Recasting The Joker: 25 Actors Who Could Replace Jared Leto

The Joker is a legendary character in the world of comics. He ranks among the greatest villains to ever grace the world of comics, and the reasoning for it is quite understandable. See, most villains have a purpose for doing what they do. The Joker is the type of person who will do just to do. He is like a dog chasing cars never knowing what to do if he finally caught one. He prefers the chase and he loves the ability to keep going.

This is why he and Batman make so much sense together. Batman refuses to "take out" any of his enemies, and The Joker knows this. So he keeps breaking out of prison in hopes that he will run into the Dark Knight at some point. For all that he does, Joker simply loves one true thing, messing with Batman. He does not ever want to be without the Bat, for if he does lose him, he would lose all true reason for living.

The character is absolutely crazy and he uses this to not truly think much before acting. This can make him dangerous, but how does he do this and get away with it so often? One key thing often forgotten is that he is extremely intelligent. Jared Leto in the Suicide Squad film tried to give the impression of Joker's genius while not losing the crazy side he had too. Sadly, though Leto did as good as he could, many people feel he should be recast in the role.

With a new solo movie for The Joker coming, according to a recent announcement, there is word that there could be a new Joker used. This movie likely would bring in a younger actor or someone who could be seen as this and then that very actor could be used in the upcoming films. One question people may have is, will they go younger or similar age to Leto with the solo movie before using him in another? It's up in the air, to be honest. Likely the biggest question could be, who would play The Joker in this and future movies? That's what we're here for today. In this list, we'll go over 25 men who could step in as Joker and do very well. We hope you enjoy our list of 25.

25 Tom Hiddleston

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For some time now, we've seen what Tom Hiddleston can do in a number of interesting roles. However, he is most known for playing Loki. Interestingly, Loki and The Joker have a lot in common. Both are willing to go to the ends of the Earth or the universe to get what they want. They'll go through anyone and do anything, regardless of how crazy it is. Tom has proven that he might not play a crazy Loki, yet he can pull crazy off. He showed this in a small way with Loki. Tom has proven he can play the bad guy too, clearly. So what makes him perfect to replace Jared Leto? Tom has something very few have, experience in a high-stacks industry.

While he started with a fresh canvas performing as Loki, as no one had done it before him, The Joker would be played by yet another actor after legendary performances. Yet most anyone who takes on the role will be under a microscope and examined for every little thing they do wrong or even right. Tom Hiddleston has been with the MCU for years now. He has performed in multiple movies and had to be great each time. Having a veteran like this around surely could help with a character like The Joker that needs such a presence. He proved in movies like Crimson Peak, High-Rise, and War Horse that he could pull off some extreme levels of drama. Combined with big stage experience, and Tom is a good idea for The Joker.

24 Norman Reedus

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Norman Reedus is sort of a different type of guy people would consider for The Joker. Yet if we're going to try and find a guy who can play a gritty and sort of tougher style Joker, Norman does seem like a good choice. Of course, Reedus is most known for his role in The Walking Dead. In this show, he comes off as a tough guy who will do anything it takes to stay alive and not be taken down by Walkers. He does all he can to protect his friends as well. Of course, while there are lighthearted points in the show, it is usually quite dramatic.

While Norman has proven he can be pretty comedic, he has not proven he can totally be crazy yet. However, Reedus is a polished actor who spent years working his way up in movies and television shows before finally get a shot at the big time with The Walking Dead. He has done it all, so his veteran acting skill combined with his dramatic experience could work. Plus the DC Universe Zack Snyder created seems to be quite big on the dark, gritty style of things. Norman could quite easily slide into this world quite well and play a Joker that is completely different from previous versions.

23 Jack Gleeson

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We know, we know. Jack Gleeson looks pretty young, so why would he play The Joker? We're thinking in terms of the future of the character not so much the present day. IF a solo film is going to go back to the past a good bit, you always need someone a bit younger. We can make Jack look older later on, but since he'll be under make-up...it won't matter. It is likely you know Jack most from his role on Game of Thrones as Joffrey Baratheon. He was able to get people to truly hate him. We're not meaning by a little here, we mean that Jack was so impressive as Joffrey that people wanted to end his life FOR REAL.

