10 Celebrity Conspiracy Theories That Are Too Ridiculous To Be Real

We all love hearing a good conspiracy theory or two, be it the Illuminati secretly controlling the world, Area 51 housing aliens or that Keanu Reeves is an immortal vampire overlord. And while most of us would never believe them, well-thought-out theories backed by interesting arguments and evidence, make for an engaging read and a sort of wish-fulfillment.

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It is always fun to imagine that our favorite celebrities have a secret life or an identity that we hardly know anything about. But some of the celebrity conspiracy theories that the internet has come up with over the years, are just too ridiculous. Here are some of them.

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10 Britney Spears Was Paid By George Bush To Stage Her "Breakdowns"

According to this theory, every time the Bush administration came under fire, Britney Spears would have a "breakdown" or cause a scandal to distract the attention of the public from the President. Theorists believe that she was being paid by the government to stage these events.

The evidence for this? Well, several of Britney's public "moments" such as her breakdown in 2007, her kiss with Madonna at the VMAs, her 55-hour Vegas marriage all happened when George Bush was being criticized for some of his Presidential decisions and Spears in an interview, admitted that she "trusted" the President.

9 Lorde Fakes Her Age

Some people believe that the singer Lorde has been lying about her age since her rise to stardom by trying to sell herself as a musical prodigy. Even though she was born in 1996 and her birth registration is confirmed, theorists insist that she's actually 48.

They also believe that "no teenager" could write and sing so brilliantly and therefore Lorde has somehow fooled the public and is older than she looks.

8 Stephen King Murdered John Lennon

Given that Beatlemania paved the way for modern rock n roll and pop music, it's not surprising that dozens of conspiracy theories involving the band members have come up. As per one theory, John Lennon wasn't murdered by Mark Chapman, but by bestselling horror writer Stephen King.

This theory was formulated by Steven Lightfoot, a resident of Florida, who is convinced that it was King who really murdered Lennon and that King looks very similar to Mark Chapman.

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7 Paul McCartney Died Years Ago

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are the only two bandmates of the Beatles who are currently alive. And given that the former is also the richest rock star alive, there's naturally a conspiracy theory that he died years ago and someone else is now impersonating him. He apparently died in 1966 and the Beatles covered his death by hiring someone else who not only looked like him, but also sang really well and had a similar personality.

The theory gets even more bizarre: After the cover-up, the Beatles felt really guilty and so they put in clues in the songs that revealed that Paul was dead. Apparently, the imposter went on to release 20 solo albums, get knighted and one of the richest musicians alive.

6 The Beatles Never Existed

As per this theory while Beatlemania was certainly real, it was sustained by a very complicated and elaborate charade. The Beatles were almost constantly on tour, making new music and had very hectic schedules. As a result, they were forced to hire body doubles to keep up public and television appearances.

In fact, lots of actors and models constantly took on their roles. Heather Mills apparently divorced Paul McCartney or one of his doubles as it was too difficult to keep up the charade. And John Lennon didn't die- his double was killed by Chapman. The Beatles were not sustained by four band members but by multiple similar-looking people and the public never saw the difference.

5 Taylor Swift Is A Satanist

Taylor Swift is currently one of the most popular pop stars alive, so naturally she had a past life with an alternate identity. In fact, as per theorists, she isn't Taylor Swift at all, but Zeena LaVey.

Zeena LaVey (who goes by the name Zeena Schreck) was born in 1963 and is the founder of the Sethian Liberation Movement in 2002. A self-professed Satanist, people have pointed out that she looks a lot like an older version of Swift, or that Swift looks like a younger Zeena LaVey. The conclusion? Disregarding the fact that Swift was born in 1989, they're apparently one and the same person.

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4 HiddleSwift Was A Cover For A  Music Video

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift briefly dated each other and their relationship was much scrutinized by the media who felt that Swift was simply dating him to write songs for her next album and that Hiddleston used it as a publicity stunt to further his career.

But some people decided to dig deeper and came up with an outlandish theory: Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift were shooting together for an upcoming music video and the relationship was a cover-up for that. It's 2019 and no music video starring the duo has so far resurfaced.

3 The Illuminati Killed Eminem

There are countless conspiracy theories about certain celebrities being a part of the Illuminati or some other secret society but this one's different. According to this theory, the Illuminati tried to recruit Eminem, failed to do so and in retaliation, killed him.

Eminem had taken a five-year break after his 2004 album Encore, releasing Relapse in 2009. He said he needed the hiatus on account of writer's block and drug abuse. But theorists believe that the hiatus was actually a cover-up for the "murder". Eminem had refused to join the Illuminati, so he was killed and replaced by someone else, and as a result, his voice sounded "different" after five years.

2 Steve Jobs Is Alive In Egypt

Being the CEO of Apple was really tough for Steve Jobs. It was so tough, that he apparently chose to "fake" his death and live out the rest of his days in Egypt.

The theorist believes that he didn't die of pancreatic cancer, but chose to retire into a quiet life in Egypt, away from technology. All of this is based on a single photo taken in Egypt, of a man who looked similar to Steve Jobs and who wasn't wearing an AppleWatch.

1 Keanu Reeves Is Immortal

Keanu Reeves looks ageless. But does that mean he really is ageless? Although he's 52, he doesn't seem to have aged as much as his other contemporaries. Moreover he looks very similar to a lot of historical figures, including Charlemagne and Paul Mounet, a French actor from the 1800s.

As per the theorists, they're all the same person, and Keanu Reeves is either immortal or he's a time-traveler or he's both. Which one is your favorite celebrity conspiracy theory?

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