Ranked: The 30 Strongest Marvel Superheroes

The Marvel Universe is a grand place filled with all kinds of locations, planets, galaxies, and even alternate universes. In fact, all of Marvel has existed since before the Big Bang ever happened. What that means is that there are plenty of super-powered beings far beyond our comprehension. If you think we've seen these characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe…well we've seen some, but the rest might be beyond what Hollywood magic can create, and certainly are no match for the Avengers.

Captain America’s just a guy who took a shot of serum and became a strong human. Iron Man’s just a smart guy in a tin can. T’Challa eats a flower and has a suit made of nanotechnology. Peter Parker got bit by a mutant spider. All of these guys and more we watched get decimated by Thanos and some fancy jewelry. They would never stand even a snowball’s chance in hell against anyone on this list.

Maybe one day, now that Disney seemingly owns all of the Marvel characters, we’ll see all sorts of cosmic characters done right, but for now, most of these guys will just have to keep kicking ass in the comics. Here are they are Ranked - 30 Of The Strongest Characters In The Marvel Universe.

30 Mephisto

Um…hello, he's the fricking devil. The guy should be uber-powerful! Over the course of his history he’s made pacts with several men, cursing them to work for him as the Ghost Rider. He made a deal with Spider-Man which was the catalyst for the entire “One More Day” storyline, that resurrected Aunt May but made sure that he and Mary Jane never met.

He even has two kids, a daughter - Mephista and a son - Blackheart. He has at one point or another claimed the souls of the Avengers. If there's some sort of demonic presence running around the Marvel Universe, there's a good chance it's either Mephisto, or he's behind it. While not appearing in his true form, Mephisto has made an appearance in both Ghost Rider films, played by Henry Fonda and Ciaran Hinds respectively.

29 The Watcher

The perennial historian of Marvel Universe, Uatu the Watcher is part of a race of cosmic beings whose sole purpose it is to catalog and observe their section. Uatu is responsible for Earth and the Milky Way galaxy. He is as powerful as any other cosmic being in the Marvel Universe, but due to his oath, he is not to intervene on Earth.

Despite the Watchers’ oath of non-interference, Uatu was first to break this code when he helped the Fantastic Four defeat Galactus, in what is still one of the coolest comic book covers of all time. While we haven't seen Uatu or the Watchers in the MCU that much yet, they do make a cameo in the Guardians Vol. 2.

28 Surtur


Want to meet the creature that scares the knickers out of even Odin, Lord of Asgard? Look no further than Surtur. The being gives Odin the heebie-jeebies so much that he's banished him to the Earth’s core on more than one occasion. But his mischievous adopted son Loki has a penchant for letting the demon out of his cage.

Surtur is another rare instance on this list of an uber-powerful creature having made their debut in the MCU during the festivities of Thor: Ragnarok. Thor fights this beast at the beginning of the film, and it is the same one he lets loose to defeat Hela and bring about the fabled Ragnarok.

27 Apocalypse


En Sabbah Nur is the world’s first mutant. Abandoned by his family due to his blue skin, he would be rescued by nomads and all of them were forced into slavery. But when a guy is named Apocalypse, you can only imagine how little interest in being a slave En Sabbah Nur had. So, he revolted and was free to roam the Earth for several millennia since he is immortal.

Ironically, the mutant’s entire life was devoted to having Celestial technology. But when he finally got it, they clearly didn’t want him to use it and were coming for him. He actually passed to avoid their punishment, but the Celestials couldn’t care less, brought him back and punished him.

26 Hulk


While he's the strongest being on Earth in the MCU, Hulk’s barely a blip on the radar of the cosmic beings that inhabit the comics. But still, he is feared and thought to be wholly uncontrollable. Which is why the Illuminati decided to banish him to Sakaar. The guy gets stronger the angrier he gets, so it probably wasn't a good idea to banish the guy.

He returned with an army and waged war on just about every superhero he held responsible for sending him away. In the MCU, he's currently being a big ol’ chicken since getting trounced by Thanos, which will certainly make his return in Avengers 4 one of the film’s key moments.

25 Silver Surfer


One of the coolest looking characters in the Marvel Universe is the Silver Surfer. He looks exactly like you'd think he would. As Norrin Radd he sacrificed himself to be Galactus’ herald and find worlds for him to devour. In order to do his new job properly, the world water imbued his new herald with just a small portion of the Power Cosmic.