Check out those GOT message boards and other comments from all over the internet. To be able to get that much hatred because you're so good at playing such an evil character...you've gotta be doing something right. Can Jack play crazy? We're not sure, but he has shown some signs that he could as Joffrey. Is Gleeson the perfect man for the job? Possibly. People often believe he is younger than he is, but the guy is 26 years old. Jared Leto had to try to play younger when he played The Joker. He's 46, something often not known. Jack would simply play older yet again. Gleeson is proven and could be excellent.

22 Robert Pattinson

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While some might look over Robert Pattinson for such a role, to some Pattinson might be a perfect decision for The Joker. Here's a good reason for it, he can look most any age you need. While he is most famous for playing basically a teen in the Twilight series (though he was a vampire and much older), he was able to pull it off in his mid-20's. He's 32 years old today and completely fits the age range you need The Joker to be to fit into the DC movie universe we've already established. Of course, he looks good for the part as well.

If there is a solo movie needing him to look younger, he can manage that well. And if we have to age him for the present day, that would be easy as well. Robert is terrific with dramatic acting and has been trained to fit well into the suspense/drama area. This is why we rarely see him in anything comedic, despite the fact that he has a good sense of humor. He's either playing a romantic lead or finding himself in a drama or thriller. Pattinson has proven for some time that he deserves a shot at something big like this. While it's a lot to ask for some actors, Rob is likely ready for it. Plus, he has been part of two major franchises where he had to be as perfect as the books claimed, Harry Potter and Twilight. He pulled his roles off well and under huge pressure. He could do similar with The Joker.

21 Doug Jones

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Likely the greatest actor you don't know, Doug Jones is someone who has been around the movie and television industry for decades. He carved his own niche by playing characters that were usually under a lot of make-up. It's often hard to find actors that are willing to sit for hours a day both before and after shooting who are willing to wear a lot of make-up and prosthetics. It can be hard for them to work in the stuff too, yet Doug Jones sees no issue. He's been in a ton of movies and TV shows you've seen, and we're positive of this. There is an abundance of them, so where can you find him you may be wondering?

He has been in movies like Hocus Pocus, Mystery Men, Men In Black II, and Crimson Peak. He also played a co-lead in Shape of Water as the Amphibian Man. He's been on TV shows like The Neighbors, Falling Skies, The Strain, and Star Trek: Discovery as Commander Suru. Yet he also has HUGE comic book movie and TV show work. He played Abe Sapien in the Hellboy movies and the Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer. He also played Deathbolt in the Arrowverse. That said, he's had big roles where he played some significant characters throughout science fiction and superhero franchises. You think he could not pull off The Joker? We think he could easily do so.

20 Michael Fassbender

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Michael Fassbender has made it a habit to be a terrific actor in pretty much every single thing he does. In fact, we'd be hardpressed to find a man who performs better on a consistent basis. Even when a movie of his tends to not do well, his performance is never the reason for it. For example, he took on the role of Steve Jobs in the movie titled simply, Steve Jobs. He did very well in the part but the movie did not do well. Yet it was not Fassbender that caused the issue. However, his popularity is only growing due to his role as Magneto in the X-Men series of movies.

Michael has been in a lot of movies where he stood out beyond this. You can find him in Haywire, 12 Years a Slave, Prometheus, Assassin's Creed, The Snowman, and Alien: Covenant. In all of these movies, he has proven the range for which he can go as an actor. He can go into the suspense/thriller genre, and manage to slip into drama, then action, then the hybrid of the superhero franchise without missing a beat. Fassbender has proven he can get a bit crazy in some of his roles, and to top it off, he is an incredible actor.

He fits the part more than most and is obviously in the right age bracket for it too. The Joker is a complex character that will need someone with a huge range or the ability to develop such a thing. Michael Fassbender is obviously able to fit this. Plus, he knows what it is like to step in as a major comic book character after someone else played the role to iconic levels, and excel. There aren't many others who could say this.

19 Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is known for several movies, but the most important thing we've known about Depp is the level for which he goes for a character. He will take on any look or even accent to properly play a certain part. We all know what he does to become Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. However, he played major roles in other films like Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Lone Ranger, Public Enemies, Black Mass, and the Alice in Wonderland films. He is known for the extreme levels of character that include tons of make-up and/or body changes.

