10 Reasons Why We Would Never Date Rachel From Friends (And 10 Why We Would)

As 90s sitcom Friends returns with full force, Jennifer Aniston is on our screens more than ever. Best known for her role as the show's fashion-obsessed beauty, Rachel Green, she turned the character into a household name. Decades later, we still can't get enough of her. Her on-off relationship with Ross (played by David Schwimmer) remains one of the most hotly debated sitcom scenarios ever. The years may have passed, but here we are, still arguing whether or not those two were really "on a break."

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In many ways, Rachel is the perfect girlfriend. She's beautiful, funny, loving, and in it for the long term. At the same time though, she's not the easiest person to date. Fellow characters Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe were there for support all the way, though. As Ross and Rachel traverse ten seasons of love, hate, infidelity, and a fair bit of jealousy, they never stopped being hilarious (except when they made us cry). Jennifer Aniston is still considered one of Hollywood's most beautiful women, and she was definitely in her prime during Friends. Here's the question, though. Would you date Rachel? If you can't make up your mind, here are ten reasons we totally would (and ten why we totally wouldn't).

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20 Wouldn't: She's The Neediest Person On The Planet

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Rachel is by far the neediest of the gang – something we see from the start. She's used to having her every whim catered to (either relying on her daddy's credit cards or using her good looks to get her own way). It isn't long before she decides she needs to stay with former high school friend, Monica, and she doesn't give Monica much choice. Despite her sassy persona, Rachel needs constant attention. When it comes to relationships, that turns a bit excessive. We see her make her boyfriend Ross abandon a professional night out to take her to the ER. In later seasons, when she's pregnant with Ross' baby, she turns into an absolute nightmare. Of course, there was also that eighteen-page letter she wrote Ross, where she basically dictated their relationship history, and its future. Yeah, she's a stunner, but we can't say Rachel isn't a handful.

19 Would: Then Again, She's Also Gorgeous

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This one's a no-brainer. Rachel may have been introduced as the "pretty" one, but it wasn't long before fans had decided she was way more than that. Rachel is absolutely beautiful, and despite knowing it, she pulls of girl-next-door charm perfectly. Ross fell for her looks before college, and he wasn't the only one. Rachel gets noticed wherever she goes. She attracts most of her work colleagues, like Gunther at the coffee house, Mark, Tag, and Gavin (in later jobs). Rachel doesn't even need to leave the apartment to have guys running after her, though. In later seasons, things turn awkward as her friend Joey falls head over heels for her. But can you really blame him? She has a perfect face, easily the most flawless hair ever, plus a smile that just melts your heart. Definitely a "yes" on the looks front.

18 Wouldn't: She Might Not Know Your Last Name

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If you're in a relationship (or dreaming about one), consider how important it would be for your boyfriend or girlfriend to eventually know your last name. Pretty important, right? Not for Rachel! In season seven, her job at Ralph Lauren introduces her to a cute assistant, Tag, whom Rachel dates. When her co-worker Gavin (who also has his eye on her) prompts Rachel to provide Tag's full name, it gets a little embarrassing. "He... he didn't have a last name. It was just Tag," she responds. "You know, like Cher." To be fair, this isn't the only time she gets names wrong. When pulled over for speeding by Officer Hanson, she addresses him as "Officer Handsome." This was to her own advantage, but we'll get to that trait later...

17 Would: She's A True Sentimental

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Rachel is a sentimental – there's no doubt about it. In a hilarious episode where Chandler is confined to a box (that's what you get for upsetting Joey), Rachel shows her sentimental side, and it all gets a bit tearful. Upon discovering that Rachel frequently exchanges gifts, including the necklace Ross bought for her, Ross challenges Rachel, basically saying she lacks emotion. Yes, she storms off into her room, but what she comes out with proves her point. "This is a movie stub from our first date," she begins. "This is an egg-shell from the first time you made me breakfast in bed. This is from the museum... the first time we... were together. Okay, maybe I exchange gifts sometimes, but I keep the things that matter." Point well-made, Rachel.

