Victoria Beckham Shuts Down Royal Wedding Smile Criticisms

Beckham Royal Wedding

Victoria Beckham clapped back at detractors who pointed out how little she smiled at the Royal Wedding.

Last weekendโ€™s wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was magical in a way that only true royalty can achieve. There were castles, horses, celebrities, wealth, and smiling faces from one end of the crowd to the other. With one notable exception.

Victoria Beckham was lambasted for arriving in a dress that seemed more appropriate at a funeral than a wedding, along with a demeanor that seemed to express condolences rather than joy. That is to say, she wasnโ€™t smiling much despite the air of jubilation that surrounded her.

And donโ€™t take our word for it. There were plenty of people in Twitter that took aim at Beckham for her lack of cheer, with many even pointing out how her dress failed to impress.

Admittedly, Beckham may have simply been trying to maintain a subtle profile so as not to outshine Meghan on her big day, but even still, that dress was a little austere.

Word of her gaffe must have gotten back to Posh Spice, but rather than take it to heart sheโ€™s decided to go on the offensive. Her latest Instagram post features the former Spice Girl wearing a sweater that seems to directly respond to her Royal Wedding critics and anyone else who thinks the girl doesnโ€™t smile enough.

Unlike normal Beckham attire, Victoria wore a simple grey sweater with the slogan "It's a dark but happy place" written in bold letters across the front. She captioned the photo with another jab: "When youโ€™re smiling on the inside,โ€ followed by several smiling-so-hard-youโ€™re-crying emojis.


And then she announced itโ€™s available for purchase on her website. Girlโ€™s got a lifestyle to maintain, after all.

For what itโ€™s worth, at least one Twitter user was on Beckhamโ€™s side and had a pretty good excuse for her too.

So smile on the inside, Victoria. We know the real joy you bring to peopleโ€™s lives is from your wit and not by needlessly displaying your pearly whites.


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