Final Trailer Proves Joaquin Phoenix Has The Best Joker Laugh Ever

The final trailer for Joker has dropped, and the little snippet we get of Joaquin Phoenix's chilling laugh has got us all kinds of excited.

For the past few years, the superhero genre in cinema has been dominated by the MCU, and rightly so. Infinity War and Endgame were near perfect movies, and the latter has gone on to be the best-selling flick at the box office ever. Meanwhile, DC has been floundering. In its attempts to keep up with Marvel, most of its movies have been left wanting and felt a little rushed.

Honestly, it feels as if the DCEU is a lost cause at this point. Wonder Woman was a rare bright spot, and Shazam!'s inclusion is promising, but we are all about DC's next standalone movie, Joker. The final trailer for the film dropped this week, and if you weren't excited enough already, you will be after watching this.

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The trailer shows us a lot of things we had previously only read about. Things like the role of Robert De Niro in Joker, and that laugh from Joaquin Phoenix. Honestly, as he strides through that hallway and lets it out, only to immediately return to his depressed state, we got literal goosebumps.

When it comes to portraying the Joker, fans will automatically make comparisons to other actors who have done the job well. Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Mark Hamill. All three men and others have nailed that maniacal Joker laugh. However, based on that one clip alone, we are of the opinion that Phoenix might have the best Joker laugh ever. It also seems as if his portrayal of the iconic villain will be darker than any that has come before it.

At this point, we need to remind ourselves that we have seen very little of the movie thus far. It is only a trailer after all. However, DC movies are at their very best when they go dark. Look no further than The Dark Knight trilogy for irrefutable evidence of that. Joker will be going incredibly dark without a shadow of a doubt. Whether Phoenix's portrayal of the Joker will rank among the very best? It looks very promising, but we'll have to wait and see.

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