What's My Age Again: 15 Celebs Who Lied About Their Age

It is no question that Hollywood is a place that judges people based on their beauty, and a lot of the time, especially for women, if you're too old, you're out. There are the A-List exceptions, but those are always people who had to start on a rough path to make their way to success.

It's not easy, but they do it. They want their fame, and they are willing to do anything to get it. Sometimes, even lie, and they are totally fine with that too. Does the truth always come out? Sure! But by the time it does, they have already done their part in Hollywood. By the time it all comes out in the open, they have both feet in and are already making their mark, and changing the landscape of entertainment. So no, they're really not worried.

An industry that undoubtedly puts beauty before age, it makes sense why some celebrities feel the need to pretend to be younger (and occasionally older) than they actually are.

15 J-Lo (48 Years Old)

Of course, she still looks absolutely amazing. However, those of us who have seen Jennifer Lopez as Selena should certainly realize she's no spring chicken. Nevertheless, she has been known to lower her age by at least a year. While some of you may have missed it (I mean, not everyone is old enough to remember the infamous shooting scandal involving Diddy and rapper, Shyne), the Hollywood diva was actually forced to admit her age under oath.

Rather than being born in 1970 as she claims, it appears she was born in 1969. While this may not seem like a big deal to many of us, this is still the equivalent of having to tell those managing the casting couch you were born in the 60’s rather than the 70’s.... which likely made her seem much older than she is. Bummer. (Source: Mirror)

14 Karlie Redd (40-Years-Old)

On the flip side, if you're a fan of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, you have likely been trying to guess Karlie Redd's age from the very beginning. Sure, she looks younger but once she starts to talk, you realize she's not as young as she seems.

Rumored to have a child in their late teens or early twenties, it should be clear that she's a tad older than her counterparts.

Either way, given that she has dreams of making it an industry that is heavy on the ageism (the music industry) as well as the fact that she is surrounded by young, up and coming twenty somethings there is no need to guess why she's attempting to keep her age a secret. Either way, it is said that Karlie is actually in her mid-late 40's and maybe even early 50's despite the fact that she appears and acts much younger on the show. (Source: VH1)

13 Mila Kunis (34-Years-Old)

On the flip side, not all celebrities pretend to be younger. In fact, some actually found it beneficial to pretend to be older in order to win certain roles.

For instance, when Mila Kunis was auditioning for the now infamous character, Jackie, on "That 70's Show", they were told they had to be at least 18 to get the part.

However, feeling the part was perfect for her and knowing she'd never have a shot otherwise, Kunis told the director she was 4 years older than she was to get the part. That's right, while most of the cast was over 18 (including her co-star and now husband, Ashton Kutcher) Mila was only around 15 when they started filming the show. Nevertheless, I'm sure it's a lie she can live with. (Source: Zimbio)

12 Cyndi Lauper (64-Years-Old)

No matter how many years go by, it seems Cyndi Lauper will always be a girl who just wants to have fun. On a much more serious note, Cyndi Lauper seems to be yet another victim of ageism in the industry. Not that it's not OK for women to age in Hollywood (I would never suggest such a thing).

However, it is much more difficult to rebrand your music career when one of your most successful hits is innately youthful and timeless.

It seems that Cyndi is attempting to encompass agelessness as a part of her brand. While I can't tell you how well that's working, what I can tell you is that Cyndi refuses to discuss her age to this very day. Here's hoping she one day reveals her true colors...even if they have turned to grey by then. (Source: ABCNews)

11 Nicki Minaj (35-Years-Old)

Although she comes across as one of the most youthful (adult) female rappers we've ever seen, it's clear that some gimmicks were involved in turning Nicki Minaj into a household name. Not that she's not innately talented. Quite the contrary.

In fact, many people believe Nicki put out her best work before she was famous.

Nevertheless, in an industry that seems to have a shelf life, there is little to no demand for aging female rappers, unlike their male counterparts (for instance, her ex-beau, rapper Nas, is 44 years old, considered a hip-hop legend, and is still relevant amongst the new generation of rap artists). Either way, Minaj was purportedly born in 1982, which is two years before the birth date she gives the general public, 1984. (Source: Mirror)

10 Sandra Bullock (53-Years-Old)

Another one who wouldn't let age stop her, Sandra Bullock actually lied about her age 'back in the day', when she auditioned for Love Potion. Rather than just waiting her turn, Bullock purportedly told them she was a tad older in order to land the role. Fast forward to this day and age, Bullock continues to 'keep them guessing'.

In her own words, "I always said I would never lie, but one time, when I didn't it worked against me. So, I figure you just keep them guessing."

In other words, rather than just admitting her age, she plays the game many older women are forced to play in Hollywood. Nevertheless, she looks great and has many years left of booking those leading roles...I think. (Source: Mirror)

9 Mariah Carey (48-Years-Old?)

Occasionally, a star is so big, they even manage to dupe Wikipedia. It should come as no surprise, Mariah Carey is such a star. When Googling her birth date, you will find one in 1969 and one in 1970. (Which are, ironically, the same years her long-time rival who she "doesn't know", Jennifer Lopez).

Once again, although it is just a year’s difference, it appears she may have lied to make herself a year younger when she was getting started in the industry. Either way, nobody is quite clear on whether she was born in 1969, 1970, or some other year before or after these dates. Nevertheless, I'm not sure it matters. She has long since sang her way into infamy and still looks great no matter what age she is. (Source: CelebsNow)

8 Agyness Deyn (35-Years-Old)

A gorgeous English model and actress, if you've ever watched "Top Model", it should be no secret as to why a model would want to lie about their age. However, what sets Agyness apart from most is that she actually admitted to her lie while she's still young enough for it to matter.