Obviously, he is paid a bit too much than he should be for some of the roles he takes on. However, from a critical standpoint, he's often praised for the roles he takes on. Not every film he works on will turn out well, and sometimes the stories do not work out either. However, despite the fact that Depp is in his 50's, he'd easily be able to slide into a superhero film of any kind and play a major role. The Joker is the type of character Depp could clearly play well. The makeup could allow him to avoid any sort of issue regarding his age and his major acting ability could likely bring us a better performance as the character than what Jared Leto brought to the table.

18 Ryan Gosling

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Ryan Gosling has managed to carve out a good career for himself the last number of years. While he was first noticed on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse along with a number of other top names in the entertainment industry, he did not truly get a huge break until he landed a role in the movie Remember the Titans. A few years later, he would get likely the biggest role he could imagine in a movie still very popular today in a movie called The Notebook. He would be the male lead and stand out quite well, and while both he and Rachel McAdams did well...they were sort of typecast for a bit. This is why he did some smaller films before finally getting other romantic sorts of films in Blue Valentine as well as Crazy, Stupid, Love.

The star he made himself into allowed for bigger opportunities in dramatic or suspense roles, so we'd see Gosling jump to Drive, Ides of March, and Gangster Squad. Eventually he got cast in movies like The Big Short, Nice Guys, and La La Land. He's of course also coming off of taking part in Blade Runner 2049. Gosling has proven he can play a romantic lead as well as a major dramatic and comedic actor, with some action thrown in. He clearly fits The Joker with all of this, but we also know the levels for which he can go in drama. We know he could pull off a crazy man, and his award nominations prove it too. Gosling also fits a median age-range the studio needs The Joker to be, plus Gosling is a popular name that can sell a solo film pretty easily.

17 Jim Carrey

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We know what you're thinking, Jim Carrey as The Joker? It's not as crazy as some might think. Carrey has a major history of playing comic book characters. While he did bring The Mask to the big screen, this was a well-known comic character for years. He also played The Riddler in Batman Forever. He is considered the only good part of the movie according to most critics who saw it, as well as comic book enthusiasts. While Carrey is known for his comedic work in movies like Dumb and Dumber, Liar Liar, Yes Man, and the Ace Ventura movies...he's by no means a person we should overlook on the dramatic side.

Though The Truman Show, Man On The Moon, and The Cable Guy are considered comedic movies, they were quite dramatic in many ways. He's often overlooked for his impressive straight dramatic in movies like The Majestic, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and I Love You Phillip Morris. He is of course wildly popular for his work under makeup when he played The Grinch and Count Olaf too. Carrey plays crazy as well as or better than anyone on the planet. Though he's not an action star, if we need someone who can bring The Joker to life from what we remember in old-school comics or animated stuff from the 90's, Jim is the top choice. It will, of course, all depend on what the studio wants. Under makeup, and in a dramatic role, Carrey could deliver for sure.

16 Orlando Bloom


Often forgotten for his impressive acting ability, Orlando Bloom always stood out for his impressive work in franchises. We mostly know him from his work in the Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but he's been in a lot of films beyond these that are often overlooked. Many of them were also action films such as Black Hawk Down, Troy, Kingdom of Heaven, and The Three Musketeers. Due to the franchise work he has taken part in, he was a natural choice to bring back when those movies wanted to continue with his part.

He would return for Pirates in 2017 and has already taken part in a number of movies in The Hobbit series, an extension from the Lord of the Rings franchise. Bloom is also rumored to be playing Namor the Submariner, Marvel's first ever superhero, in a solo movie under the MCU. Though this is not confirmed, so if he does not it would surely free him up to play The Joker. Bloom has extensive franchise experience, which makes him a natural choice for the superhero genre at any level. He has also shown impressive ability as an actor and working in a lot of makeup. The Joker would be a tough ask for Bloom compared to others, but it's clear that his veteran work in franchises of major stature helps him rank pretty high for most studios.