That small portion transformed Radd into one of the most powerful non-cosmic entities in all of the Marvel Universe, and to date the only interesting part of any of the Fantastic Four movies.

24 Onslaught

In the mid-nineties, Charles Xavier got fed up with his frenemy, Magneto and rendered him catatonic with a massive psionic blast. When this happened, the darkest parts of both Xavier and Magneto’s minds merged and became a twisted amalgamation of both of their darker selves - Onslaught.

He was so powerful that he was behind the fabled Omega-Level mutant status and it took the combined efforts of the X-Men, Avengers, and the Fantastic Four to defeat him. Basically, it took the entire Marvel Universe just to defeat the hatred of Xavier and Magneto manifested.

23 Thanos


If you've seen Avengers: Infinity War, then you already know how powerful the Mad Titan is - he scared the Hulk for cryin’ out loud! And that was before he even had half of the stones to his Infinity Gauntlet. But the balance he seeks for the betterment of the galaxy is just a construct for the movies.

As far as the comic book version is concerned, the Mad Titan is just looking to impress a girl. Originally using the Cosmic Cube, Thanos was looking to wipe out existence for the amusement of Mistress Death. And, here you thought a bouquet of flowers was a good thing.

22 Thor


When you're created in the vein of a true Norse god, you better be damn near indestructible. So it goes with Marvel’s own God Of Thunder, Thor. He's the Avengers’ strongest teammate. The guy who stems the tide in just about any battle the team has ever fought. He beats the Hulk in gladiatorial combat on Sakaar!

He's also the only one of the Avengers who had a real shot at defeating Thanos in Infinity War, which he actually did do. The big blond god just didn't realize he needed to aim for the head.

21 Legion


As the son of Charles Xavier and Gabrielle Haller, David Charles Haller was going to have a rough go of it growing up. His dad is the world's foremost telepath and one of the most powerful mutants in his own right. His mom was a comatose Holocaust survivor that Charles woke up with his powers and then fell in love with. Xavier wasn't told and David was the victim of a terrorist attack that saw his powers manifest.

But he also suffers from dissociative disorder and each personality that he takes on has a different mutant ability. He pretty much can do anything he wants to do. One of the things he wanted to do was go back in time and take out Magneto, but instead gave birth to a new reality - the Age Of Apocalypse.

20 lady Death

You must be pretty hot stuff for a guy like Thanos to spend the better part of his life courting you. While she doesn't act like the Reaper of Wayward Souls we've come to know and love, Lady Death is still the embodiment of Death in Marvel, and no not the scantily clad gravity-defying mistress Chaos Comics came out with.

Existing since the Big Bang, she helped take out the original Captain Marvel and played games with the Grandmaster for the life of his brother, the Collector. She also most recently has taken an interest in Ben Reilly, the Clone of Spider-Man, since no one has been resurrected more times than he has.

19 Nemesis


Combined, all of the Infinity gems can wipe out half of the existence with just a snap of your fingers. That's how strong the Gauntlet is. But if you didn't know, the gems were once all combined into one entity called Nemesis. As one of the oldest, immortal cosmic beings, she just burst one day into the six infinity gems that have plagued the universe ever since.

When Loki entered the Ultraverse, he collected the Infinity Stones and found a formerly hidden one, the Ego gem; which had bonded with the Avenger, Sersi, and Nemesis was resurrected. It took the combined might of the Avengers and the Ultraforce to defeat her.

18 Sentry


Never mind all of the strange real world hype surrounding the creation of the character, the Sentry is a total powerhouse. Robert Reynolds is so powerful that even the darker side himself has powers and a name to go with it - the Void. With his powers deriving from a super-soldier thousands of times stronger than Captain America’s, but that has since been retconned so that the Sentry is its own life force.

The limits of his powers have actually seemingly never been tested. He's stopped Celestials; Terrax, a herald whose ax has the power to split worlds; and one occasion claims he's even fought Galactus to a stalemate.

17 In-Betweener

And you think Thanos is seeking balance! When two cosmic beings, Master Order and Lord Chaos couldn’t get along, they created another cosmic being – the In-Betweener. His job was to constantly create balance in the world. By his own admission, he represents duality itself.

