10 Things J.Lo Does to Achieve Success

Jennifer Lopez is still at the top of her game. Lopez became a household name when she was a Fly Girl on In Living Color during the ‘90s. During the last three decades, Lopez has proven that she's a versatile artist and entrepreneur: she is a singer, actress, dancer, producer, and also a businesswoman. As a result, she has built a $400 million empire.

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Of course, it's not easy to be at the top of the world for so long, and she has her secrets. There is a lot of hard work, passion and focus involved. Here are 10 rules that Jennifer Lopez has followed to achieve success.

10 Jennifer Lopez is ambitious

Jennifer Lopez always felt she could do more with her life. And that is how everything started.

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During an interview with InStyle, the singer revealed that since she was young, she has had big ambitions. Lopez wanted a different life and didn't want to get married after high school and have a regular job. This gave Lopez the motivation to become one of the greatest stars of her generation.

9 She trains hard

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most influential names in the industry. To achieve that status, she had to commit a lot to her work, and she still has the same dedication. For her role in the movie Hustlers, the singer had to learn pole dance, and she practiced a lot. As she travels a lot, Lopez put poles in all her homes so that she could practice anywhere.

Lopez hired Johanna Sapakie to be her trainer, and she says the singer is a very dedicated student. Jennifer would do her training anywhere, and she has never missed a class. That level of commitment certainly makes a difference in her career.

8 She Stays Versatile

Jennifer Lopez is a great singer, a skilled dancer, and she also rocks as an actress. She received a Golden Globe for her leading role in Selena. The movie put her in the spotlight, and the world had to recognize she was more than a pretty face.

The fact is that J.Lo is one of the most versatile names in the business, and that is part of the reason she is so successful. Lopez has won several awards. At the moment, her name is among the favorites for the 2020 Oscars, thanks to her role in Hustlers.

7 She is aware of her talents

Jennifer Lopez isn't insecure at all and it seems that she's aware that she's talented.

In the same interview with InStyle, the singer said that when she started, she questioned all the time if she was good, if she was talented, and if she had to improve. It turned out that she just had to give it a bit more time because it didn't take long until she realized her potential.

6 She knows failure is not the end of the world

Just because Jennifer Lopez is super successful doesn't mean that she has not seen failure in her career. Not all of her projects have worked out, but she wanted to have a stable career, so she knew that was part of it. Probably her lowest point was when she starred in the 2003 movie Gigli. Lopez shared the screen with her then-boyfriend Ben Affleck.

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During an interview, Jennifer Lopez said that she was aware that the movie didn't work out. As we know, her relationship didn't work out, either. However, she was aware that it would not be the end of her career or her personal life. She would come back even better. And she did!

5 She finds time to enjoy her family

Jennifer Lopez is always involved in multiple projects, but she is aware of the importance of finding a balance between work and personal life. She postponed some projects aiming to have more time with her children and her fiance. And she is certainly in a position that she can say "no" and it won't hurt her career.

Last year she decided to postpone projects and give more attention to her personal life. As she is going to get married soon, we might expect that she will do the same soon. Finding balance in life is one of the challenges that we all face, whether we're famous or not.

4 She helped to create Google Image

Kim Kardashian might have created the expression " break the internet" a few years ago. But much before her, Jennifer Lopez was responsible for the creation of Google Image in 2000. The singer appeared wearing a revealing dress during the Grammy that year, and she took over headlines.

"At the time, it was the most popular search query we had ever seen. But we had no surefire way of getting users exactly what they wanted: J.Lo wearing that dress," Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google told Business Insider. The demand made the company notice that there was a potential for a new service and that was how Google Images was born.

3 She is a businesswoman

Jennifer Lopez also uses her image on several endorsement deals. The singer is also an ambitious entrepreneur, and in 2001, she founded the Nuyorican Productions, which is responsible for TV shows and movies.

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In 2015, Jennifer Lopez made her first approach to Silicon Valley and made it clear she wanted to merge both worlds. According to Fortune, her ambitions are high, and she wants to create a billionaire empire putting together the entertainment and tech industry.

2 She works harder than anyone

It is clear that to be on the top of her game for almost three decades, Jennifer Lopez needs to work hard. And it's definitely part of her philosophy.

The singer believes she has to work harder than anyone else, and she is in constant pursuit of creativity. That is something she tries to teach her children. When you look at how many things she handles at the same time, it makes sense Lopez is so restless when it comes to working.

1 She believes in herself

Jennifer Lopez is super confident, and she believes everything depends on her to work out. So she doesn't wait for other people to start making things happen.

The singer believes that "the only thing stopping you is you and your actual - the whole path was leading you to your purpose," she said in an interview. It explains why we see so much passion in Jennifer Lopez! She is always involved in her projects, and she doesn't let other people take control of her life and decisions.

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