Will Smith's Wife Reveals Heated Argument She Had With His Ex

Will Smith's Wife Reveals Heated Argument She Had With His Ex

Jada Pinkett Smith revealed a caustic argument she had with Will Smith’s first wife in her premiere episode of Red Table Talk.

If you haven’t taken a peek at Red Table Talk, Jada Pinkett Smith’s new talk show on Facebook, then you should really check it out. It’s an inside look at the crazy lives of the Smith family, with the first episode taking a deep dive into the long and sometimes arduous process of Pinkett Smith coming to terms with Will Smith’s first wife, Sheree Fletcher.

The two are obviously on speaking terms now as they share mimosas from across a red table (hence the name), but that wasn’t always the case. Fletcher reveals one story about a time when she had Pinkett Smith got into a verbal brawl, and it took Smith himself to get the two to calm down.

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“Very few times in my life I can recall being checked real hard where I didn’t have nothing to say,” Fletcher reminisced, previewing the story to come. “But you weren’t out of line.

"Trey was at the house--I'm calling to talk to Trey, but I had to go through you to get to him," she explained to a rapt Pinkett Smith. Fletcher admitted that attitude to Pinkett Smith at this point in the relationship was not kind as it was very soon after Fletcher’s divorce from Smith.

"You basically let me know, 'I don't really appreciate your tone,'” Fletcher said, recalling the conversation. “And you hung up on me."

Table Talk
via Red Table Talk on Facebook

Fletcher continued, "I called back, and I happened to say, quote: 'b----, you livin' in a house I picked out!' You said, 'It's my house now.'"

This naturally ended with the two sharing a long “giiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrllllllll” before taking another drink of mimosa.


Afterward, Pinkett Smith admitted that she was, in fact, out of like, and shouldn’t have stood between Fletcher and her son, Trey. “Will Smith let me have it,” said Pinkett Smith. “His take was, ‘That is Trey’s mother and that’s just not your place.’”

For more juicy admissions, check out the whole episode below.


In the premiere episode of Red Table Talk, Jada Pinkett Smith is joined by Will Smith’s ex-wife, Sheree Fletcher for an intimate conversation around their blended family. Make sure to follow Red Table Talk for more updates and episodes!

Posted by Red Table Talk on Monday, May 7, 2018


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