16 Wouldn't: She's Very Manipulative

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Ah, manipulation – something Rachel knows all too well. Season three gives us plenty of it with the arrival of Bonnie, an attractive girl whom Rachel had met during an unattractive moment, when Bonnie had shaved her head. Thinking Bonnie is still bald, Rachel is more than happy with Phoebe setting Ross and Bonnie up. When she realizes in horror that Bonnie has since grown her hair back (and is pretty good looking), what does she do? She convinces Bonnie to shave it all off again. Sharp. To be fair, though, she's also up for admitting how manipulative she is. Season six sees the same trait manifested by her sister, Jill (played by Reese Witherspoon). Rachel isn't fooled when Jill turns on the waterworks, though. "You think that's gonna work on me?" she says. "I invented that." Watch out. This is a girl who manipulates.

15 Would: She'll Fulfill Certain Requests

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Although Rachel is very much the traditional girlfriend, she does have a much more daring side to her, especially when it comes to her romantic endeavors. Season three gives us a taste of this, with a certain Princess Leia outfit. While viewers mostly laughed (it is, after all, a Friends episode), Ross can't hide his glee at having a girlfriend who's not only gorgeous, but willing to show an adventurous side and dress up as a character he has loved since he was a kid. Of course, we see Rachel's own "adventurous" side in later seasons, with a certain bedside book Joey stumbles upon. If someone who's up for a bit of fun is a draw, it's time to stick yourself in the "would date" pile.

14 Wouldn't: She Can't Cook To Save Her Life

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Yes, it's official. Rachel is the worst cook ever. Unfortunately, in the one episode that sees her make a full dish, she's also catering to a significant Thanksgiving crowd. Yup, it's season six, episode nine – Rachel and the trifle. If you're not getting the recipe pages stuck together, that should include jam, custard, ladyfingers, and whipped cream. If you're Rachel, though, you're also throwing in beef sautéed with peas and onions. Why? Because you've made half a "traditional English trifle" and half a "shepherd's pie." The result isn't well-received. Ross thinks it "tastes like feet." Phoebe gets out of eating it thanks to being a vegetarian, while Chandler claims it's "so good that I'm gonna go enjoy it on the balcony." Of course the food lover Joey thinks it's great.

13 Would: She Can Rap!

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Hey, dating people who can rap is a big deal. Kim Kardashian's bagged herself one, so has her sister, Kylie Jenner, plus there's Beyonce. It is not a skill any of us ever expected to see in Rachel, but yes, she proves she too can rap. Of course, it's Friends, so the circumstances are hilarious. Having had her baby Emma with Ross, and finding this little cutie pie isn't easily amused, Rachel gets desperate. Her baby won't laugh, and a determined Rachel tries everything she can to put a smile on her daughter's face. Randomly, she starts rapping. Amazingly, Emma laughs. It takes a while for Rachel to share the only secret that works with Ross, but we do eventually see them both rapping to their little girl. While the rest of the friends are less than impressed, we think it's a pro.

12 Wouldn't: She Might Date Your Best Friend

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Yeah, who can forget that part of Friends? Ross and Rachel's relationship is one giant "on-off." While they each date other people when they're not together, Rachel really pulls out all the stops. In season eight, Joey ends up living with Rachel and developing feelings for her. While Rachel takes much longer to realize she's also attracted to Joey, the two briefly get together in season nine. Poor Ross (who never stopped loving Rachel) only finds this out in the final season, and it's a hard moment for him. Although Rachel and Joey's relationship doesn't last (and they don't get too physical), just remember this very telling trait. Dating this girl comes with the possibility of her dating your best friend.

