Sirius XM Buys Pandora For $3.5 Billion To Blend Satellite Radio With Online Music

It looks like Sirius XM just made a huge move in the world of music streaming!

According to CNet, Sirius XM just dropped a whopping $3.5 billion, yes, billion with a capital B! to buy Pandora. The massive fusion between both music outlets is set to create a dominant satellite radio company with an online music mainstay.

Although Pandora will remain as is, for now, it is expected to see some changes in the near future regarding the app. Although there aren’t many changes as of yet, the only difference consumers will notice right away is hearing promotional ads for Pandora on Sirius XM and vice versa, but who isn’t accustomed to a little ad? This move comes just in time for Sirius, considering the company has been seeing a slight downfall in recent years and has essentially fallen behind in its technological skills.

Sirius XM has yet to offer personalized recommendations and mobile listening, as seen in apps like Pandora and Spotify. Although Sirius XM lacks a few custom details, they are expected to be the first to unlock one of the final frontiers for internet-based-music, being the automobile. Sirius will soon be able to unlock your car and play your favorite tunes, something neither Pandora nor Spotify can do.


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Sirius has dominated the radio waves and is no establishing major dominance in automobiles, and having Pandora come on board is only strengthening the effect of Sirius. Pandora, which remains available on smartphones and mobile Internet devices, allows for users to stream countless tunes to millions of its users. Although the app gives you access to massive hits, it has arrived at a standstill after major changes were made regarding what you could and couldn’t listen to on the app.

These rigid rules put Pandora behind other music streaming apps such as Spotify and Google Play. It’s said that Pandora invested nearly half a billion in Pandora last year, starting the chatter of potentially buying the app whole. Behold, months later, Sirius XM has made one of the biggest music moves ever and dished out over $3 billion in their acquisition of Pandora. Shares have now skyrocketed since the purchase, and are only expected to increase for here on out.

With mobile users using Pandora on their phones and listening to Sirius satellite in their cars, the dynamic duo is set to take over the world of music!


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