Every Member Of The Wahlberg Family's Net Worth

The Wahlbergs are one of the most prominent families in Hollywood. Not only are many of the brothers known for their Hollywood work, but they are also part of a successful franchise, have starred in a reality television series, and also have many charitable foundations in their names. In other words, the Wahlbergs are strong force to be reckoned with. They get all of the respect they deserve because they sure know how to hustle in Hollywood and beyond.

With that said, here are 10 of the Wahlberg family members and their net worth. Check out our list below and let us know what you think!

10 Mark Wahlberg

It’s without a doubt that Mark Wahlberg is not only the richest member of the Wahlberg family, but he’s also one of the richest men in the entertainment industry, too. Not only is he a household name thanks to his acting career, but he’s also a director, too. Whenever he’s not in the gym working out, Mark is hard at work on his craft.

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With multiple successful projects and movies in Hollywood, his own burger chain and even a car dealership, Mark is worth an estimated $255 million and considered one of the richest actors in the world. There’s nothing funny about that.

9 Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie Wahlberg might not be on the same caliber as his brother Mark Wahlberg when it comes to his Hollywood career, but he is no New Kid on the Block, either. At least, not when it comes to his lengthy list of projects and work in the entertainment industry. The actor, singer, and producer has a net worth of about $20 million dollars. And yes, a good portion of this money comes from the New Kid on The Block reunion ticket sales and merchandise. In other words, Donnie Wahlberg and the rest of the NKOTB boys are still hanging tough.

8 Jenny McCarthy

Donnie Wahlberg tied the knot with model, former television personality and host, and celebrity mom Jenny McCarthy back in 2014. Even though she hasn’t added Wahlberg to her professional name, she is very much a part of the Wahlberg family.

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Being an actress, a model, and an author has certainly helped Jenny over the years. According to reports, her current estimated net worth is about $15 million. While this is a significant difference to her brother-in-law Mark’s net worth, Jenny is still considered as much of a household name as he is. She’s got her fans and her critics in the television world, too.

7 Rhea Durham

Rhea Durham is Mark Wahlberg’s very beautiful (and very rich) wife. The beautiful and very photogenic Rhea was born in July of 1978 in Lakeland, Florida. Before she met Mark, Rhea was a prominent figure in the fashion world as a model. She graced the covers of many fashion magazines such as Marie Claire and French Vogue, and let's not forget the American and British versions of Elle as well. These days she’s a stay at home mom who takes care of the couple’s five kids and helps support Mark on the red carpet during his movie premieres. Rhea is worth an estimated $20 million.

6 Paul Wahlberg

Paul Wahlberg is Mark and Donnie’s brother and one of the head chefs of the family’s burger franchise, Wahlburgers. He is very much involved in the business and has been featured in various media platforms and culinary shows.

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And while he might not have the same Hollywood presence as his famous brothers, he does make a pretty nice living if we do say so ourselves. Reports say that Paul Wahlberg is worth an estimated $1.5 million dollars. Sure, having a last name that is very recognizable sure does help, but we bet that Paul does put in a lot of work in his day job.

5 Robert Wahlberg

No, you are not seeing double here. Robert certainly does look like his brother Donnie at first glance, doesn’t he? And just like his brothers Donnie and Mark, Robert is also an actor too, although he doesn’t have the household name status like they do. Robert was married to his ex-wife Gina Santangelo. He has two children from his marriage but likes to keep his personal life very private and away from the celebrity spotlight. Reports say that Paul is worth about $1.5 million dollars. He’s not only a celebrity chef, but he’s also starred in movies such as Max Payne and The Happening.

4 Alma Wahlberg

Alma Wahlberg is the matriarch of the Wahlberg family and needless to say, the most important person in the clan. She is a mother to nine children and someone who has found love twice in her life. Together with her first husband Donald Wahlberg, they had six sons and three daughters together. She’s also a reality television star, having starred in the Wahlberg’s A&E show several years ago. She’s made many television appearances since. Alma is worth an estimated $1 million dollars. This is from her career as not only a reality television star, but also as a bank clerk and a nurse.

3 Tracey Wahlberg

While there sure are a lot of Wahlberg brothers that like to bask in the spotlight, let’s not forget that Mark Wahlberg has quite a few sisters, too. One of them is Tracey Wahlberg. One of the reasons why no one hears about Tracey is because she is someone who likes to keep her personal life under the radar. Unlike her brothers, she never followed in Mark or Donnie’s footsteps by choosing a career and life in Hollywood. Instead, she prefers things simple. She lives in Holbrook, Massachusetts and for the most part, doesn’t like to mingle with her celebrity brothers. Her net worth is currently unknown.

2 Jim Wahlberg

Jim Wahlberg is another Wahlberg family member that you may not have heard of but is very much involved in his family’s ties and businesses. Jim Wahlberg is very close with his brother Mark and works as the Executive Director of the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation. He works closely with many charity organizations and does his part in helping kids in need back in his hometown of Dorchester. He also lives a quiet life at home with his wife of many years and kids in Florida. Jim’s net worth is about $1 million, although that figure has not been confirmed.

1 Ella Rae Wahlberg

Ella Rae Wahlberg is not a celebrity or Hollywood actress or model just yet, but seeing how she has her mother’s good looks and her father’s spunky attitude, there’s a good chance that this young girl might be churning out a career of her own one day.

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While her father Mark has said that he would rather see his kids pursue their educations than work in Hollywood, we have a feeling that we will be seeing much more of Ella Rae after she graduates from high school. Seeing how she still lives at home, her net worth is estimated to be under $1 million.

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