This Chrome App Lets Users Know If A Celebrity Has Been Accused Of Harassment

The internet is trying its very best to ensure that nothing stays hidden. If it's happening somewhere, you're probably going to find out as long as you have access or you know at least one person who does.

As such, there is now a Chrome application available that actually lets users know if a celebrity they're reading about has been accused of harassment.

Why? Well, just so you don't promote someone or their work in any way without knowing that he/she has been accused of something terrible.


via Google Chrome

The app, called Uncover Harassers, can be found in the chrome web store and could be installed as a browser extension in a few seconds.

It works by highlighting the names of celebrities who have been accused of sexual harassment at any point in time, when their names are hovered over in web articles. A small snippet of info will also come up, explaining the accusation or whatever it may have developed into, and there will also be a link to a relevant news article from which you can read further.

"Find out if a person is accused of sexual harassment before you promote their work or benefit them in any way," the app overview reads.

"This simple Chrome Extension scans a webpage & highlights the names of influential people — politicians, actors, media personalities — who have been accused of sexual harassment. Not only that but it also goes one step further and gives you a short snippet of information about the accusation which is revealed when you hover your mouse over their name."

This doesn't mean that a name can't slip below the radar. For any name to make it to Uncover Harassers, a credible news source would have to report it first. But if one comes across someone who hasn't been included, there is also an online form where he/she could suggest additions.

For now, most of the information comes from the New York Times, so names can slip through the cracks as the publication only reports major accusations regarding the most well-known personalities. However, the developer should have a wider web to pull data from as time goes by.

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