10 Airplanes That Shockingly Disappeared Without A Trace

planes that vanished

When the MH370 Malaysian Airlines Flight vanished, everybody had their own theory as to what happened to the flight.

At first, we thought it was a terrorist attack, given the rise in the number of terrorist groups in the world today. When they couldn’t link any terrorist organizations to the disappearance of the plane, they began investigating the plane’s pilot just to make sure he didn’t do anything stupid like hijack the plane.

When they couldn’t find anything that insinuated the pilot was a hijacker or a terrorist, rumors began flourishing that North Korea had taken the plane. South Korea claimed that North Korea attempted to take out a Chinese plane carrying 220 passengers on March 5, 2014, so there's a high chance they were guilty of taking the MH370.

There were also other rumors such as the U.S. military took out the plane, Vladimir Putin hijacked it, it was a life insurance scam, UFOs were involved and so many other theories.

Even though they found some debris of a plane on the Southern Indian Ocean west of Perth, Australia, they haven’t yet concluded that it was from MH370.

Below is a list of other planes that also disappeared.

10 Boeing 727-223

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Somebody had the balls to steal this aircraft from the Luanda, Angola Quatro de Fevereiro Airport on May 25, 2003. The plane was owned by Aerospace Sales and Leasing, and they’d leased it to TAAG Angola Airlines before it disappeared from the surface of the earth.

So here’s what happened…

After a business deal went sour, Charles Padilla and John Mikel Mutantu worked with Angolan mechanics to make sure the aircraft was ready for flight. Neither Mutantu nor Padilla could fly the plane even though Padilla had a private pilot’s license. The plane required a three-person trained crew.

They took off in the plane anyway with the transponder and the lights off. There was no communication whatsoever with the control tower or between the crew. And just like that, they disappeared, never to be seen again.

Some of Padilla’s family members claim that he was hired to repossess the plane after Air Angola failed to pay up while others believe he’d been kidnapped.

9 The Rio-Bound 707 Cargo Plane

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In 1979, a Varig Brazilian Airlines cargo jet carrying $1million in art disappeared from the sky 30 minutes after takeoff from the Narita International Airport in Tokyo.

It was carrying 153 paintings painted by Manubu Mabe. The crew, the paintings and the plane just vanished and nobody knows what happened to this day.

After watching several movies involving stolen pieces of artwork and the black market, I have my own theory about what happened. Somebody hijacked the plane, stole the paintings, sold them in the black market, deposited the money in a Swiss account and decided to spend the rest of their life somewhere on a quiet island sipping away on margaritas.

8 DC-4 Canadian Pacific Airlines Jet

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This plane was headed to Tokyo from Vancouver when it vanished on July 21, 1951. The plane was to make a stopover in Anchorage, Alaska, but when it was 90 minutes out from its stopover, it was hit by bad weather.

The pilot described visibility as only 500 feet, icy conditions and heavy rains. That was the last thing anyone heard from the plane. An extensive search was carried out, but authorities never found anything.

The flight was carrying six Canadian crew members and 31 passengers - some of whom were members of the U.S. military.

7 Star Tiger and Star Ariel

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These two planes went missing in the Bermuda Triangle on January 30, 1948. While on a flight between Santa Maria in the Azores and Bermuda, the Star Tiger disappeared.

There’s a theory that perhaps the plane was hit by bad weather, while strong winds blew it off course and the pilot was forced to crash land it in the choppy waters. Star Ariel on the other hand vanished in 1949 between Bermuda and Kingston, Jamaica. This is where it gets interesting…

The weather was perfect, the plane didn’t run out of fuel and as far as everyone was concerned, the plane reported smooth flying. Whatever happened to that flight, nobody knows. After both Star Ariel and Star Tiger disappeared within the span of a year, the entire Tudor IV fleet was retired.

There’s something about the Bermuda Triangle that marks it as a black spot. Maybe it’s haunted, bewitched or the aliens are using it to play not-so-funny jokes on us.

6 Flying Tiger Line Flight 739


The Flying Tiger Line Flight 739 was a U.S. military chartered plane assigned to carry 96 American soldiers from Travis Air Force base in California to Saigon, Vietnam in 1962, but never made it.

According to reports, the flight landed in Guam for refueling before its next stop in the Philippines. But 80 minutes after takeoff, the flight disappeared. The pilot reported they had no trouble during a routine message, but that was the last contact the plane made.