11 Would: Deep Down, She'll Love You Forever

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Yes, when Rachel loves someone, she really loves them and commits to it. Despite multiple fights, "the break," an intoxicated Las Vegas marriage, a divorce, plus a baby, Rachel's breakups with Ross never had the word "permanent" on them. Rachel doesn't always face up to her true feelings, like when she calls Ross to tell him she's "over him." The feelings themselves are there, though, and they're not going anywhere. Ross and Rachel were always meant to be. While it meant us viewers had to wait ten seasons to see it end well, it was worth the wait. If you want a girl who'll love you until the end of time, date Rachel. Her feelings run deep.

10 Wouldn't: She'll Write The World's Longest Letters

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Then again, when you date Rachel, you also date her long, drawn-out, and ridiculous letters ("18 pages FRONT AND BACK.") Rachel mostly dedicates her attention to her appearance, but when she and Ross try and make amends after being "on a break," she takes to her pen to explain herself. Well, more dictating than explaining. In a letter that's so long, Ross actually falls asleep reading it and never finishes it, Rachel fills eighteen full pages of her thoughts. She then asks Ross, "Does it?" Of course, this is something Ross has difficulty answering, since he never finished the letter. So bear in mind, dating Rachel can come with a lot of paperwork. No one ever said this was a low-maintenance girl.

9 Would: You'll Never Be Bored With Her Humor

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We all want to date someone who makes us laugh, right? If humor's on your list, you're in for a great time with Rachel. She's witty, sarcastic, able to poke fun at herself (and others), plus she's fun all around. She has us falling over with her "unagi salmon skin roll" trick, which, with a little help from Phoebe leaves Ross a little embarrassed. In later seasons, when Ross' son (with former wife, Carol) is left alone with Rachel, she's quick to teach him a few tricks that'll drive his dad mad. Ross is a man who's been divorced three times. When Rachel sees a ring and Ross comments on how beautiful it is, Rachel's right on it. "Yeah? Well you should know. You've bought like a billion of them!" Rachel can be harsh, but she never stops making us laugh.

8 Wouldn't: She Would Exchange Gifts You Buy Her

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If you've been in a relationship, you'll know that gifts are a big deal. It isn't necessarily how much you spend that's important, it's the gesture and the thought that went into it. In a season four episode that sees Chandler do some "thinking" in a box (following a bust-up with Joey), Ross is alerted to a less-than-attractive trait in Rachel. This is a girl who exchanges gifts – including the gold necklace Ross had bought for her. While Rachel more than proves her point by bringing out a box full of sentimental memories showing she "keeps the things that matter," she's the one deciding what "matters." Worst of all? She doesn't exchange the necklace for another model. She exchanges it for credit. Not showing your best colors there, Rachel.

7 Would: She'll Find The Best Nanny If You Have Kids

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Having a baby as a working mom often means organizing childcare. For Rachel, who gives birth to Ross' baby, the hunt is one she takes seriously. In season nine, we see the couple interview a series of candidates, including the ideal male nanny, Sandy (played by Freddie Prinze Jr.). He's a loving, caring guy, who even comes with a flute and puppet shows. Ross is initially put off by the less-than-traditional "manny" concept, but Rachel is quick to convince him that it's a good decision. In fact, it isn't just the baby Emma who's lulled by Sandy's soft ways. Joey ends up adoring him, although Ross finds Sandy too sensitive to stay long-term. If you want a girl who'd pick a fabulous nanny, check yes.

6 Wouldn't: She Crashes Other People's Weddings

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Ouch. Season four sees Ross' relationship with his British girlfriend Emily quickly turn into an engagement. This isn't too easy for Rachel, though. She's still in love with Ross, and despite wanting the best for him, she does the unthinkable. In a frenzied moment, she realizes she has to tell Ross how she feels. That means getting on a plane to London, arriving unannounced at the ceremony, plus a result that will forever stay in our memories. As Ross and Emily stand before the minister, Ross says the wrong name: "I take thee, Rachel." It's generally agreed that Ross' mistake is indeed because he still loves Rachel, but way to do it, girl. Seriously? Crashing your ex's wedding and turning the whole thing into a catastrophe? All we can say is that if you date Rachel and marry someone else, watch out for any unexpected wedding guests.

