Wendy Williams Takes Three Week Break For Her Health

Wendy Williams is taking a break to recharge her batteries and deal with her mental health. She's expected to be gone for three weeks.

Popular TV personality Wendy Williams is taking a three-week break for her health after her doctors diagnosed her with a hyperthyroid condition.

The 53-year-old was absent from her show for three days last week, blaming flu-like symptoms according to Page Six.

After visiting doctors the star learned that she was actually suffering from Grave's disease, a condition which can cause all manner of awful symptoms, including bulging eyes, anxiety and muscle weakness. "I often feel like birds are swimming around my head," she explained. "Like constantly high, but not high." Williams went on to say how angry she was at discovering she suffered from the seldom heard of the disorder. "My doctor has prescribed - are you ready? - three weeks of vacation."



This isn't the first time that Williams has been forced to talk about her health. In October last year, she fainted live on air during a Halloween special. At the time, the host dismissed the incident as a product of overheating and dehydration due to the heavy Lady Liberty costume she was wearing, but it sparked widespread concern.

Williams has been a staple of the entertainment industry since the 80's, starting out as a radio DJ in New York. Her no-nonsense attitude quickly saw her dubbed a "shock jockette." More often than not, the New Jersey native would get into live spats with celebrities on-air, which saw her get noticed by TV executives. In the mid 00's VH1 picked her up for a reality show called The Wendy Williams Experience, following her radio show exploits. She is best known now as the host of The Wendy Williams Show which is fast approaching it's 10 year anniversary. The same year that the show launched, Nicole Spence, a talent booker for the VH1 show sued Williams and her husband Kevin Hunter, claiming he demanded sex from her on multiple occasions. The couple vehemently denied the charges.


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Wendy Williams Takes Three Week Break For Her Health