Check Out Vince Vaughn’s Smiling Mugshot After DUI Arrest

After Vince Vaughn, 48, was arrested early Sunday morning for drunk driving and resisting arrest, the star of Swingers seemed in good spirits, judging from his mugshot photo. Vaughn, who appears with a slight smile on his face, was arrested along with a male passenger, who was charged with obstruction and public intoxication. The actor was pulled over between Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach shortly after midnight at a DUI checkpoint, according to police. Vaughn and his unidentified companion were released after posting bail.

Sgt. Tim Zins from the Manhattan Beach Police Department told CNN that while Vaughn was charged with resisting arrest, he was not “fighting with officers, but more … delaying the investigation.” Adding that "there was no officer use of force or anything like that." Last week the MBPD announced on Facebook that they were setting up a DUI checkpoint, noting their “zero tolerance” policy towards drinking and driving.

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The arrest, which occurred at around 1:00 a.m. PST, is Vaughn's first drunk driving arrest, though he was arrested in 2001 after getting into a bar fight with screenwriter Scott Rosenberg, and another man. The incident, which led to Vaughn being arrested for assault, resulted in actor Steve Buscemi being stabbed in the face, throat, and arm when he tried to break up the fight. The charges against Vaughn were eventually dropped.

Vaughn, a Minneapolis native, is married to Canadian realtor Kyla Weber. The couple has two children, a daughter, Locklyn Kyla Vaughn, who was born in 2010, and a son, Vernon Lindsay Vaughn, who was born in 2013. Vaughn was previously in a relationship with Jennifer Aniston. The couple began dating in 2005 after filming The Break-Up together. In 2006, Vaughn filed a defamation lawsuit against three tabloid magazines after they claimed that he had been unfaithful to Aniston. The pair broke up shortly afterward in November 2006.

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Vaughn is certainly not the first celebrity arrested for DUI. Lost actor Matthew Fox was arrested for DUI in May 2012 after veering from his lane of traffic. Singer Bobby Brown was sentenced to 55 days in prison after receiving his third DUI in October 2013. Paris Hilton was arrested for DUI in September 2006, and Lindsay Lohan was arrested for DUI in July 2007. The list goes on and on and includes names such as actor Tim Allen, rapper Too Short, UFC fighter Ross Pearson, and actors Mel Gibson and Mickey Rourke, among many others.

Vaughn, who has been nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Actor for Brawl in Cell Block 99, an action thriller released last year, will appear in Fighting with My Family, a comedy-drama based on the 2012 documentary The Wrestlers: Fighting with My Family, which tells the story of WWE professional wrestler Paige. The film is due to be released next March.


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