Social Media Moguls: 10 Instagram Fitness Models Worth A Million Dollars Or More

The internet has become a very interesting place in recent years, particularity for those looking to make a name for themselves. One group that has successfully utilized “The World Wide Web” to heighten their profiles are Instagram fitness models.

Many of these young women have a bigger online following than most mainstream movie stars. Moreover, through the use of outstanding photography, endorsement deals, and few helpful fitness tips, these ladies have been able to accumulate a fortune.

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In fact, some of today’s top Instagram models are worth millions. For those who may be wondering which ladies we’re referring to, here are ten Instagram fitness models who are worth at least $1 million (USD).

10 Jen Selter ($5 Million)

Jen Selter is a fitness model who was originally from Roslyn, New York. Like a certain Kardashian, Selter is known for her prominent backside and popularizing the “belfie.” For those who may be unfamiliar the term, a “belfie” is essentially a selfie of one’s derrière.

The 25-year-old is one of the most successful women in the business. At press time, the fitness starlet has around 12.8 million Instagram followers and is one of the most recognized Instagram stars in the game today. According to Naibuzz, Selter is worth an estimated 5 million dollars. Perhaps the “belfie” isn’t as silly as it sounds – it’s certainly worked for Jen Selter.

9 Ana Cheri ($3.57  Million)

California’s Ana Cheri is an Instagram megastar who wears many hats. Besides being a successful model who has appeared in publications like Muscle and Fitness Magzine, she is also an entrepreneur. The 33-year-old owns her gym, which she calls Be More Athletic – located in Santa, Ana California. The fitness sensation has also created her own brand of activewear for teenagers and young adults.

The social media standout currently has about 12.2 million loyal fans who keep tabs on her Instagram account. Between her business and successful modeling career, Ana Cheri has accumulated a net worth of $3.56 million as reported by Wikicelebinfo.com.

8 Michelle Lewin ($3 Million)

Prior to becoming a social media sensation, Maracay, Venezuela’s Michelle Lewin spent her days working as a nurse. She moved to the United States in 2012 and has gone to have a phenomenal fitness career. At 33 years of age, she has graced the cover of over 30 magazines worldwide. Lewin currently has her own line of products and a fitness program for those who are looking to get in shape.

To say that Michelle Lewin is a hit on Instagram, based on her 13.4 followers, is a massive understatement. Currently, her fitness empire is worth around $3 million – based on the info provided by Playerswiki.

7 Sommer Ray ($8 Million)

Sommer Ray is a small town girl who grew up on a Ranch, which is located in her home state of Colorado. Unlike other fitness models, the 22-year-old claims that she hasn’t undergone any cosmetic procedures and has obtained a healthy physique through diet and exercise. After originally gaining notoriety on Instagram, Ray has also launched a successful YouTube channel, to help further heighten her profile.

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One can safely say that Sommer Ray has mastered the art of Instagram; the fitness guru currently has an eye-popping 20.9 million followers on the social media outlet. Moreover, according to Wealthy Gorilla, she’s worth around $8 million.

6 Anllela Sagra ($1 Million)

Anllela Sagra is a Colombian-born fitness star with a unique story. At 5-foot-9, She started out as a traditional model who fell in love with working out. Over time, her physique transitioned from being lean to muscular – making it difficult to land work as a conventional model. As a result, the 24-year-old social media superstar decided to try her hand at fitness modeling and ended being very successful. She also offers her own online workout program for folks interested in learning Sagra’s fitness secrets.

She has become incredibly popular on Instagram and currently has an impressive 11.2 million follower and is worth $1 million according to All-Star Bio.

5 Kayla Itsines ($486 Million)

Kayla Itsines is originally from Adelaide, Australia and has the distinction of being the wealthiest woman on our list. She is an author, personal trainer, entrepreneur and Instagram sensation. She has published several successful books, hosted fitness world tours, and become something an icon in the industry. Itsines is also married to another very successful fitness guru, Tobi Pearce.

The 27-year-old Australian currently has 11.5 million Instagram followers and continues to gain momentum. According to Marie Claire, Itsines and Pearce have combined net worth of $486 million. To put that in perspective, even if Itsines only accounted for 25% of their net income, she would still be worth more then all the other women on our list combined.

4 Gracyanne Barbosa ($2 Million)

Gracyanne Barbosa is a fitness model, and dancer out of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. Even before becoming a fitness model, she was a minor celebrity in her home country, having danced for various samba schools at the Rio Carnival. In a list of that features some very powerful women, Barbosa may be the most powerful in terms of physical strength. In 2012, she got plenty of folks talking when a video surfaced that showed her squatting 450 pounds – roughly 3 times her body weight.

As a model, there are 7.7 million people who currently follow the Brazilian powerhouse on Instagram. Celeb Wiki Bio claims that Barbosa is worth a cool $2 million.

3 Eva Andressa ($1 Million )

Like many, if not most of the ladies on our list, Brazil’s Eva Andressa was not born with a naturally muscular physique. In fact, she has been described in several bios as a “skinny teen.” However, that clearly didn’t stop the former bodybuilder from going on to become one of social media’s premier fitness starlets. Andressa frequently shares photos on Instagram and makes good money endorsing various products.

At present, the popular fitness star has around 5 million people following her on Instagram. At 34 years of age, Eva Andressa is already worth $1 million as reported by Biographics World.

2 Lauren Drain ($2 Million)

Laura Drain took a very interesting path toward becoming a fitness model. The Tampa, Florida native is a former member of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church. In fact, she even published a successful book about her experience in the church, which went on to become a New York Times Best Seller. Before becoming one of the most popular models on social media, the 33-year-old worked as a nurse after graduating from Washburn University.

These days, she shares her workout programs and meal plans with some of her 3.9 million Instagram followers. Learn More Facts has reported that Laura Drain is worth $2 Million.

1 Amanda Lee ($2.8 Million)

Amanda Lee is a Canadian-born personal trainer and Instagram fitness model whose name may sound quite familiar. That’s because she’s helped train two of the most famous reality stars on the planet, Kim and Khloe Kardashian. As one of the Kardashians go-to trainers, Lee has seen her star rise. She is also a brand ambassador for several fashion products and even released her very own calendar.

The 33-year-old has been known to share her fitness insight with her many fans on social media, which includes 12 million followers on Instagram alone. Learn More Facts lists Amanda Lee’s net worth at $2.8 million.

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