Robots Could Soon Deliver Your Postmates Order Right To Your Door

Robots may be showing up at your door, but fear not, because they’ll be delivering you your yummy food!

According to CNet, a robot might deliver your Postmates orders in the future. If you aren’t familiar with Postmates, it is an app that allows users to send out tasks to couriers that deliver your local goods right at your doorstep!

Most Postmates orders are for food, which will soon have robots popping in and delivering you that delicious burrito, McDonald's order, or that mouth-watering burger from your favorite restaurant. According to the source, Postmates revealed in a blog post this past Thursday, that they are currently working on a fleet of delivery robots called ‘Serve’. The blog post wrote how Serve robots would “work alongside the existing Postmates fleet to move small objects over short distances efficiently.”


Via Engadget

Although the idea of a robot ringing your bell may sound alarming, it is quite safe, as they will walk at normal speed, run solely on electricity and bypass congestion by traveling on sidewalks, just like the rest of us! The ‘Serve’ will be able to carry up to 50 pounds (23 kilograms), and when the times comes, the ‘Serve’ can be interacted with by simply using the touch screen located on the robot's body when it shows up at your door.

This idea first stemmed from Postmates discussing the possibilities of these robots working alongside human Postmates delivers, this would come in handy if a person is having too hard a time to find parking, they can send in the robot while waiting in the car instead. This new and innovative creation is sparking both positive and negative reviews, one being the emergence of artificial intelligence and automation replacing many human jobs.

According to Ball State University, AI will replace 50 percent of low-skilled jobs in the near future, and it appears these Postmates robots are doing just that! Although Postmates has yet to release an exact date as to when we can expect the ‘Serve’ from making its first appearance, we certainly look forward to how this is all going to play out.


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