15 Matt Damon

Matt Damon does not seem like a natural choice to play someone like The Joker, but he very well could rank pretty high for many. We're thinking in terms of his clear acting ability, the way he stays in shape, and the age range. Damon is a huge asset in all three departments. To top it off, he's a draw. Most of his movies do very well at the box office, so having him join the DC Universe would make a lot of sense. His best friend Ben Affleck plays Batman, so how interesting would it be to see the two play opposite one another in a Batman film involving The Joker? Of course, Damon has proven himself as a solo star for years.

Though he does have some deep ensemble franchise work with the Oceans movies, he also proved himself as a solo draw in the Bourne series of movies. Both allowed him to be part of the action genre. He was also involved in drama as well as action with movies like True Grit and Elysium. He would even both gain and lose weight for roles, showing that he could get whatever body he needed. He also loves the superhero genre so much that he would take on random, he would work Thor: Ragnarok and Deadpool 2 in cameo form. If he had to play The Joker, he'd get any body-type they wanted for it and prove himself as a guy who could be crazy enough for a part like it. Plus, did you see when he took over Jimmy Kimmel Live? We think that man knows crazy.

14 Neil Patrick Harris

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Most see Neil Patrick Harris and automatically cannot see him playing The Joker. However, we would like to point to Exhibit A. The man played an overly straight womanizer who made love to or was with a new woman often on How I Met Your Mother, yet Harris is a man who is not straight. Need we say more about his acting? He has shown some promise in various other roles he has taken. He showed some pretty good dramatic chops in Gone Girl and has shown this some as Count Olaf in A Series Of Unfortunate Events. Harris is also a relatively good real-life magician and has been obsessed with magic for most of his life.

He could likely manage to bring some of this illusionary material he's great with to The Joker, on top of his dramatic chops. Though he could even bring a comedic side to The Joker, which is needed at times with very dramatic films. Heath Ledger showed you needed to bring drama mostly, but surround it in a way we could see the character correctly. This meant comedic material would be needed. Harris could bring this. Plus Harris has worked the theater stage before, and that type of actor is known for going over the top with their work. This is something perfect for The Joker, as he is all about the way something performs plays out.

13 Luke Evans


Luke Evans is known for a lot of things he has taken part in, but it truly all depends on the genre you saw him in. Action and major franchises are likely where people know Evans best. He can be seen in The Three Musketeers, Clash of the Titans, Immortals, and all three Hobbit films. He also played Dracula in Dracula Untold and is likely best known for playing Owen Shaw in the Fast and Furious franchise. While these dramatic and/or action roles are likely the place people know Evans for, he has been in a lot of other movies. The Girl on the Train, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, and of course Beauty and the Beast.

That said, Evans has been all over the place and people know him very well by now. He knows how to play major characters and even be involved in some large franchise films. Evans is in incredible shape and obviously could bring an action element to The Joker that others may have trouble doing. Luke also has shown his fearlessness as an actor as his role in Beauty in the Beast will show off well. We believe if, given the right opportunity, Evans might be able to easily nail The Joker. He knows how to deliver in a wide variety of roles, and while the character of The Joker might be tough, Evans likely could pull it off well.

12 Brad Pitt

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Brad Pitt is considered by most to be one of the best actors in Hollywood even still. While Pitt has not been in a ton of hits the last few years, his track record is pretty solid. Obviously, when you think about all he has taken part in as a dramatic actor and/or action star, it's quite an extensive list. Movies like Fight Club, 12 Monkey, Seven, Troy, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Babel, and the Oceans franchise prove our point that Pitt can do it in some action movies. However, he has continued showing this same ability in movies at a bit of an older age in the same genre.

Movies like Inglorious Bastards, Fury, 12 Years a Slave, World War Z, War Machine, The Lost City of Z, and Allied all prove our point there. The Joker would be a tough role for anyone, even someone as established as Brad Pitt. But it's pretty clear if you heard Pitt was playing Joker, you would find yourself quite interested. In 12 Monkeys, he played a bit of a crazy guy...so he has done this sort of thing already. Meaning, if asked again to deliver such a performance he could easily do it. We all know Pitt stays in great shape throughout the year and could easily make any solo Joker movie a lot of money as a top draw. But more importantly, we think his history shows he can play The Joker better than most. He fits everything needed to make it work out well, so why not?

