What To Expect From Netflix in 2019

Netflix has offered some of the most ground-breaking TV shows and films to date, from everybody’s favorite sitcoms, comedies, documentaries, thrillers, horror and sci-fi films, we owe much to the streaming network for keeping our Friday night’s full of entertainment.

Netflix introduces new shows each year, all while canceling, renewing and taking down others as well. If you’ve been invested in a show for some time now, it’s best that you look into whether or not it will remain on Netflix next year, or whether its time to get a head start on a show before it’s too late. According to Ad Week, Netflix dominated the television industry in 2018, and grew to more than 137 million subscribers worldwide! According to the source, when it comes to what to expect for 2019, Netflix will definitely focus more on consumers rather than competitors and has anticipated a shift into streaming for a while now.

We can definitely expect more “original programming”, said Ted Sarandos, the chief content officer at Netflix, and a plethora of new content to come! According to Sarandos, Netflix has spent more than $8 billion on original content this year alone, and its expected that the company will shell out even more than that going forward into 2019. Considering Netflix caters to people with all sorts of taste, they create content in order to serve their millions of customers, meaning they dish out a lot more than broadcast and cable networks do.


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One major rumor that has been going around for some time is that the hit television show FRIENDS will be removed from the U.S Netflix as of Jan. 1, 2019, however, according to Tech Crunch, the mega-hit television show isn’t going anywhere, so fear not, FRIENDS will definitely be there for you, even if its not your day, your week or even your year! In addition to the good news, Sarandos has opened up about what genres to expect more of in the coming year.

He says that audiences can expect more “holiday films and romantic comedies,” due to the stellar ratings these genres receive on the platform currently. As for what shows won’t be making the cut, Sarandos says, “it’s not purely audience, it’s quality of the audience as well,” meaning some series have smaller audiences than others! With that being said, one show that has already got the cut is ‘Daredevil’, which will not be returning for a fourth season, says Ad Week.

Apart from that bit of bad news, you can expect even greater content coming your way, Netflix has yet to disappoint, so we doubt they’d start to in 2019.


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