So, without the power of the Infinity Gauntlet mind you, the In-Betweener had the crazy idea to alter reality to his version of balance. However, that brought him into conflict with Dr. Stranger whose job it is to keep reality fairly composed. Strange actually beat him.

16 Captain Marvel


At the end of Infinity War, Nick Fury sent out a page across the cosmos to Captain Marvel. Die-hard, lifelong Marvel fans know exactly what that means - the Kree Calvary is coming to save the day!

In Captain Marvel’s current incarnation, the mantle belongs to the former Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers. She's got superhuman strength, can fly six times faster than the speed of sound, and can project energy blasts from her fingers. Come March 2019, we’ll find out just how bricks Thanos will be defecating when Brie Larsen’s take on the character hits theaters. But according to Kevin Feige, Marvel will be the most powerful character the MCU has seen to date.

15 Vulcan


Cyclops and Havok both have seemingly unlimited powers but have always held back for fear of destroying everything they hold dear. But they were taught by Charles Xavier. Their brother Vulcan was not. In fact, he couldn't care less who he destroys.

One of the famed Omega-Level mutants, Gabriel Summers has dominion over just about any and all forms of psionic energy. He has controlled both Scott’s optic blasts and Alex’s Cosmic plasma. He's even been able to manipulate psychics like Marvel Girl without her consent. He can absorb vast amounts of energy in a variety of forms and has made powerful characters like Adam Warlock have to retreat.

14 Skaar


As the son of the Hulk and Sakaar native, Caiera, Skaar is a handful to deal with. The Sakaarian warrior has heaved the Juggernaut into outer space for cryin’ out loud! Born with the superhuman powers of both the Hulk and the ability to draw from Sakaar’s Old Power (a derivative of the Power Cosmic), Skaar is also resistant to intense heat Gavin been born in a volcano.

Growing up on a war world like Sakaar, with all of his aforementioned powers and a healing factor to rival Wolverine’s - seriously, who’s going to beat this behemoth??

13 Odin


When you're the father of the God of Thunder, the Goddess Of Death, and the adoptive father to the God of Mischief, you must be a pretty powerful role model for better or worse. Odin, the Lord Of Asgard is seemingly immortal and has a variety of abilities up to and including absorbing the powers of all other Asgardians.

He is stronger than his son and possesses the abilities to withstand a whole heap of magical attacks and earthly poisons. The king is also the master of the Odin Force - a mass supply of energy used to create force fields, levitate, communicate with other Asgardians, you name it and Odin can do it.

12 Hercules

Even when you're just boasting that you dragged Manhattan around with you, you better be strong enough to conceivably do it! Certainly the son of Zeus, Hercules is just that. As a fairly consistent member of the Avengers, the demigod has sparred and withstood the onslaught of Thor and the Hulk and has held his own against cosmic heroes like Nova.

He is impervious to just about every Earthly disease. Hercules occasionally uses a giant adamantium-laced mace, which has been known to withstand an onslaught against Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer.

11 Grandmaster

While Jeff Goldblum’s version of the Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok was a delight to see, this was a far cry from the Grandmaster seen in the comics. In the pages, he has manipulated the residual energy left over from the Big Bang and is one of the most powerful elders of the universe.

His most fearsome ability is the power to preside over life and death and can will the death of virtually anyone in the galaxy. Concurrently, he can also resurrect just about anyone in the galaxy.

10 Galactus

Past all of the known characters on this list and throughout the Marvel Universe, Galactus is probably the most feared. The guy does eat planets after all. Existing in the universe before the Big Bang, an interplanetary explorer, Galan had merged with another Cosmic being, Eternity and became the devourer of worlds, Galactus.

As the universe’s oldest inhabitant, the being utilized the famed “Power Cosmic,” which he has imbued in all of his heralds. The guy pretty much can do anything he wants to do and has some of the most powerful tools in the galaxy, such as his space station, Taa II, and the Ultimate Nullifier, which has the power to undo the multiverse.

9 Adam Warlock


When scientists on Earth tried to create the perfect human, “Him” was born, but Him rebelled and fled to the cosmos where the High Evolutionary dubbed Him Warlock and gave him the Soul Gem to help save the planet he created, Counter-Earth, where some kids give him his first name, Adam.

