This Robotic 'Dog' Can Crawl, Walk, & Run In Unsafe Areas For Humans

We call them man’s best friend, but they’re everyone’s best friend at the end of the day. As adorable dogs may be, this one is coming off a little creepy. Scientists have created the first ever, "ANYMal", a robotic dog that can run, walk, crawl and so much more.

The machine K9 is a quadrupedal robot that cannot only use its hind legs to walk and run but can perform as far as opening doors and riding in an elevator. The robot is declared completely autonomous that can navigate nearly any terrain, including those that have been deemed as quite unsafe for human entry. A robotic dog that appears to be afraid of nothing!


Via ANYbotics

The ANYmal’s robotic limbs allow it to move at quite a fast pace compared to that of a human, and can even carry heavy loads. According to DailyMail, the scientists behind this creepy, yet ingenious creation can carry a payload of up to 22 pounds. The robotic dog was created by Robotic System Lab at ETH Zurich University in Switzerland and has been featured in countless videos where it is viewed completing several tasks.

The robotic dog can be seen using its articulated arm to turn a door handle and push it open with complete ease! If that weren’t interesting enough, the ANYMal can be seen walking aimlessly down a corridor remaining completely unphased after being pushed quite hard by human force. The ANYMal has also been seen in several videos summoning an elevator and riding it completely on its own without any human assistance. It’s robotic arms press the buttons, and its legs do the walking.

The appearance of the robot being a dog provides a sense of relief in regards to the machine since the idea of robots can cause some nervousness in many. Although the robot by no means looks like your normal dog, it does have an eerily cute nature to it. But how does it perform so well? According to the scientists behind ANYMal, the machine contains many sensors all across the ‘body’ that allow it to scan its environment for any obstacle, allowing it to find a safe path.

As for it’s more complex tasks, AI and the use of the internal camera’s allow the machine to complete more difficult things such as opening doors and taking an elevator. ANYMal is also able to identify a major increase in temperature and is said to be able to predict a fire before it even occurs. Although it may be creepy, we must admit, it sure can come in handy!


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