Robbie Or Ratajkowski May Play The Next Bond Girl

Halle Berry, Terri Hatcher, Rosamund Pike, and Ursula Andress are just a few of the beautiful actresses who have claimed the coveted role of Bond Girl. With Bond 25 due out in November 2019, the question is, who will be next?

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The rumors are swirling and so far there are some big names attached to the role. According to the latest reports from Esquire magazine, several actresses top the lists drawn up by Hollywood oddsmakers. Emma Watson is mentioned, as well as Emilia Clarke, Cara Delevingne, Alicia Vikander and Gal Gadot. Some are long shots to win though, and odds are much higher to see Margot Robbie or Emily Ratajkowski cast.

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Months ago, the chances were slim that Robbie would be cast in the project, which is reportedly Daniel Craig’s final Bond film. After Margot was cast in iTonya, and nominated for an Oscar, her odds actually went up. Many disagree and believe that her odds should have dropped. Now Robbie is too high-profile of an act to ever accept a role that is usually reserved for either up-and-coming actresses, or actresses that need a second wind to their career.

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Which brings us to Emily Ratajkowski. Her young acting career is in dire need of a boost, which Bond 25 would surely provide. She definitely has the exotic look and amazing physique to slay any bikini they could throw at her. Em hasn’t done much since her major debut in Gone Girl when she played the coed mistress of Ben Affleck.

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The speculation over Bond doesn’t end with the ladies. Daniel Craig is the only confirmed casting, and rumors surround the villains and other supporting cast members. So far, Naomie Harris is rumored to reprise her role as Eve Moneypenny, as well as Ben Whishaw, as Q, and Rory Kinnear, as Tanner. Christoph Waltz will not return as the villain, Blofeld. The Oscar winner was unhappy with his performance and said he felt like he didn’t “nail” the role. Ralph Fiennes is rumored to return as M, and Monica Bellucci has expressed interest in returning as Lucia. Danny Boyle may direct, and if he does, the release date may be delayed due to schedule conflicts.

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The rumored cast reunion of sorts will surely mark the end of the Daniel Craig era. Next to Sean Connery, he’s had the longest Bond tenure ever, and he's by far the highest grossing. Be that as it may, rumors are already swirling about who will replace him. Names have included Idris Elba, James Norton, and Michael Fassbender. But the best odds point to fan favorite, Tom Hardy.


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