We'd Rather Work For Anyone Else Than These 15 Celebs

For most people, having the chance to work with a celebrity would be a total dream come true. Star-struck fans would jump at the exciting opportunity to have the experience to sing, act, perform, play sports, and so on, with a famous person, if even for just a few hours or only a day. It sure beats hanging out with that boring guy in the accounting department or that annoyingly loud chick in the cubicle across from you.

But not all celebs are created equal, not by a long shot. Some would surely be a pleasure to work with, while others would be more like a living nightmare. Suddenly “Bill” from accounting is sounding a lot more interesting. Some stars would not be the ideal co-worker for various reasons that make them less-than-desirable to spend time with, let along work alongside. Perhaps they are known to be a demanding diva, they have been in trouble with the law, they are obnoxiously rude to colleagues, or they have been accused of violent or otherwise unseemly behavior. Nobody’s got time for that.

Here are 15 stars who may have plenty of die-hard fans, but they have lots of haters and negaters too. And if we were offered the chance, we would rather work with anyone else but them. Heck, we would rather go flat broke than spend time with these celebs who are always surrounded by drama and dread.

Would you work with any of these 15 celebs or does going broke sound like a far better fate?

15 Lindsay Lohan Has A Bad Rap 

Working with Lindsay Lohan may have been a thrill when she was one of the stars of the movie Mean Girls, but these days, working with the red-haired actress may not be a walk in the park. She hasn’t been in many movies lately, so there must be a reason why she isn’t being hired to do her thing on screen. Could it be her multiple arrests? Her new random (British?) accent? Her wacky and wild public behavior? While it may be fun to read up on Lohan in the supermarket aisle gossip rags, working with her may not be quite as amusing. She may not be a “mean girl,” but there are probably lots of other actresses who’d be a lot nicer to work with. Maybe she has gotten her act together as of late, but her somewhat tarnished reputation is putting a damper on what could be a killer career.

14 Mariah Carey Is A Total Diva

If you find joy in working with a diva, then you’d surely get a thrill out of working with singer Mariah Carey. She is known for her over-the-top persona and diva-like ways. She may have an amazing voice, but a ballad only goes so far. Did you see her New Year’s Eve mishap a couple of years ago? If you want to work with a woman who makes scenes like that, then you may have a screw loose. Then again, no day would be boring! Surely her backup dancer Bryan Tanaka enjoys working with Carey, so much so that he has no problem mixing business with pleasure. Divas are known to be demanding, so look out if you ever get the chance to work with Carey. There’s only room for one diva and you’d better believe it won’t be you.

13 Kanye West Is Opinionated 

Kanye West may consider himself to be a “genius,” but that doesn’t mean that he will think the same of you. Working with West would surely be quite the experience but going broke would be a better option. West is super critical — remember when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech to chime in on who he thought should have won instead? Is this the sort of person you’d want to do business with? Not to mention, West is married to Kim Kardashian. That family is all about the drama, so you’d surely hear a lot about what’s going on in their crazy world whether you wanted to or not. If West is someone you admire, you may want to buy his albums. But don’t be naïve and think working with him would be a dream come true. He may be talented and successful, but he will never let you steal his spotlight.

12 Naomi Campbell And Her Cell Phone Situation 

Model and TV personality Naomi Campbell is surely a ravishing beauty, but would working with her be like working with the beast? Why don’t you ask her former personal assistant?

Remember when Campbell was accused of throwing her cell phone at her PA?

You don’t need that sort of hostility in your life no matter how much you may be in awe of the stunning supermodel. Plus, if you were to work with Campbell, no matter how great a hair day you’re having, you’ll always feel like a troll compared to the glamorous and seemingly ageless model. She may have a bad reputation when it comes to her attitude, but you can’t deny the woman is a breathtaking beauty. You’d be better off finding a job that doesn’t involve catwalks and couture.

11 Mel Gibson Has Had Too Many Public Rants

There was a time when people would give an arm and a leg to work with the legendary actor Mel Gibson. But these days, his headline-making attitude and unruly behavior have made him a less-than-desirable co-star. From public rants and arguments and all the mess that goes with that drama, Gibson has gone from A-lister to A-hole. You may enjoy Gibson’s body of work on film or the magic he has created from behind the camera but working with him seems like it would be a major mistake. Go with Gibson or go broke? We would rather work for pennies than for a piece of work like Gibson. Keep watching his films if you love them but do yourself a favor and take a job at Starbucks before working with this star.

10 Bill Cosby Is Definitely Not Who We Thought He Was

Do you really need a reason to not work with Bill Cosby? Sure, back in the day, having a shot at landing a role on The Cosby Show would be an aspiring actor’s dream come true. But in light of the dozens of accusations made against the disgraced actor, working with him seems like a not-so-smart move. Not that he’s working on anything much these days aside from trying to make it through his court dates unscathed. Cosby may be a legend, but he will go down in history as someone who fell from grace with a thud heard around the world. Going broke would be a smarter move than going in for a meeting with Cosby. Ask any of his accusers if they’d do the same. Sad but true, those women would surely rewrite history if the option were available.

9 Farrah Abraham Got Dropped By MTV

Teen Mom “star” Farrah Abraham may be a guilty pleasure to watch on the small screen but working with her would be anything but a pleasure. Anyone who has tuned in to the MTV reality show has seen how diva-like the single mom is and how rude she is to her parents as well as the show’s producers. It's unclear why Abraham thinks she is so special, but we’d like to offer a different perspective. Yes, children are a blessing, but you don’t achieve diva status by going on a reality show because you had a kid at a young age. While the opportunity to be on TV must have been exciting for Abraham at the time, we would be nothing close to excited if offered the chance to work with her. Granted, some fellas would jump at the chance to join her in her next adult film, but that’s a different story.

