Researchers Discover The Weird Word That Can Prove You’re Not A Robot

We have officially reached a moment in time where we must convince others we are not a robot. Have you ever tried logging in on a website only to be asked to prove you’re not a robot? You then have to click a series of photos connected to a word the login browser has chosen at random. Well, that has come to life! In order to convince someone you’re not a robot in real life, you must use this weird word.

This notion all stems from the Turing Test, which was designed by Alan Turing in 1950 to test a machine’s ability to mimic human behavior. However, researchers at MIT and the University of Pennsylvania have tried to do something a little different. They have essentially created a Minimal Turing Test. What do we mean? Let us explain. The researchers created a test that requires them to ask themselves a question: “If you could only use one word to convince a human you weren’t a robot, which word would you choose?”

Via Science News

This question has ultimately led to a weird yet hilariously funny word. The test question brought about 400 different suggested words. According to CNet, the most common suggestion of words that relate to concepts most people think an artificial intelligence might have difficulty understanding. Words such as “love”, and “soul” were suggested the most, however, there were also a series of words that were meant to confuse artificial intelligence, such as “compassion”, or “mercy”, and some naughty words as well. Another curious choice made by several people was the word: “please”.

Once all words had been gathered, the researcher put all the suggested words into distinct categories, and then later selected the most nominated word from each category they created. The top words to be picked from included: “love”, “please”, “mercy”, “human”, “compassion”, “empathy”, “robot”, “banana”, “alive”, and “poop”. The next step in this new Turing Test was to show 2,000 participants these suggested words at random and have them select which word they thought was chosen by humans versus robots.

According to the participants, the word most likely to convince another human you’re not a robot is poop! Yes, poop. Although it might appear to be a weird word, it’s important to realize that robots can’t actually poop, therefore it is a foreign concept to them. So, the next time someone asks whether you’re a human or robot, remain calm and utter the magic word, poop.

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