Meghan Markle's Father Says He Didn't Ask The Duchess For Money

Despite rumors, Thomas Markle, who lives in Rosarito, Mexico, says he has never asked his daughter Meghan, the Duchess of Essex, for money. Markle, who is 73 and long past retirement age, was a successful lighting director and director of photography. He won two Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Design Excellence for his work on General Hospital, where he worked for more than two decades.

Yet, since his daughter’s wedding was announced, Markle endured all types of speculation regarding the status of their relationship, mostly as a result of his children’s inappropriate comments regarding their half-sister Meghan. Thomas was originally expected to walk his daughter down the aisle but was unable to do so after suffering a heart attack, which some say was brought on by the stress caused by his children’s interference in Meghan’s wedding.

Prior to the royal wedding, Thomas Jr., Markle’s son from a prior marriage, wrote an open letter to Prince Harry trying to convince him not to marry Meghan. Also, Samantha, Thomas’ sister, planned to publish an autobiography titled, The Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister.


Via Diva Diaries

The rumor mill has alleged that Thomas asked Meghan for money twice before the wedding and that she refused. According to TMZ, he says that is "just plain bullsh*t."

Sources say that Meghan has been worried about her dad since he underwent heart surgery shortly before the wedding, and has called him several times. It is also known that prior to the engagement, Prince Harry called Thomas to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage. According to  Thomas Markle’s neighbor, Lori Davis, “He’s spoken to Prince Harry on many occasions and he has spoken to Harry and Meghan since the wedding. They’re worried about him and have told him not to drive as he recovers from his heart operation.”

Adding, “Tom watched the wedding by himself. He thought the ceremony was beautiful but I am sure forever he will regret not being there. I’d bought him some Jell-O and a fruit salad which he ate while he watched it.”

Via Diva Diaries

According to Davis, Markle loved the wedding and thought his daughter looked beautiful. Though he was disappointed that he was unable to walk Meghan down the aisle, he was happy that Prince Charles was willing to take his place.

Despite Markle’s children’s ongoing assault on Meghan, which has included Samantha’s endless hate-filled tweets regarding her half-sister, the Duchess’ father seems focused on Meghan’s happiness, ignoring his children’s childish tantrums.


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