YouTuber Nicole Arbour Blames Seventeen Magazine For Twitter Suspension

Nicole Arbour is a motivational speaker and YouTube sensation, with over 416,000 subscribers to her channel and over 2.6 million likes on her Facebook page. The Canadian beauty has made a name for herself, uploading straight-talking opinion orientated videos on everything from politics to beauty. Earlier this week, the 30-something star took to Facebook live to vent her frustration at being suspended from Twitter, pointing the blame at Seventeen Magazine.

In the seven-minute long broadcast, Arbour explains that Seventeen printed an article written by Stacy Grant, a former entertainment writer for MTV. "I was just suspended from Twitter again, it's because Seventeen Magazine put out an article today and it was full of absolute lies about a bunch of YouTubers." Arbour goes on to explain that the article repeated already disproven claims that Shane Dawson, a huge YouTube star, was a pedophile. Arbour herself was mentioned in the article, which states she was fired from a movie that she insists she was never a part of. "Absolute 100 percent lies," says Arbour in the impassioned video. "I responded on Twitter to the woman who wrote it."


Go say hi to Stacy Grant from Seventeen

I just got suspended from Twitter for calling out fake news... about me!!

Posted by Nicole Arbour on Saturday, April 7, 2018

Arbour reached out to writer Stacy Grant on the social media site, telling her that the article was "not cool" and perpetuated lies that she was spreading to children. "Seventeen magazine you read from 13 and up," Arbour states. "They have people reading made up lies and they know it's not true. She flagged my profile and my profile got suspended, because I called her out." The blonde beauty goes on to air her frustrations, even going so far as to post a link to the writer's Facebook profile in the comments section, calling on fans to contact Grant and tell her what they think. A number of commenters took her up on the offer. "Too bad you can't comment on anything she posts," said one. "Guess I'll be sending her a PM." Others posted screenshots of their messages, while others were less impressed with the gung-ho approach, informing Arbour they had unfollowed her page.

What do you think? Does speculation come with the spotlight or is Nicole in the right? Let us know in the comments.


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