Since he cannot truly die, anytime he does and is resurrected, his powers increase. He manipulates matter and creates it. He can teleport through space and time and thanks to the Soul Stone, he can resurrect others. Also on more than one occasion, his darkness has manifested itself as Magus, a future version of himself driven insane by the Soul Stone.

8 Amatsu-Mikaboshi


Imagine being the ruler of Earth before it even remotely resembles the planet. But then two gods came to the planet and created life. The Japanese, considered them to be gods and that did not impress Amatsu-Mikaboshi, since he was a real-life deity. When he tried to fight his enemies, he was banished to hell.

So, when Asgard fell, that put him in direct opposition with a certain thunder god and the Warriors Three. He has been terrorizing the Marvel Universe ever since, killing Zeus and his oldest enemy, Gaea the mother of creation.

7 Cyttorak


Cain Marko, the unstoppable Juggernaut is powered by the Crimson Gem Of Cyttorak. But who or what is a Cyttorak? Cyttorak was a deity worshipped on Earth until he was unceremoniously banished from the planet. He would find sanctuary in the Crimson Cosmos dimension.

How does the Crimson Gem derive its power? Over 1000 years ago, Cyttorak took part in a contest between himself and all of the other deities and their followers. Each god would place their power within the confines of an artifact. Cyttorak chose the famous gem and placed it in his temple which would eventually become Korea.

6 Phoenix Force

Combined with Jean Grey, who is Marvel’s most powerful telepath after Xavier, the Phoenix Force is quite possibly the most known both in the pages, the movies, and completely outside the Marvel Universe. Especially since the Phoenix and the Dark Phoenix Saga are two of the most well-known X-Stories out there.

The Phoenix Force is responsible for bringing back Galactus after the Big Bang. It is an immortal and immutable form of universal life and passion, which is why even when inhabiting an Omega mutant like Jean Grey is highly unstable.

5 Franklin Richards


While Reed and Susan Richards aren’t mutants, their augmented bodies gave birth to one of the most powerful mutants and one of the most powerful entities on the planet. Franklin Richards’ mutant abilities started manifesting since he was born, thanks to his parents’ exposure to radiation. The kid can bend and warp reality to his will, try dealing with that when the kid is having a temper tantrum!

His ability has allowed him to create pocket universes since he was a little boy, one of them that had an exact replica of the Earth 616 universe and was able to save the Fantastic Four and the Avengers when they took on Onslaught. This power has piqued the interest of all kinds of cosmic beings who are very interested in Franklin’s powers.

4 Eternity


As the embodiment of the entire universe, Eternity was a cosmic entity that was created around the same time Creation was made. The cosmic being is pretty much made up of and powered by everything in the universe.

When your entire composition is every living thing, you better be a super-powered if not all-powerful being, which is what Eternity is. He can manipulate the multiverse to whatever he wants, is immortal (hello his name is Eternity!) and couldn't care less about the passage of time. He also has the ability to manifest into a more corporeal form in order to be comprehended by others.

3 Living Tribunal


Being a judge is a hard thing to do, always passing out judgment and what have you. But when you're charged with being the ultimate judge over not just one Universe, but the entire multiverse, and universes that are created…that must be a serious headache.

Thankfully, the Living Tribunal has three heads to soldier the load. He had cast judgment on the planet at one point, but Dr. Strange was able to convince the Tribunal that we should be spared. His power and authority are above everyone in the Marvel Universe. The Tribunal acts as the will of the One-Above-All.

2 Beyonder

The Beyonder is another cosmic being whose power is encompassed by the entire universe. He has flung Galactus around like he was nothing and on more than one occasion summoned all of the Universe’s heroes together for the Secret Wars. Xavier once scanned the Beyonder’s mind and realized that he is both a mutant and an Inhuman, but that might have been an illusion created by the being.

His powers are limitless despite being depowered several times, still has the ability to control matter, energy, and reality itself all at the cosmic level.

1 One-Above-All

There's been plenty of religious type of storylines and characters throughout the Marvel Universe. But if there was a god presiding over all creation, then that person or entity would have to be the One-Above-All. The One-Above-All has inserted itself into certain events on occasion, one helping out Spider-Man while disguised as an old lady.

The One-Above-All has dominion over anyone and anyplace within the Marvel Universe, and is often depicted as Jack Kirby, one of the founding fathers of all that is Marvel. THAT is what you call all-powerful!

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