Six Flags Wants To Pay You Money To Stay In A Gently Used Coffin For Some Reason

Those who are vaguely familiar with sensory deprivation tanks and the role they played in the freak-out movie Altered States might find this dispatch equally frightening. In St. Louis, Missouri, the Six Flags amusement franchise is presenting a competition that involves contestants lying what they call a slightly used coffin for 30 hours. Up for grabs is a $300 cash prize as well as a coffin for the winner.

It's no accident why the Six Flags powers that be chose 30 hours as the goal since the occasion will mark three decades since the park launched its annual Fright Fest, an annual celebration designed to get the folks primed for Halloween, according to Cosmopolitan. Six contestants will be chosen from a draw (deadline to enter is Oct. 3, 2018) and will lie in their choice of six two-foot-by-seven-foot coffins when the competition kicks off Oct. 13, 2018.

Perks include bathroom breaks every six hours as well as meals and snacks in bed, so to speak. The downside — aside from darkness and claustrophobia, and the mere shudder of what previously occupied the box — is being subject to phone charging stations that will download a copy of "Monster Mash" repeatedly by spectators to annoy the contestants. Evidently, the coffins aren't soundproof.



To enter, candidates must be older than 17 with photo ID proof of age, be medically capable of enduring the 30-hour marathon, sign a waiver form and bring a pillow and sleeping bag for the event. A Six Flag representative will be on hand throughout the event to ensure safety and reduce the chance of any frightful shenanigans. Oh, and expect the odd visit now and then by some Fright Fest freaks.

Besides cash and coffin, winners also get a couple passes to Six Flags good for the entire 2019 season, a prize package, ducats to the haunted house, and two passes to board the Freak Train. In the event of a tie, a raffle will determine the winner, since the prospects of a playoff run of this event might be exhausting, even for staff.

It's a macabre way to win a few bucks, but for the sleep-deprived, especially those who work arduous graveyard shifts, the experience might make for an ideal coffin break.


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