15 Things Tony Stark Could Afford That Would Make RDJ Go Broke

In case you weren't already jealous of Robert Downey Jr. Let me tell you a little secret...his net worth is over $180 million! That's a pretty significant amount of change. Like...you could easily be crushed by that much change. I don't know if it makes you sad or jealous. But hey, if it makes you either, then I've got something to make you feel better.

No matter how much money Junior makes, he'll never quite come as close as the amount of money his recent character Tony Stark makes. And by that, I mean to say that Junior is miles and miles away from being anywhere close to as rich as Stark.

To put it into perspective, sure, Junior might have $180 million to play with overall...but Tony Stark has...are you ready for this? $31 billion! RDJ has got nothing on Stark. That being said: Here are 20 things that Stark has easily spent his money on that RDJ could just never afford. I don't know why he'd want a commercial jet, but he could have one, and he does, and RDJ can't afford one.

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15 Stark Industries Jets And Ships!

Apart from Tony Stark's private jet which retails for about $65 million before you get into customization and design alterations, we have to remember that Stark Industries has a whole shipping business and has a Mobile Hypernautics Yard which, on its own costs $50 billion! That's already more than Tony Stark's net worth, never mind anything to do with RDJ's net worth.

Just the private jet alone is almost half of Robert Downey Jr.'s $181 million. That's pretty nutty if you ask me. It makes me sad to know that RDJ's $181 million is actually just chump change when it comes to Tony Stark's whopping billions. It also makes me happy to know that Tony Stark isn't a real person. I mean, Arc technology would be great, but we don't need the rest of the terrible things (like Ultron) that came from it.

14 The Stark Car Collection

If you set aside even just the millions spent in Audi cars alone, it will soon become clear that while RDJ does have a pretty impressive and attractive car collection, Tony Stark just simply beats him down in this department.

He has the Ford Flathead Roadster, a Tesla Roadster, a Bugatti Veyron, a Shelby Coupe, a '53 Ghia Cadillac...the list goes on and even includes some military grade Humvees and tanks. Basically, what I'm saying here is that while RDJ might have some pretty swanky cars like a sweet '70 302 Mustang, an alluring Mercedes and a few other hotties, it's nothing compared to the over $100 million spent in cars on the part of Stark. RDJ just simply can't afford to drop that much on cars he'll never drive.

13 The Many Iron Man Suits

Even before we got as far as Iron Man 3, the cost of the Iron Man suits was already over $1 billion! That's already way out of RDJ's price range. So, once we get to see the array of Iron Man suits in the Iron Man 3 film and we learn that the estimated cost of all of those together is about $10 billion, there is just no way that RDJ can touch Tony Stark's bank account or anything that he purchases with it!

Don't get me wrong, I think RDJ is awesome. Natural Born Killers was a great film (even though that was while he was ripped on blow and a little more than crazy) but Tony Stark has Iron Man suits and that beats out anything.

12 Spider-Man Suit

Alright, so look...there is no actual reported amount that the upgraded Spider-Man suit cost Tony Stark to make, but considering how much of the tech used in it came from his own designs for the Iron Man suits, including an artificial intelligence unit much like JARVIS...I think it's safe to say that it's out of RDJ's pay grade.

I mean, you have to remember that, even though Peter Parker has additional power because of his "gamma spider" bite, he doesn't have much in the way of gadgets in his original suit. Other than web-slinging, he's not got much, but the amount of tech packed into that skin-tight suit has got to cost hundreds of millions, if not billions. Especially when you consider that the first official Iron Man suit cost well over $1 billion.

11 Charity To MIT

This is just something that RDJ could never dream to afford. I don't know that he would ever think to afford it other than the fact that he had to deliver the lines of Tony Stark while he makes this epic gesture towards innovation. While I feel like this could drastically backfire in the future, Tony Stark grants to MIT carte blanche in terms of funding projects. A blank cheque, for as long as Stark lives essentially.

In case you didn't know, MIT is a pretty innovative school where only the brightest of engineers and thinkers come together to piece together the pieces of a brighter tomorrow for mankind. So, considering that Tony Stark just tells them that each and every project they can even think of is totally funded is pretty amazing, and pretty scary considering what some people can think of. It is also pretty clearly beyond RDJ.

10 The Colantotte Bracelets

Ok, to be fair here, RDJ could totally buy a pair of Colantotte bracelets if he really felt like it. They're not all that expensive when it comes to the grand scheme of the many millions that both RDJ and Stark have spent in the past.

That being said, there is a huge difference between the Colantotte bracelets you can get on the market and the Colantottes that Tony Stark makes himself to adhere to his Iron Man armour. What's so special about these bracelets? Well, for starters, if Tony Stark builds something, it's automatically special. But the more important thing is that these Colantottes have the ability to summon Iron Man suits from an incredible distance. They then become part of the suits themselves. The iconic moment where Stark is falling to his death until finally his armour shows up and saves his life.

9 The Iron Legion 

Alright so here's something that is just mind-boggling. It's as though Tony Stark has an unlimited supply of money. This is the big difference between individual net worth and the amount of spending a business like Stark Industries can do. So, keep in mind that the original Iron Man suit cost over $1 billion.