Back in 2012, the actress admitted to shaving like 6 years off her age and, at the time, she was actually 29 (the dreaded age for women in the entertainment industry) rather than 23 as most people believed. Although it hasn't had much of a negative impact on her brand, admitting her age may have prevented her from certain auditions and campaigns. Either way, she is walking in her truth and looking fabulous to boot! (Source: Dailymail)

7 Laurence Fishburne (56-Years-Old)

Although it doesn't seem to be nearly as common (or necessary), there are some male celebrities who lied about their age too. For instance, Hollywood heavyweight, Fishburne actually lied his way into the world of acting. When he began his career, he was just 12 years old. Within 2 years, he was up for the role of a lifetime; starring alongside Martin Sheen in the movie, Apocalypse Now.

However, given that the role called for an 18-year-old and Fishburne was only 14 at the time, he figured he was better off telling producers he was 16 rather than 14.

Not only did the little white lie pay off, but because of being on the set, Fishburne also managed to help save Martin Sheen's son, Emilio Estevez from drowning, which is not bad for a 14-year-old boy. (Source: BlackDoctor)

6 James Blunt (44-Years-Old)

Ironically, James doesn't seem to be very blunt about things such as his true age. Unlike Fishburne, James Blunt, the man who convinced us all to embrace our 'true' beauty, actually falsified his age to appeal to a younger demographic.

Said to be a few years older than he originally claimed, even though his music doesn't seem very youngster friendly, apparently, Blunt and his team saw some value in making him seem younger than he actually is.

Whether or not it benefited him, I suppose, depends on who you ask. On the one hand, I’m sure more than a few young girls developed a crush on the singer as they watched him croon his blue-eyed soul into the cameras. However, unlike women, being older typically doesn’t cause lesser attraction, so, who’s to say whether they would have ended up liking 36-year-old Blunt as much as they liked the 33-year old one? Either way, he was apparently outed by a media outlet overseas and the rest is (slightly embarrassing) history. (Source: Mirror)

5 Nelly (43-Years-Old)

On the flip side, another male celebrity who felt the need to make themselves seem younger, Nelly is certainly in a field (hip-hop music), which does not favor the old. At any rate, when Nelly was named as one of Teen People's, "Hottest Stars Under 25", this presented a problem for the star.

Despite the fact that he and his team were adamant that he was only 22 at the time, his birth records asserted that he was actually 6 years older than he claimed.

Although he never publicly admitted to this, we can only assume he was attempting to protect his youthful brand and career. Nevertheless, given that there is officially a new generation of hip-hop, revealing his age at this stage in the game likely won’t cause him too many issues. (Source: Mirror)

4 Rebel Wilson (38-Years-Old)

In other news, Rebel Wilson not only attempted to lie about her age, she fabricated her entire identity. A well-known actress, producer, and writer, many young girls and women look up to her for boldly embracing her voluptuous figure in a world that encourages anything but. Painting herself as a down and out girl from Sydney, who eventually went to Africa, frolicked with leopards, contracted malaria, and even (get this) envisioned her success (including her rapping an acceptance speech) while in some state of a malaria-related haze, apparently Wilson was not very forthcoming with the truth.

Moreover, she was 35-years-old rather than 29, as she claimed. Nevertheless, she sued the outlet for outing her and won. So, there's that. However, there was never a retraction on the official story. (Source: TheGuardian)

3 Joan Crawford

An epic actress who lived to be 72-years-old, Joan Crawford was subject to Hollywood ageism to the very end of her life. Although it appears that she, indeed, lied about her age, at the same time, we can't be too sure.

On the one hand, her daughter, Christina, claims she was born in 1904. On the flip side, Census records say she was born in 1905. Lastly, Joan herself, asserted she was born in 1908.

Nevertheless, the most unsettling part is that there is no birth certificate or other definitive record in existence with regards to her birth. Moreover, her public persona was a somewhat frightening one, in light of her appearance in projects such as Mommy Dearest, among others. Either way, obviously none of that matters now. (Source: DataLounge)

2 Kiera Knightly (33-Years-Old?)

Although she still appears fairly young, apparently Kiera Knightly is no longer open about her age. An actress who has worked extensively in both British and the American film industries, it seems Knightly now feels the need to 'play the game' as far as her age is concerned. A far cry from her early appearances in movies such as Bend It Like Beckham, even though there is no record of Knightly hiding her age in the beginning of her career, somewhere along the way, she must have had a serious change of heart.

Either way, it seems that her or someone on her team has given conflicting information with regards to when she was born. Depending on where you do your research, it is said that she was either born in 1983 or 1985. (Source: SheKnows)

1 Beyonce (36-Years-Old?)

Last, but certainly not least, (please don't sting me, BeyHive members but...) it appears that, at some point, Young Bey lied about her age as well. Of course, we're not big on hearsay, however, what better source than someone's very own father when trying to figure out someone's age?

Either way, during a sit down with The Breakfast Club in 2015, Mathew Knowles gave some serious clues that Beyoncé may be a tad older than she claimed.

Long story short, Knowles let it slip that LA Reid had a girl group at the same time Destiny's Child stepped onto the scene. The kicker? In the midst of talking about the rivalry between the groups, he let it slip that the lead singer of the other group (none other than artist, P!nk) that Beyoncé, Usher, and P!nk were all the same ages (14 or 15) at the time, which would certainly make the Queen Bey a couple years older than she claims. Nevertheless, Mathew is getting 'up there' in age himself, so, who's to say? (Source: BET)

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