15Robert Downey Jr. Had A Really Tough Life

via: marvel.com

Imagine getting a time machine and heading back to the '90s. There’s a huge list of things that the people would be astonished by, but the fact that Disney corporations biggest, most profitable franchise was anchored and led by Robert Downey Jr, of all people, would definitely be up there.


Downey Jr’s troubled years stretched right across that decade. He was in and out of rehab, was arrested repeatedly for offences surrounding illegal substances, and was even caught driving around with a .357 Magnum revolver in his car.

It has a happy ending, obviously, because he got clean and is a massive star now. It’s hard to remember now just what a risky thing it was to have him play Iron Man. In fact, one of the bigger costs was the film’s insurance, since no one thought RDJ could make it through the movie without relapsing.

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