5 Would: She'll Always Be Supportive

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When you have a heart of gold, you're there for your friends. Despite a self-centered personality, Rachel is always supportive. She's a thoughtful roommate to Monica, and when it comes to Ross, she does a lot for him – like making sure Caitlin, the pizza delivery girl who Ross can't flirt with, does indeed give him her number. She chases Caitlin down the street, outlines Ross' qualities, and never gives away what happened. In later seasons, when Ross can't handle Rachel and Joey being a couple, she thinks of Ross the whole way through. She even tries to support him through a fajita-filled episode, where he insists he's "fine." While she can't do much, we can see how much she cares. Dating someone who can put your needs before their own? Yes, please.

4 Wouldn't: Sometimes Her Support Comes With An Agenda

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Then again, Rachel's support isn't always what it seems. Season five is tough for Ross. His wife Emily has left him following the "I take thee, Rachel" moment. Emily also won't talk to him, and despite sending her 72 long-stemmed red roses, Ross admits he "can't catch a break." Meanwhile, Rachel is on a date of her own. She ditches it to approach Ross, though, saying, " You're not going anywhere. You're gonna sit right here. I'm gonna make you a nice cup of tea and we're gonna talk this whole thing out. All right?" Seems kind enough. But what's her real plan? In a manipulative move, it's actually to tell an emotionally unstable Ross that she still loves him. Monica intervenes to make sure that doesn't happen, but the viewers get a nice taste of what Rachel is capable of. Date Rachel, and you'll always be wondering what plan she has up her sleeve.

3 Would: She'll Tell You When She Loves You

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Those three little words. We agonize over them, plan them, and often mess it up. One of the biggest problems we have, though, is actually saying them. It's a tough moment for Rachel in season five, as she finally gains the courage to tell Ross she still loves him. Sure, she's nervous at first. "Whatcha reading?" she asks Ross (who's holding a newspaper and answers the question). "Yeah, what's it about?" she continues. Clearly, though, she really has something on her mind. Like a big, brave girl, she looks him in the eye and tells him, "I'm still in love with you, Ross." The awkward moment is eased by them joking around, but this is a girl who was brave enough to wear her heart on her sleeve. If you want to date someone who'll tell you when she loves you, date Rachel.

2 Wouldn't: She Goes On Other People's Honeymoons

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Picture a situation where your wedding doesn't quite go to plan. You've still booked a honeymoon though, right? Now picture your ex-girlfriend getting on a plane and going there to stay in your honeymoon suite. As Ross' marriage to Emily collapses and he finds himself abandoned by Emily at the airport, guess who turns up. Rachel, of course. While it is Ross who suggests they go to Greece together, the general opinion is split over Rachel's acceptance of the offer. Of course, that too doesn't go to plan. A returning Emily forces Ross to stay on land, while an excited Rachel jets off alone. This one's really your call, but are you sure you'd want to date a girl who's prepared to crash both your wedding and your honeymoon?

1 Would: She'll Get Off The Plane

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Somehow, this one just needs no introduction. Ten whole seasons of Ross and Rachel made us laugh and cry, but they also gave us suspense that we just couldn't get enough of. The final season sees Rachel accept a job offer at Louis Vuitton in Paris. In the final episode, Ross' heart breaks as Rachel boards that plane to Paris. The gang join forces to stop her, but the most they get out of it is a voicemail from Rachel (who's on the plane and explaining her reasons for leaving). The problem is that the message cuts off halfway through. Panicking and trying to fix the answering machine, Ross wonders out loud whether Rachel got off the plane. Standing in the doorway with a look that melted an entire generation, we see Rachel. "I got off the plane," she says. Rachel may plan to leave you physically, but her heart overrides all her decisions.

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