US Engineers Reveal First Underwater Drone

The world’s first waterproof done is finally here! The cool gadget, known as the Spry, is completely waterproof and can be submerged underwater, float like a boat, and even fly through the air at 40mph!

US engineers have finally unveiled the latest innovative tech gadgets and features a multitude of cool things from a built-in 4K camera that can both record video and teach photographs in water or as it flies. The footage the drone picks up is transmitted back to a monitor that is emerged in a waterproof remote control casing, which the drone developers claims is another world first for the drone industry.


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With a waterproof done and casing for the remote control, it appears that this gadget is setting the bar quite high! The Spry is currently available to the public, but it doesn’t come cheap. The drone retails for $765 and is available in a few colors. The process took nearly two years of designing and prototyping to cross the line between “science fiction and reality,” but allowing buyers to use the drone both within the water and in the air.

This feature has never been done yet, where drones have only been used in flight mode before. This is a major step in the world of technological devices where a waterproof drone can be submerged into water and still fulfill the use of flight drones within the air. The drones capabilities makes it “the most versatile drone ever created,” said Alex Rodriguez, who is the CEO of Urban Drones, the company who created the famous Spry.

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In addition to its incredible features, the Spry has a 3,000-foot range and is powered by a removable battery that allows users to fly the drone for up to 17 minutes. The drone also contains a GPS from the remote control, and has advanced flight features such as hold position, auto follow and return to pilot’s position, allowing the drone to be maneuvered with ease.

If the remote control weren’t enough, the Spry can be controlled from a mobile app, which even allows pilots to draw out a flight path for the Spry using a map. If you’re in the market for a drone, and are willing to spend the cash, then look no further, because the Spry can meet all your drone needs.


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