8-Year-Old Girl Named 'Queen Of Sweden' After Finding Ancient Sword In A Lake

One 8-year-old old Swedish/American girl has earned the title of "Queen of Sweden" after she found an ancient sword in a lake.

It was an ordinary summer afternoon for Saga Vanecek who was passing the time at her family's holiday home by skipping and throwing rocks into the lake when she stumbled upon something unusual. The little girl thought she discovered a weird stick when she actually found a Viking sword.

Vidöstern lake is near the Vanecek's home, but they had no idea there was such a pressure treasure hiding in the water. The little girl told the local news she was initially going to throw the sword back in the lake because she thought it was a weird stick. However, when she notices its pointy yet rusty tip, she knew it was a sword.


It's official! With today's press release we can finally reveal what Saga found in Lake Vidösten this summer... a sword...

Posted by Andy Vanecek on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Her father Andy came over as soon Saga yelled that she found a sword. Neither of them had any idea it was an artifact at the time, especially since it was rusty and bent. The Iron Age sword is the first of its kind to be found in the Scandinavian area.

According to CNN, the lake has been dragged for other artifacts since the sword's discovery. Archeologists have found an ancient prehistoric brooch with similar markings to the sword. Although at first, they believed the lakes was a burial ground, archeologists now think it might have been a place where sacrifices were held.

Ever since her discovery, the little girl has been referred to by locals as "Queen of Sweden." It is an ode to the legend of King Arthur, who was bequeathed the right to rule after the Lady of the Lake gave him the Excalibur sword. The little girl is thrilled with her new title, even if she doesn't quite understand it.

Saga Vanecek posing with her the sword which she found in a lake while swimming with her family in Sweden. Experts...

Posted by Wilson Jacob on Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Vanecek family has only lived in Sweden for about a year. Andy is originally from Minnesota, but his wife is Sweedish, so they moved back to her home country to be closer to them. They never knew when embarking on this new adventure, just how amazing it would be. Sage definitely had quite the story to tell when she went back to school this fall.


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