10 Adult Toys That Shockingly Resemble Torture Devices

Fifty Shades of Grey: the new fad of bringing sadomasochist relationships into mainstream society. A sadomasochist relation involves one partner giving and the other receiving pleasure, as a response to pain or humiliation. Interestingly, some people who consider themselves sadomasochistic can enjoy being the sadist or the masochist partner, instead of sticking to only one role. While sadomasochists enjoy violence in their relationships, it is usually only in relation to love and sex. If, for example, they were at the dentist getting a tooth pulled, odds are they would not be turned on or enjoy the experience.

The series Fifty Shades of Grey and the movie inspired couples all over North America and in the United Kingdom to get their kink on. Sex shops everywhere stocked up in time for the arrival of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, expecting a large increase of sales. One store located in New York stated that the novels alone increased their sales by as much as 40 percent! Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired sex toys even made an appearance: “The Fifty Shades of Grey Ultimate Date Night Set,” “Fifty Shades of Grey Submit to Me Beginners Bondage Kit,” “Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls” and the “Fifty Shades of Grey You. Are. Mine. Metal Handcuffs.”

Fifty Shades of Grey, however, is nothing compared to what you’re about to see. The following sex toys are enough to make you cross your legs and cringe. These sex toys are so intense they resemble torture devices. A few of them could easily be used for such a purpose.

10 Nipple Clamps

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Though normally used on nipples, these clamps can be used on other parts of the body, as long as the clamps’ design is made for that purpose. What creates the disagreeable yet enjoyable sensation is the lack of blood flow in the affected area: as blood is forced out, the user feels slight pinching and then numbness. Once the clamps are removed and blood flows back into the area, the user feels another extreme tingling sensation.

There are many different kinds of nipple clamps, including tweezer clamps, which have adjustable pressure. Clover clamps create a more intense sensation than tweezer clamps. Alligator clamps usually have teeth while vibrating nipple clamps, as the name states, vibrate. Individual nipple clamps are not held together by a chain like traditional nipple clamps are, and can therefore be used independently.

9 Metal Spreader Lock

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This adult toy uses the same concept as the pear of anguish, a torture device commonly used in medieval times. The pear of anguish was inserted while closed into a chosen orifice (mouth, anus or vagina) and slowly opened to rip the victim from the inside.

The metal spreader uses the same design, only instead of ripping flesh, it merely puts pressure on it to create a pleasurable sensation. The thought of using what is basically a pear of anguish is pretty horrifying! As far as adult toys go, this toy is definitely in the expensive price range, selling for a couple of hundred dollars.

8 Whips

Whips are one of the most popular sex toys available online. However, they are also embedded in the darker parts of American history. In the 19th century, the primary mode of punishment for slaves was whipping.

Testimonial accounts reveal the horrific torture slaves went through: a slave known as Moses Roper was given 200 lashes. His life was spared solely because the master’s wife begged for it. In 1844, an eight-year-old slave was whipped to death; the master got off scoff-free.

Today, a large variety of whips are available as adult toys. Whips are a pretty common choice for “slave and master” relationships, in which one partner is extremely dominant, and the other, submissive.

7 Gags

Gags actually have a pretty gruesome and disturbing history, particularly in the Middle Ages. One type of gag used for torture was known as the mute’s bridle. The mute’s bridle was an iron box, which would be inserted into the victim’s mouth. A neck collar held the box in place. The box itself varied depending on the model.

A particularly gruesome one had spikes that pierced the victim’s tongue, palate and floor of the mouth. The mute’s bridle was used specifically on people accused of lying, and prevented the victim from screaming.

Luckily, adult toy gags are not that intense - at least not any that are widely available. There are also a wide variety of gags available: ball gags, open mouth gags, inflatable gags, and kinkier gags such as “pony bit gags,” which resemble a horse’s bridle.

6 Cone Vibrator

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The Cone Vibrator brings to mind the “Judas Cradle.” Used in the Middle Ages, the Judas Cradle was essentially a stool with a metal, pyramidal seat. The victim would be held above the cradle by ropes or chains and lowered onto the pyramid, which would enter either the anus or vagina. Victims were usually left on the cradle for hours or even days; death was imminent.

The Cone vibrator works on the same principle as the Judas Cradle: it's also a pyramidal shaped object meant to be inserted into a chosen orifice. Unlike the Judas Cradle, however, the cone vibrator can vibrate to enhance stimulation.

5 Bondage

This practice can include collars, ropes and handcuffs; basically, anything to tie down your partner. The key to any torture is to have the victim bonded so that they can’t escape. Like whips, bondage is also a part of America’s history specific to slavery. In fact, one of the definitions of bondage is to be a slave. Slaves could be lent out for a price, but when they were, the law stated that they had to wear slave badges on collars.

In modern times, bondage is a pretty popular practice, so much so that women’s magazine Cosmo even gives women advice on how to try bondage for the first time.

4 Shock Therapy

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Shock therapy is used to stimulate via tingling or throbbing through electric pulses. Shock therapy systems have multiple pads to stimulate multiple areas simultaneously. However, other than being titillating, shock therapy can also be horrifying.

The Tucker Telephone was an instrument of torture constructed in the 1960s. The device was a crank telephone wired with two batteries and modified to send powerful electric shocks through electrodes, which were placed onto the victim’s toe and genitals. After many investigations, the Tucker Telephone was finally deemed inhumane and banned in the 1970s.

3 Razor Sensation Tool

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This toy creates pleasure from a “razor” sensation. And what torture uses a razor sensation?

The saw.

During the Medieval period, victims of saw torture would be hung naked, upside down. Two executioners would then each hold one end of a long saw and proceed to rip through the person starting at the groin. Saw torture was generally used to extort confessions out of victims or their loved ones.

This dandy little toy which provides razor sensation can fold in on itself so that no one will know it’s a kinky adult toy. It also actually breaks skin, with its sharp knife and pinwheel ends. Therefore, proceed with extreme caution!

2 The Screw

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Genital pain is definitely among the most horrific types of torture one can endure. Though this torture does not look like any famous torture devices - except perhaps a little bit like thumbscrews - it definitely looks like it could be used as a torture device.

The screw is rather simple to use: the pointy end of the toy is inserted into the urethral opening of the penis and then inserted. The user then uses the wings of the screw to place the toy deeper into the shaft. Ouch.

1 The Nut Crusher

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The name alone is horrifying. The Nut Crusher works in the same way as the thumbscrew torture instrument: using a screw and two pieces of metal to crush body parts.

Thumbscrews originated from Middle-Age Europe, and were imported to America during the time of slavery. The victim’s thumbs would be placed in the machine; turning a screw with wings would tighten the thumb between two pieces of metal.

So much damage would be caused to the victim’s finger, that amputations were sometimes required. With the nut crusher, the user could lose a lot more than just a finger. If there are plans for procreation, be very aware.

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