They searched for the plane, combing more than 200,000 square miles of the Pacific Ocean, but nothing was ever found. This was probably one of the biggest searches ever conducted during that time.

5 Amelia Earhart

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Amelia Earhart wanted to become the first female pilot to fly around the world solo, but her dreams never came true. Her plane went missing while she and her navigator were flying over the central Pacific Ocean near Howland Island in 1937, but there’s hope the mystery might soon be solved.

In a recent discovery off the Coast of Nikumaroro Island, a sonar scan revealed what could be Earhart’s crashed plane. An expedition to the uninhabited island was scheduled in 2014. Researchers had previously combed the area and found various items which could indicate that Earhart might have crash-landed on the island.

People came up with theories about what happened to her plane. The first theory was that she was a secret agent or some sort of government spy, so when she crash-landed on the Japanese island she was taken prisoner while others believe she went back to the U.S. and changed her identity.

The second theory is that she wasn’t able to locate Howland Island and she ran out of gas. The third theory is that she eloped with her navigator. Guess we will never know what happened for sure.

4 Norseman C-64 Aircraft

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Glenn Miller, a popular big band leader, disappeared on the Norseman C-64 aircraft on December 15, 1944, flying from a RAF base in England to Paris for a show.

When his popularity as a musician was at its peak, Miller decided to join the war effort in 1942. He was too old to enroll into the military given that he was 38 years old, but he wanted to lead the Army’s band. He was accepted and eventually promoted to Major in 1944.

So there are several rumors about what happened to his plane. Some believe a German assassination squad assassinated him, while others believe a Parisian MP killed him the moment he arrived in Paris. The craziest rumor, however, has to be the one a German journalist came up with in the 1990s. Apparently, he believed that Miller died of a heart attack in the arms of a French prostitute and the U.S. military covered it up.

But there’s one theory about what happened to the plane that almost makes sense. Fred Shaw, a RAF navigator, claims that he saw Miller’s plane get hit in a “friendly fire” accident after an aborted raid on Germany.

3 Flight 19

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The Bermuda Triangle, once again, is the center of controversy here. Flight 19 disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle on December 5, 1945, during a routine training mission. The plane consisted of five TBM avenger torpedo bombers.

Here’s where it gets interesting …

It’s not just one plane that disappeared, but five of them around the same time! No bodies were ever found and neither was any wreckage, even after sending hundreds of ships and aircraft to look for traces of the flights on thousands of square miles on the Atlantic, the Gulf and even remote parts of Florida.

Two hours after takeoff, Flight 19’s squadron leader reported that his compass had failed and he didn’t know where he was. The other planes reported the same thing. Two more hours passed by and the squadron leader told his team to ditch their planes because they’d ran out of gas. One hour later, a Mariner aircraft went on a search and rescue mission. It too disappeared.

An investigation was opened and it was determined that the planes were blown off course into the Atlantic Ocean where they ran out of fuel and crashed.

2 British South American Airways - Avro Lancastrian Star Dust

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The last word the Star Dust’s pilot said was the Morse code “STENDEC” on 2 August 1947 during a flight from Buenos Aires to Santiago, Chile. The plane vanished in the snowstorm over the Andes Mountains.

Chile’s Santiago airport says it received the Morse code four minutes before the plane was supposed to land. The controller didn’t understand the code and the pilot never clarified what STENDEC stood for.

Half a century later, a pair of Argentinian climbers ascending Mount Tupungato found the plane's wreckage. They returned to Santiago to report what they’d found. In 2000, an Argentine army expedition found more wreckage, including human remains.

Experts believe a car crashed into the side of the mountain triggering an avalanche that buried the aircraft. Although some people believe UFOs hijacked the plane.

1 Northwest Airlines Flight 2501

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The last thing Northwest’s Air Traffic Control Center at Chicago heard from the plane’s captain was him asking for clearance to fly at 2500 feet over Lake Michigan, due to the storm that was there. His request was denied because there was a lot of traffic in the area.

After that, the plane disappeared altogether with 58 passengers on board. No wreckage was ever found, apart from a small amount of human remains and debris floating on the lake. To this day, no one knows what happened.

Sources: theweek.co.uk, mnn.com

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