11 Edward Norton


Edward Norton and his record do not lie. When you're looking for a top actor who can play anyone and look any way, even sound any way, Norton is one of the top guys you go for. This isn't a debate, this isn't a conversation. It is mere fact, as his resume has proven time and time again. He's been nominated for 2 Golden Globe Award and 3 Academy Awards as a result. Such movies he is most recognized for include Rounders, American History X, Fight Club, The Italian Job, Kingdom of Heaven, The Illusionist, The Bourne Legacy, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and of course Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance).

He also has superhero movie credentials, having appeared in The Incredible Hulk as both Bruce Banner and Hulk. Interestingly, he also helped to re-write the script for this movie. He was supposed to reprise his role in the MCU for Avengers but chose not to do so. Since we know Norton has action movie and superhero movie experience, and we know he could play pretty much anyone...it makes sense to think The Joker is in his wheelhouse. He has played crazy a few times and did so in impressive fashion. Ed has proven that no matter who it is that he has to play, he can deliver more often than not.

10 Jake Gyllenhaal

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Jake Gyllenhaal is often forgotten about when we discuss superhero movie roles, and this isn't exactly fair. He has proven he can be a big asset to the industry a few times in various other roles he has taken. Jake is most known for his dramatic work with movies like Brokeback Mountain, October Sky, Everest, and Nocturnal Animals. However, he does have some romantic lead and comedic roles to his name such as Love & Other Drugs as well as Bubble Boy. Though Jake could not be forgotten for his action and action thriller movies.

Movies like Brothers, Southpaw, End of Watch, Source Code, Nightcrawler, Jarhead, and more could be in the thriller/action department. Jake did once take on a huge role when he played Dastan in The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Though it did okay, it did not do nearly as well as hoped and thus a second did not occur. Jake is still a proven action star who has played a sort of crazy guy. His name is big enough to help a solo project and he is the age range for a new Joker easily. Plus long or short hair, Jake can easily deliver a good look for The Joker. Interestingly, the last great Joker was Heath Ledger and Chris Nolan cast him mostly off of his work from Brokeback Mountain. He felt if he could play a role that fearless, The Joker would be possible for him to nail as well. Ledger's co-star in the film? Jake Gyllenhaal.

9 Joaquin Phoenix

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Joaquin Phoenix is, of course, one of the many actors in Hollywood who has been able to play major roles and have them land mostly every time. Though he might be one of the few to have done so in such a wide variety of categories. Phoenix is known mostly for his impressive work in Gladiator, Walk The Line, The Master, Her, and Incoherent Vice. Though Joaquin has had other roles that have done well critically as well. Movies such as Two Lovers, We Own The Night, and Hotel Rwanda were all impressive as well for him.

Phoenix has been nominated for several awards due to his work. This includes 3 Academy Award and 5 Golden Globe nominations, though he has a Golden Globe win to his record. We know Phoenix can play crazy as we've seen him basically become it a few times. The Joker's unique character type is one that someone like Phoenix could truly embody well. While he might have to get into some great shape to play the role, The Joker was never about an actor being in major physical shape. He did well in spite of not being the peak athlete of a Batman as he used his intelligence to outsmart the Bat, which is saying something. Phoenix could easily play a great, cerebral Joker that we'd all love seeing.

8 Daniel Day-Lewis

We won't lie to you. We know this is a very far-fetched idea, and we own up to it. But what if? Seriously, just think about it. What if one of the greatest actors of all-time, which Daniel Day-Lewis undisputedly is, played The Joker? It's not as if he has ever shown interest in a superhero film, but a movie with a part like The Joker is one that he might find intriguing. There are many who say Heath Ledger's performance would never be topped, but there are not many actors as good or better than Daniel Day-Lewis either. He has proven multiple times how amazing he is as a performer, and he's one of the few who stay in character until filming wraps. It seems to be working for him, right?

You could see his wonderful performances in My Left Foot, In The Name of The Father, Gangs of New York, There Will Be Blood, Lincoln, and most recently Phantom Thread. All of which saw Academy Award nominations where he won 3 times. Though likely the one most intriguing was one he saw a Golden Globe nomination for called The Boxer. It showed he could play action pretty well. Day-Lewis picks parts based on how well he can play them, which is why we rarely see him. He is very picky, and it makes sense that he would be.

