10 Things Beyonce Does To Achieve Success

She's fierce, she's talented, and she's the ultimate queen of the music industry. Beyoncé has been around for years, and yet she manages to keep surprising fans and to cement her icon status with every day that passes. There's not a single soul in this world who doesn't know her name or recognize her status, and for good reason.

There are many things that have contributed to make Beyoncé the star that she is, and her legions of fans will make sure you know it. Because she's way beyond a simple pop-star. Beyoncé is an inspiration for thousands of people and communities around the world, someone who is worthy of being looked up to. A mother, a wife, a successful entrepreneur, Beyoncé has it all! And because you've been dying to know how she does it, here are 10 things the Queen B does to achieve success!

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10 She Learns From Failure

Becoming a worldwide pop sensation doesn't just happen overnight. Granted, the age of YouTube and social media made things a little easier. But back when Bey was still a little girl with dreams of stardom, things were a tad more complicated. She's often mentioned how hard her path to achieving mainstream success was.

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But she's also made it clear that she learned from failure, instead of letting it get to her. She learned that sometimes, no matter how hard you work, things might not turn out the way you expected. What you can't do is give up — just keep fighting, because look how well it turned out for her!

9 She Takes Risks

The golden rule of show business sounds simple: never be boring. However, this is a little hard to actually put in practice. Particularly in this day and age, where there are so many new things popping up in several different channels, that keeping someone's attention and interest on you seems to be almost impossible.

Beyoncé, however, managed to take this rule and completely smash it. She realized that she had to keep reinventing herself, and we have to give it to her — she never bores us. Whether it is by launching a surprise album with no marketing whatsoever behind it or throwing a show of epic proportions at Coachella, Beyoncé knows exactly how to keep things fresh and interesting to her fans. And clearly, it works.

8 She Doesn't Try To Please Anyone

We're all very much familiarised with the saying "you can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be someone who doesn't like peaches." But still, many people have a hard time coming to terms with this fact and spent enormous amounts of time and energy trying to be perfect and to please everyone. This, of course, is pointless, simply because there is no way you can get everyone to like you.

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Beyoncé knows this, and she made the decision very early on to not try and be a people pleaser. She does what she wants and what she feels is better for her career, even if there's the chance it's going to piss some people off. In her own words, "I don't feel like I have to please anyone. I feel free. I feel like I'm an adult. I'm grown. I can do what I want. I can say what I want."

7 She Doesn't Throw Pity Parties

All of us are guilty of, at some point in our lives, basking in the glory of our own misery. Whether it's after a breakup, a bad grade, or any other kind of misfortune, feeling sorry for ourselves comes way too easily. It's a rabbit hole everyone eventually falls down into, but the trick is knowing when to stop. You're allowed to feel sorry for yourself sometimes, but you have to know when it's time to get back up again and keep living your life.

Take a page out of Beyoncés book. When the scandal of Jay-Z's cheating broke, she turned to her art and made what is now known as one of the most empowering albums ever. She didn't sit there feeling sorry for herself; instead, she turned her pain into something better.

6 She Always Aims Higher

Coming back from the "never be boring" rule of showbiz, it's necessary that you don't settle. Once you achieve a certain level of success, the key is to keep aiming for higher and better things, and not to simply be content with what you've achieved thus far. If that works for you, great, but you'll easily fall into oblivion, and will hardly achieve the level of success that Beyoncé enjoys today.

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If you take a closer look at her career from the '90s until today, it's pretty evident Beyoncé kept getting better and doing much bigger things. Her albums improved, her live-shows are to immense spectacles, and she kept working on her brand outside of music. And this is exactly what sets her apart from the people who decide to stay at a certain level.

5 She Respects Other's Work

You don't get to the top without making a few enemies, but you don't stay at the top if you don't know how to respect your peers. Loving yourself and recognizing your worth is very different from being a dive who acts like she's better than everyone around her. The genesis of many career downfalls lies exactly in the fact that stars begin to adopt this behavior.

But if there's one thing Beyoncé is, it's humble. She knows how hard one must work to get to the top, and she respects other people in the industry. And beyond that, she would never let her reputation be tarnished by feeding silly feuds with other celebrities just for attention - Beyoncé is classy, and she rises above pettiness.

4 She Exudes Confidence

There's no denying that ever since her career started, Beyoncé has established herself as a sex symbol for many generations. In every single public appearance she makes, whether it's interviews, concerts, or tours, Beyoncé always exudes extreme confidence in herself, and gives out all of the signs of someone who is 100% comfortable in her own skin.

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Many people might think "well, yeah, I would also be confident if I was Beyoncé." But truth is, she's been giving out these vibes from the very beginning, even before she was the icon we know her as today. Everything starts with self-love and believing in yourself and your potential. That's the only way you can fully reach it.

3 She's Independent

Beyoncé has launched a series of albums and dozens of songs that are now absolute anthems for several communities around the world. The messages she often impregnates her music with are directly linked to feminism, womanhood, and empowerment. Sometimes all a gal needs is to blast "Formation" while putting on makeup to feel like she can conquer the world.

And you can't sing about these things the way Beyoncé does without feeling them. She never let anyone make decisions for herself, and that has led to one of the most successful careers in modern times. Being independent doesn't mean you don't need people around you, only that you are strong enough, and know yourself well enough, to make your own life decisions.

2 She Gives Back

Once again, let's not forget that even though she's one of the most successful people in the world, Beyoncé has never stopped being humble. She recognizes there's a world beyond her bubble of stardom, fame, and money, so she recognizes the importance of giving back, and using her platform to speak out on important issues.

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She's often been outspoken on feminism and racial issues, and she donates money to charity on a frequent basis. Additionally, she has also helped co-found Chime For Change. All of these things help keep her grounded and want to maintain the influence she's harnessed to do good for the world.

1 She Works Harder Than Most

Nothing in this world comes easy to anyone. Okay, maybe for some people, but definitely not for Beyoncé. Everybody knows this woman has worked hard for what she has, and she managed to create an incredible balance between family and career out of us can only aspire to have.

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Anyone who saw her documentary Homecoming witnessed the grueling exercise routines, diets, and rehearsals she put herself through, all of it to give her fans the show they craved and deserved. For well over 10 hours a day, she exhausted herself, all little after giving birth to her twins. Beyoncé might be ridiculously rich and famous, but this Queen B has shed blood, sweat, and tears for what she has today. A true icon and inspiration!

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