10 Ridiculously Expensive Things Sandra Bullock Has Bought

Sandra Bullock is known across the globe as “America’s Sweetheart." She has captured the attention of men and women alike with her on-screen and off-screen adventures. Her wildly successful career is as documented as her personal life. Whatever she does, the world is watching!

Sandra’s accolades and awards are plentiful, and her $200 million net worth is undeniable. In fact, Forbes has declared Sandra the highest-paid actress in Hollywood over the years. So what does this actress extraordinaire spend all her money on? She isn't known for extravagant cars or expensive shopping sprees. Instead, her obsession seems to lie in real estate!

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In an interesting twist, Sandra is known to rent her properties frequently. She’s mastered the art of not only making money off the land through sales but also via rentals of many of her homes. Don’t get too excited though – the rentals come with a very hefty price tag! Let’s take a look at some of the most expensive things Sandra has purchased.

10 Beverly Hills Estate

We can’t even call it a “house." This is an actual estate property which she purchased for $16.19 million in 2011. Exceptionally designed and spacious, this 8,110 square foot property boasts seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms. Of course, there’s a pool and all the expected bells and whistles, including fireplaces.

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There's also a massive ensuite in the master bedroom. At that price tag, we’re not sure why she’d ever leave home! We’re sure she has everything she needs in there!

9 Los Angeles With Marmont Bragging Rights

With three bedrooms and the same amount of bathrooms, this stunning estate is located just behind the Marmont Hotel. $1.5 million is a cool price tag when you take into consideration that your neighbors are all A-listers.

Cameron Diaz is one of the many celebrities that call this strip "home." This West Hollywood home on the Sunset Strip is a jaw-dropping paradise just steps from countless entertainment sources and great fine dining options.

8 Tybee Island Property In Georgia

This is one of the most famous properties owned by Sandra. It’s a 3,400 Island getaway that she rents out for over $1,400 a night. Yes, you can absolutely stay here – it’s not just reserved for the rich and famous. However, you do need to have a hefty pursue, as Sandra requires a four-night minimum.

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This stunning property has incredible grounds that are as impressive as the interior of the house itself. With only 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, this property can still sleep 12, so the more the merrier – it would help if everyone pitched in to pay for the rental!

7 New Orleans Historic Digs

It’s no secret that Sandra Bullock loves living in New Orleans. She’s donated to the region in times of need and has invested in a $2.25 million historic house that she calls home when she is in the area. In true Sandra fashion, she opted for a house with history, roots, and character. It’s known to residents as “The Swiss Chalet House," and was built in 1876.

With an impressive footprint of 6,174 square feet and antique-looking moldings and fixtures, this monstrous property still feels quaint and homey. Nicholas Cage lives nearby as well –that’s a definite perk!

6 Austin Texas Private Getaway Home

Sandra spent a cool $2.6 million on this 5,300 square foot home. Of course, there’s a wine cellar, a massive pool, hot tub, and all the fabulous perks that you’d expect when dropping that much money on a home. Every square inch is perfectly designed, and there are floor-to-ceiling windows that reveal a breathtaking view of the downtown region.

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Sandra is known to ensure she has everything she could ever need within her homes. She could easily hunker down in this mansion, and stay sufficiently entertained without having a reason to step foot outside of her property line.

5 Ski Chalet In Jackson Hole

Wisconsin is an unsuspecting area for an A-lister such as Sandra Bullock to purchase real estate. However, once you see the property, the appeal is easy to understand. Sandra’s chalet is perfectly perched on five rolling acres of land. She has a ski house, complete with an equestrian center and three bedrooms.

The property is surrounded by trees, giving the actress some much sought-after privacy, and a wintery, snowy getaway. It’s as cozy as it is spacious. Surprisingly, many of her Hollywood friends have been known to frequent the area, inclusive of Jennifer Aniston.

4 Manhattan Townhouse

Most people wouldn’t imagine spending a fortune on a townhouse if they could own a detached for the same price. But when speaking in terms of New York real estate, it’s a different game altogether. Sandra had no problem dropping $3.35 million on her historic townhouse, originally built in 1899.

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It’s hard to imagine 3,000 square feet costing this much, but even more shocking is the fact that this property is now worth over $12 million in today’s market. It’s no wonder Sandra spends her money on real estate when she knows she is going to profit from it in the long run.

3 Sunset Beach Home With Jesse James

Sandra probably doesn’t want to re-visit this home, but we’d sure like to. This is a home she shared with Jesse James prior to their messy and very public divorce. Located in the highly sought after Sunset Beach area, it had a gated courtyard, massive garage, and work area (for Jesse, of course).

There were also ocean views that would take your breath away. This multi-leveled home had four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a powder room, and sprawled over 3,600 square feet. Jesse James ended up selling this home for $4.5 million dollars – Sandra seems to have left and never looked back.

2 Sierra Towers – The Original Purchase

So, yeah – when you’re Sandra Bullock and you like an apartment property, you don’t just buy one unit: You buy a few floors! She owns two units within the highly esteemed Sierra Towers in West Hollywood. The first one is a fully furnished, 1,672 unit she purchased for $3.5 million. She rents it out for a whopping $22,000 per month.

This unique unit has views of both the Pacific Ocean as well as stunning views of the city. Not a bad investment and lots of bragging rights come along with it. Matthew Perry was the previous owner!

1 Sierra Towers – Indulging In Unit 2

It’s safe to say Sandra likes it here! Shortly after purchasing her first unit in this building, she scooped up her second investment property just two floors up. This is a larger unit of 2,101 square feet that is rumored to have cost her well over $13 million.

Once again, neighbors play a factor in the value of the property. Adam Sandler and Courtney Cox both have units here, and can often be spotted hosting friends in this building. West Hollywood appeal is at its finest within the walls of this building!

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