The 10 Richest Country Stars Of 2019

Country music may not get played much in mainstream music, but that doesn't mean there isn't major money in the genre.

Throughout time there have always been huge country stars and that hasn't changed in 2019. With the country music genre growing more and more, many artists have managed to make incredible sums of money in this calendar year.

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Within this list, we will take a detailed look at 2019's richest country singers so far, taking in to account their net worths from music, touring, and any other ventures that they might have outside of music.

10 Brad Paisley ($95 Million)

Brad Paisley has an impressive net worth of $95 million, which has grown $1 million from last year, with the country star growing rapidly in the music world, with 32 Top 10 singles helping him sell 11 million albums.

Considering Paisley is still relatively young when it comes to the country singing world, with many of his peers being far older, it is fair to say that he is going to be climbing this list in the years to come.

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Paisley also worked alongside Disney's Pixar, creating music for the film series, Cars, which has a strong country music theme going through it.

9 Alan Jackson ($95 Million)

Alan Jackson may have been raised in poverty as a child, but with over 80 million records sold, he is now able to live a life of total luxury, which he likely never expected to happen at such a young age.

Jackson has created 16 studio albums, two Christmas, and two gospel records during his career, with nine multi-platinum records to his name and a net worth of $95 million.

With other business deals such as exclusive music and merchandise sales within the Cracker Barrel franchise, an endorsement deal with Ford Trucks and more, Jackson is certainly set for the future.

8 Reba McEntire ($95 Million)

Reba McEntire's net worth is a fantastic $95 million, which has come from her incredible 29 studio albums, 42 number one singles, and 16 number one records, helping to develop an incredible reputation.

McEntire's music is something that fans always anticipate. After starting her career alongside her siblings as the Singing McEntires, where they would perform at rodeos, Reba followed her mother's footsteps to become a country singer.

Reba also burst onto the big screen when she appeared in the film Tremors, which eventually led to her having an award-winning TV sitcom named Reba.

7 Kenny Chesney ($190 Million)

Kenny Chesney is a well-established name in the country music scene who has created 20 studio albums, with 40 Top 10 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, helping him grow a staggering net worth of $190 million.

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Even though Chesney was late to learn the guitar, not getting his first instrument until after he had graduated from high school, he more than made up for that late start by consistently working.

As well as his country music, Chesney has his own line of rum, Blue Chair Bay, and also partners with Corona and Apple.

6 Kenny Rogers ($250 Million)

He might now be retired from the world of country music, but that doesn't mean that Kenny Rogers isn't still earning money from years of creating best-selling classics.

With a net worth $250 million, Rogers has certainly done well for himself during his career, which has mainly come due to the fact that many of his major songs have charted in more than just the country genre, expanding his appeal.

As well as his music career, Rogers also co-founded a chicken restaurant chain named "Kenny Rogers Roasters" alongside the former CEO of KFC, which has helped keep him earning money after retirement.

5 George Strait ($300 Million)

George Strait has been involved in the country music scene since the 1970s, which has earned him the nickname "King of Country." Given that nickname, it shouldn't be a surprise that Strait ranks highly here.

Strait has done everything that there is to do in country music. From awards to being inducted into Halls of Fame, Strait is one of the best-selling musicians of all time, regardless of genre.

With 33 platinum records, 38 gold albums, and 13 multi-platinum records, Strait's music is timeless and will keep him rich for life as new generations are exposed to his work.

4 Garth Brooks ($330 Million)

Garth Brooks has been there and done it all when it comes to the country music scene. Combining elements of classic rock n' roll, Brooks earned the title of the best-selling solo artist in the USA.

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With such unbridled success, Brooks went on to establish his own record label, Pearl Records. Brooks has a net worth of $330 million and has earned $60 million so far in 2019, with his intensive touring being a large part of that.

3 Toby Keith ($365 Million)

Toby Keith is another name that has been around the country music scene for quite some time now, having released 19 studio albums and two Christmas albums since bursting onto the scene back in 1993.

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With an impressive net worth of $365 million, Keith is a major country music star and has even broken into TV.

Keith owns a restaurant franchise named "I Love This Bar & Grill," which has branches across the nation. The star also has his own clothing line, "TK Steelman," and an adult beverage named "Wild Shot," which are all helping him develop his finances.

2 Shania Twain ($400 Million)

As a five-time Grammy winner and a Canadian Music Hall of Fame inductee, Shania Twain is one of the biggest names in the history of music in both the country and country-pop music worlds.

In the history of the USA, Twain is the sixth best-selling female artist, which is a staggering achievement and one of the reasons she continues to make bank in 2019.

Breaking into TV on American Idol was a big moment for her career, while Twain also has endorsements with Febreze and her own perfume called "Shania," helping to increase her net worth.

1 Dolly Parton ($500 Million)

When it comes to country music, Dolly Parton really is the ultimate name. With 25 RIAA-certified multi-platinum, platinum, and gold records, she is a legendary name that will go down in history as one of the best of all time.

Dolly Parton also has her own company that operates the Dollywood theme park and Splash Country water park, as well as the "Dolly Parton's Stampede Dinner Attraction" helping to add to her incredible wealth.

Even in 2019, Parton remains not just one of the richest country singers in the world, but one of the richest musicians in the world, which is something that is likely always going to happen.

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