Yet if we need someone who is likely as good of a guarantee to play someone like The Joker to Academy Award levels...Daniel is perfect. Though what might hold him back is interest, the shape he'd have to be in, and the fact he could never get out of character. The Joker is a tough one to stay in for an extended period of time.

7 David Tennant

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David Tennant is likely most known for his work as the Doctor in Doctor Who. He has also been a pretty big addition to the Jessica Jones series on Netflix as Kevin Thompson/Kilgrave. While he seems to have a big love for the science fiction and superhero genre, many thought for some time that he might have some difficulty delivering a performance that was purely evil. Then a movie comes along called Bad Samaritan. If you've seen this movie, you know by now that David Tennant is on our list for a good reason. In the movie, he played a wealthy sadist. He kidnapped and tortured people in the movie.

When you think of someone who could play pure evil, and willing to do whatever just to do it, David makes sense now. It was a bit hard to see before, as we had never seen him in a role like this. The Joker is a tough man to play because actors have to dig inside of them to find some sort of evil and sadistic human being. Since Tennant has already done this with another movie, where he was loved by critics, how could we overlook him for the part? If you want to picture what he could do, we simply point you to Bad Samaritan. This is all the proof we need.

6 Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper has been in the acting world for quite some time now, but likely stood out most when he took part in the first Hangover movie. Eventually made into a trio of films, Hangover allowed Cooper to show he could be an interesting comedic actor. Yet he would truly not take on many more comedic roles after this. He has played major roles in movies like Silver Linings Playbook. A-Team, Limitless, Joy, American Hustle, War Dogs, and The Place Beyond The Pines. Though he truly managed to stand out when he played the role of Chris Kyle in American Sniper. Ultimately he would be nominated for 2 Golden Globe Awards and 4 Academy Awards for his performances.

Cooper has gotten into the superhero genre already, as he lends his voice to the MCU as Rocket Raccoon. Yet this is merely a voice role, so taking on a live-action role in another superhero universe would not be crazy for him to do. In fact, Cooper has already proven he can play various characters in various ways. Award nominations do not lie, especially when you have so many. Cooper could easily bring attention to a solo film and could bring a new level to the character. He'd bring a lot to the table, from being in perfect shape to take on superheroes physically to having a unique look that could set him apart from other Joker actors. This combined with superb acting ability could bring us a performance like no other.

5 James Franco

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James Franco may not be a natural choice for a lot of parts in Hollywood, but he would certainly make sense for The Joker. If you think about it, you know we're right. People often give Franco very little credit for his acting ability due to how he tends to act in public or his previous movies. However, if you have to find a man in his 30's to play a role in any genre...Franco can fit in almost anywhere. He has been nominated for a slew of awards over roles he has taken on. He has one Academy Award nomination and 4 Golden Globe nominations. He actually won 2 times at the Golden Globes, with his last win coming this past year in fact.

Some of his biggest hits include 127 Hours, James Dean, Milk, Oz the Great And Powerful, Pineapple Express, and The Disaster Artist. Though he has had some nice roles with movies like Why Him?, Date Night, Eat Pray Love and completely transformed himself to play a crazy role in Spring Breakers. He's also well-known from the original Spider-Man series and newer Planet of the Apes series of films. Franco is an award-winning actor who has specialized as a comedic and dramatic actor. He won his last Golden Globe for literally becoming the man he played. Spring Breakers proved the man has no limits. Some actually believe James Franco might very well be crazy for real. He's obviously a good pick for The Joker.

4 Eddie Redmayne

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Eddie Redmayne is one of the best actors in Hollywood today, and despite the fact that he has not been around as long as some of the actors on our list, he's made his time in the film industry truly count. Eddie is known for taking pretty radical roles where he may dress up or play some relatively interesting people. Some of the roles he's known for are seeming normal, but the bulk may not be. He truly made a huge name for himself when he starred in The Other Boleyn Girl, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, and Les Miserables. While he showed a lot of promise, he did not star in another movie for 2 years after Les Mis but made it a good one with The Theory of Everything.