8 Gwyneth Paltrow Thinks She's Better Than Everyone

Unless Goop makes you grin, working with actress Gwyneth Paltrow seems like it would be a downright drag. She may be pretty and talented but her self-important attitude is a real turn off. She is a major star — we will give her that — but after reading all her expensive and unattainable advice on her Goop site, she seems super out-of-touch with the real world. Not everyone has millions of bucks to spare like she does. Some people love Paltrow no matter how much she behaves like a princess, but they’d feel more like a pauper if they were to work with her. She seems like she would reward herself for a job well done but what would she offer you? A free jar of face cream and a pat on the back?

7 Tara Reid Is Not Who She Used To Be 

You may want to read In Touch to find out what sort of kookiness actress Tara Reid has gotten herself into lately but work with her and you may regret it. She seems to be a magnet for drama and chaos as we’ve seen in the hundreds of paparazzi shots of the blonde B-lister. Sure, she has made something of a comeback with the unforeseen success of Sharknado, but we’re not talking Oscar-worthy art here. Reid seems like she is a lot of fun and doesn’t take herself too seriously, but she may want to do a little less partying and much more meditation. Being in the public eye can be crazy, but you don’t want to come off as crazy too by associating yourself with a starlet gone south. American Pie was a hit, but the last slice is long gone.

6 Mike Tyson Had Financial Troubles 

Boxing fans might want to work with Mike Tyson, but if you appreciate having two ears, you may want to look for a job at McDonald’s or Walmart instead. Tyson has been known for his temper, making boxing a fitting career, but unless you are in the ring with gloves on, working with him could be the biggest mistake of your life. He must be an interesting fellow to observe in person, but you would be better off watching Tyson on TV or reading about him in the press. Any person who is willing to tattoo the side of their face is capable of anything. Do you want to be the person he tries to convince to get one too? Stay ink- and Tyson-free. Your mother will sleep better at night.

5 Simon Cowell Has Strong Opinions

Fans of American Idol loved judge Simon Cowell’s harsh criticisms of contestants’ musical performances. He never sugar-coated his feelings and making aspiring singers feel like crap was thrill and joy. His interactions with fellow judge Paula Abdul made for must-see TV, but would you want to be on the panel with a guy who laughed as he made teens and young adults cry? If he was willing to critique contestants with unkind comments, imagine how he would treat you if he thought you were doing a bad job. If you like American Idol, keep watching. Cowell is no longer on the show, but the music is always a pleasure. But if you are out of a job, you’d be better off asking for handouts than working with a man who is known for being Mr. (Not) Nice Guy.

4 Alec Baldwin Stands Up To People

Actor Alec Baldwin is talented and popular, and he has been in the entertainment biz for decades. With dozens of movies under his belt and his ongoing success on Saturday Night Live, Baldwin remains relevant. President Trump may not like Baldwin’s portrayal of him, but fans of SNL can’t get enough of the knee-slapping parodies. Watching Baldwin is entertaining, but working with him? That could be a bad idea. Have you seen his interactions with the paparazzi?

Baldwin’s temper goes through the roof when he confronts cameramen seeking the perfect candid pic of the actor and his family.

While you can’t blame “papa bear,” Baldwin for trying to protect his loved ones, things could get super-scary if he were to fly off the handle like that at work. Watch SNL every weekend if you love to laugh but make your money someplace that won’t be hiring Baldwin any time soon.

3 Taylor Swift Sings Out Her Business

If you work with singer/songwriter Taylor Swift, be prepared to wind up in one of her next songs if things do not work out. That is what she does when her romantic relationships don’t end well, so who knows what sort of lyrics she’d pen about your time working together? Sure, Swift is super talented and model gorgeous, but working with her seems like it wouldn’t be so great. She probably wouldn’t let you chill with her “squad,” and she may just try to steal your boyfriend. Even if you had the chance to go on tour with Swift and travel the world, chances are you’d be cramped in coach while she was doing it up in first class. If you love Swift, listen to her on the radio, don’t send her your resume.

2 Charlie Sheen Has Big Problems

Working with actor Charlie Sheen should not be something that you should ever consider. He is known to be eccentric and sometimes off-his-rocker, likely leaving co-workers dazed and confused. He is not in the press as much as he was a few years ago, but the memories still haunt us to this day. Does “tiger blood” ring a bell? Tales of all the women he has been with, partying and misbehaving, and all sorts of other public mayhem makes Sheen one to shun. He may be a great actor, but take in his talents through the television. Just because the guy is worth millions does not mean you would get paid well if you worked with him. He probably owes a lot in child support, after all. Sorry Charlie!

1 Blac Chyna Is Full Of Drama

If you need advice as to whether to work with Blac Chyna, just ask her long-suffering ex Rob Kardashian. He would no doubt advise you to run for the hills rather that work with his “baby mama.”

She seems to have quite the temper – just go on YouTube and watch her recent outrageous antics at an amusement park.

Chyna may be associated with the money-making Kardashian clan now (or at least till Dream turns 18), but that does not mean working with her would line your wallet well. If you were to work with Chyna, expect unending drama and plenty of back-and-forth bickering with Rob. Going broke would be like a walk in the park compared to working with this woman. Money-hungry Kris Jenner would probably tell you the same.

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