The array of suits Stark has by Iron Man 3 cost over $10 billion. The Iron Legion is an army of unmanned Iron Man suits (at least the first batch), so imagine how many billions that is. Then, after they're destroyed, Stark builds another Iron Legion but this time he uses droids. Either way, they're all fitted with JARVIS and can run totally separate from each other. Considering that RDJ only has a total of $181 million, it's pretty clear that there is no way he could touch anything close to what the Iron Legion costs.

8 B.A.R.F.

Otherwise known as Binarily Augmented Retro-Framing, BARF is a very interesting and incredibly expensive endeavour of Tony Stark's. He demonstrates this mechanism at a seminar at MIT which leads him to give them carte blanche on all their future innovations.

Either way, BARF is basically an implant on a set of glasses that works alongside one's brain in order to track and alter a traumatic event to help the wearer work through the issues of the event and come out better off on the other side of reliving the memory. The microtechnology is absolutely incredible and, as you could very well guess, costs much more than the measly $181 million that RDJ has to his name. Though I wish I had a measly $181 million to my name.

7 The Holotable

Ok, so there are smartphones being built now that will be worth well over a grand that will display holographic images. That's pretty cool...but imagine how much research and development went into that technology. Millions. But then take that technology even further to something like Tony Stark's Holotable...and while the size is amazing, that's not even the coolest or most costly part.

A tiny holographic display may cost over a grand, so a whole table must be hundreds of thousands. Then add to that the fact that it's interactive! Recall the scene where Stark is building the Iron Man gauntlet and actually engages with the holographic image to test out how the real armour would work, the R&D for that is millions upon millions. I dare say more than RDJ's lowly millions.

6 Stark's Designer Suits

Don't let the wrinkles in the above suit that Stark is wearing fool you. I can almost guarantee you that Starks wardrobe is probably pretty close to nearing about half of RDJ's net worth. And that's just an amount of money that RDJ can't afford...at least in terms of spending on nothing but suits.

That's many millions of dollars worth of suits. And I'm not talking about the Iron Man suits. I mean the designer suits that he wears. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm almost certain that RDJ has worn Lauren and Armani suits at one point or another, but I can venture to guess that those aren't his everyday dress. Tony Stark, when not working in the garage on flying around in the Iron Man suit, is always dapperly dressed and ready to score with the ladies.

5 Tony Stark's Mansion

This is a home that is only about $60 million less than the entirety of RDJ's net worth. If he dropped $120 million on a home, he would be pretty screwed pretty quickly. And that's even before you start counting the things that come along with the Stark Mansion. Not just the building and property itself. The chopper for the helipad and the maintenance of the pool are some other things to think about.

I'd say the energy bill, but it's not like Stark would have to pay much for that once he bothered to use Arc tech for it (though, by that time, he had already lost this mansion). Oh, and I guess his place also comes with a Pepper Potts to take care of the place and everyone who goes in and out of it. I wouldn't mind one of those with my home...so long as I didn't have to hear about Goop.

4 Area 51

So, everyone knows at least something about Area 51 in Nevada and how there were reportedly aliens brought there after a UFO crash in Roswell. New Mexico. Of course, that's all bullsh*t but it makes for great comic book material.

Anyway, I want you to think about the $700 billion that America is currently planning to spend on defense. That's a lot of money, and while it doesn't take that much to run one secret military base, you can bet your ass that it costs several billion. Now...Tony Stark bought the facility at Area 51. I'd like to see RDJ try. What's crazier is that the entire facility was purchased by Stark for no other reason than to hold the Reality Gem. I mean sure, other things happened there, but that was the original reason for the purchase.

3 Stark Tower

Stark Tower originally cost $600 million, so, in case you needed a reminder, that immediately pulls RDJ out of the running in terms of spending (remembering that he only has $181 million to play with).

Now, that $600 million has only gone up considering the amount of damage that the building took from the start of it being Stark Tower through its transition to being the Avengers Tower. That's one hell of a costly building. I bet Trump Towers has nothing on Tony Starks buildings, and that's not all that surprising. Sure, Stark started off with a ton of his dad's money, but he turned around and started doing good for the world, so that's a pretty significant difference. So far as I can see at any rate. But what do I know?

2 Arc Technology

Let's put the technology of Tony Stark into some perspective here. Not the crude version, but the first official mini arc reactor that Stark builds to protect his heart is worth $36 million! That's already 1/6th of RDJ's total net worth. Then, if you add to that what it had cost to build the giant arc reactor, plus the research and development, plus the maintenance...well, let's just guess at some of this and say that the facility and the technology together would cost many many billions of dollars.

Now, that heavily outweighs RDJ's little money pile. I mean...his money pile is like an anthill to Starks sky-rise pile of dough. It's mind-boggling to me when I think about how much money $181 million is, and then realize that that's still nothing in comparison to the money Tony Stark has and spends.

1 The New Avengers Facility

Alright, so here is something that RDJ could actually afford...at least for a time. I'm not sure how long he'd be able to keep it when it comes to paying taxes and utilities on it, but he could at least buy it.

The new Avengers facility is just over $113 million. Of course, if you take that amount away from RDJ's $181 million, well, he's left with much less, and would probably lose the rest over the next few years on taxation. Stark, on the other hand, can buy this facility, still keep the original Stark tower, plus the new Arc facility, plus a separate home, plus all of his other toys...and that hardly wears down his wallet. I would feel bad for RDJ after this article, but I can't. Why? Because he still has $181 million to play around with.

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