He would shortly land another major role in The Danish Girl and a unique one in Jupiter Ascending. He can now be seen in the Fantastic Beasts series of films. Due to his major roles, he has been nominated for 2 Academy Awards and 2 Golden Globes. He has one of each for his role in The Theory of Everything. Eddie is a clearly terrific actor who can seemingly play most any role put in front of him. If given time, he could get into the perfect type of form to play The Joker. It would not be as big of a stretch for him as other roles. Jared Leto actually won the Oscar for his role in The Danish Girl, but many felt Eddie stole the movie more. Perhaps playing The Joker could allow for some payback.

3 James McAvoy

Most may know James McAvoy for his role as Charles Xavier in the recent X-Men series of films. However, he is done with his contract after their upcoming movie X-Men: Dark Phoenix. McAvoy has proven himself in other dramatic and action-centered roles far more than others possibly. He had good roles in films like Wanted, Atonement, Victor Frankenstein, and Atomic Blonde. Due to no longer having to play Professor X, he would be free to play another character in another superhero franchise. The Joker could very well be a man that James could play well.

We know this due to how well he did in a movie called Split. The movie was a wild success and impressive. McAvoy had to play a man with schizophrenia and would end up winning a number of awards for his performance. When the man proved he could play a literal crazy man, how could he not play someone like The Joker? Imagine a Joker that talks to himself, pretend people are there that aren't, and seems to lack any awareness of who he is yet somehow is a genius enough to stay in the moment to beat people and achieve his goals. Few could pull all of that off, but McAvoy is one of those few. How do we know? He already did it.

2 Troy Baker

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It's possible that you do not know who Troy Baker is, but you truly and most certainly should. If you've played any video in the last decade, it is likely Baker has lent his voice to it in some shape or form. He is an accomplished voice actor for several movies and television shows. He currently plays Loki and Hawkeye in Marvel's Avengers Assemble. In fact, he has played them pretty much ever since they came to the animated universe across all TV shows with Disney. As far as video games go, his list is seemingly endless, so we'll just highlight a few.

He has taken part in the Call of Duty franchise, Transformers franchise, Mafia franchise, new Sonic franchise, BioShock franchise, God of War franchise, LEGO franchise, Saints Row franchise, Mass Effect franchise, Metal Gear franchise, and more.

He is most known for playing Joel in Last of Us, Pagan Man in Far Cry 4, and Sam in Uncharted 4. Though he is also an iconic Batman and Joker actor who has lent his voice to both in multiple TV shows, movies, and video games (the only man to ever play both). Troy mastered the way Mark Hamill did the voice of The Joker and copied it, adding his own dimensions to it. Troy is also a good-looking guy within the age range to play The Joker in live action. To top it off, he is in great shape and looks like a movie star. He already has a nailed down voice and laugh to play him, and would be excellent. Though a bit of a fan choice for many, Baker makes a lot of sense.

1 Leonardo DiCaprio

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Come on, were you expecting anyone else? Seriously, were you? Leonardo DiCaprio may be the greatest actor of our time. The man simply cannot have a bad performance. In fact, we're so sure he cannot that we're almost positive if we gave him a script written by a 4-year-old he'd still do so well he'd get nominated for a Golden Globe or Academy Award for it. The man simply is amazing. His performances prove it. We all know most of the movies he has taken part in, but we're going to focus on a few that give us hope for Leonardo DiCaprio as a possible Joker replacement. The focus is on Shutter Island, The Revenant, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, and Django Unchained.

Forget Leo's popularity and drawing power for a minute, and think of the actor. In Shutter Island and WEGG, he proved he could play a mentally unstable person. He was so incredible in WEGG that he was nominated for a slew of awards. This was as a teenager!!! He proved how far he could go to make a great performance in The Revenant and in Django Unchained he proved that regardless of how big or small the part is, he'd go all out. He'd even find moments to go off script, which are now so legendary the movie gets replayed in certain spots over and over again due to his brilliance. There is seriously no better man for the part of The Joker than Leonardo DiCaprio. Heck, he could play all the parts in the DC Universe at once and we'd likely still find all of them to be amazing.

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