naturally, and has gone without plastic surgery. The good news is, Hamil is set to reprise his role in the next Star Wars installment, which means he has been hitting the gym, and seeing a nutritionist. Maybe a comeback is on the horizon!

4 Joan Van Ark

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Former TV and soap star, Joan Van Ark, may be one of the most obvious cautionary tales of cosmetic surgery gone wrong. She has had a lot of work done, and it has not improved her appearance in the slightest. Her skin looks tight and discolored from too many facelifts, and she appears to have gotten cheek implants and lip injections as well. After seeing her before and after pictures, it is clear that plastic surgery does not guarantee a younger appearance, especially if you overdo it.

3 Nick Nolte

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Did you know Academy Award-nominated actor, Nick Nolte, started out as a model? Hard to believe, but it's true. He was even named People magazine's sexiest man alive in 1992. But since then, his rugged good looks have faded. He has had some legal troubles along the way, and was arrested for driving under the influence in 2002. He admitted he used the drug, GHB regularly, which is what led to his now infamous mug shot that had everyone wondering, "what happened to Nick Nolte?"

2 Tara Reid


You may remember Tara Reid from the American Pie franchise. She played the pretty girlfriend, and then ex-girlfriend of main character, Kevin. Her innocent, natural appearance didn't last for long though. She admitted in 2006 that she had some liposuction and breast augmentation done, but the procedures had gone horribly wrong, leaving her body looking a little deformed. But it isn't just her plastic surgery mishaps that have aged her. Her hard partying (she went to rehab in 2008) has caused weight fluctuations, and skin problems. She is now 38, but she looks a lot older.

1 Val Kilmer

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Val Kilmer used to be a Hollywood leading man, and a heartthrob. He has played Batman, and Jim Morrison (the lead singer of The Doors), after all. But these days, he isn't looking as sharp as he used to. He has gained a lot of weight, and there are rumors that he has a drinking problem. He hasn't done much in Hollywood since his last big movie, MacGruber (which wasn't actually that big). It is safe to say his sex symbol status is officially done.

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