10 Craziest Things Post Malone Has Ever Bought

Known as one of the biggest breakout artists in music today, Post Malone has captured the attention of adoring fans since the release of his single “White Iversion” back in 2015. Currently, the musician has dominated the Billboard charts. He’s even had a pat on the back from other big-name artists like Justin Bieber and DJ Khaled!

Though it’s not the short rise to fame alone that makes Post Malone stand out from the rest but rather his appearance differs greatly from many polished artists. It’s nice that he sticks to his Texas roots and isn’t afraid to be different. Even if that means making purchases on bizarre items. Here are 10 of the craziest things Post Malone has ever bought!

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10 Biscuits For Everyone!

Perhaps no one loves their fans more than Posty, as he is affectionately called by his fanbase. Texans are famously known for their southern hospitality, but this rapper is just too generous. During the 2018 Coachella Music Festival, Malone bought all his fans buttery biscuits from Popeye's Chicken. That’s a lot of food for a large crowd!

Having ordered on Postmates, the world’s best online food delivery system, it’s no wonder the star spent a whopping $8,000 on biscuits. That’s awfully kind of the guy but also insane. Everyone knows Posty likes to spend big, but he should try holding onto his money a bit tighter.

9 Pass Around The Chicken Wings!

Post Malone is obviously a food lover and enjoys sharing his food with others just as much. The “Rockstar” singer treated Jimmy Fallon out to a guys dinner date in New York at one his favorite restaurants, Olive Garden. Post Malone reportedly loves their free breadsticks and salads. Who wouldn’t? It’s awesome to know that Malone hasn’t let himself get too big headed in the industry.

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To further prove that Posty is just like us regular folk, he loves chicken wings as well. Though, he didn’t need to get an entire order of 500 hot wings for himself and his crew. Apparently, the star was out touring last year and got the munchies so bad that he decided to treat everyone to a late-night dinner from Nando’s Chicken. Purchasing 500 chicken wings is just too much.

8 Last-Minute Party Planning

Post Malone is a die-hard fan of fast food. Just glancing at the list of everything he’s ever ordered online, viewers will more than likely find every fast food joint that’s out there. Posty has ordered everything from Chick-Fil-A, Burger King, and Panda Express! He also enjoys throwing parties almost as much as he loves pigging out on tour. Besides, he had a great year back in 2018.

He certainly went all out at the 2018 AMA’s! That same year, he threw another get-together that cost him around $850 in buying last-minute supplies. Malone purchased 40 solo cups and 6 bottles of orange juice, including 4 wine bottles and additional party tropes. The get together was more than likely an after-party, after the after-party for his crew. Malone is living it up in Hollywood.

7 Postmates Number One Customer!

When it comes down to it, nothing is too expensive or outrageous for Post Malone. If he doesn't put together a budget plan soon, he'll end up like Nicholas Cage. His net worth maybe in the millions today but by tomorrow it could be gone. Until then, Post Malone continues to rack up the list for the craziest items he’s ever bought. As mentioned earlier, Malone purchased an order of Popeye’s biscuits for eight grand and another seven hundred for Nando’s Chicken wings on Postmates.

After digging deeper into the scoop on the purchases, it turns out that Post Malone has ordered other big-ticket items besides fast food. In 2018, he spent a total of $40 million on Postmates! Post Malone must be a firm believer in online shopping to spend that much.

6 A 24-Hour Car Purchase

Nothing beats having the power to spend our money the way we want. Post Malone certainly doesn’t mind making a down-payment on another car, especially within 24 hours of crashing the previous one. Back in early fall of 2018, the rapper was driving through the San Fernando Valley before his Rolls-Royce-Wraith was suddenly hit by an incoming KIA.

Literately the next day, the rapper went out and bought another Rolls Royce, this time the Phantom which cost him an outrageous $420,000. Spending must be like muscle memory for this guy because there’s no way anyone would be willing to pay that much for a car.

5 A Car Enthusiast

The two Rolls Royce cars aren’t the only vehicles Post Malone has purchased within a matter of hours. Turns out the rapper has an entire lineup of fast and vintage cars. Most having had modifications made to them in the most absurd ways that only Malone can validate. In April, the rapper reportedly bought a brand-new Subaru to add to his collection.

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There’s no telling what alterations he’ll make to the car but it’s anyone’s guess. Why one man needs a garage full of cars in the first place is the real question here. Better yet, why have a truck delivered to our house that’s named after an alcoholic drink? Back in December 2018, the rapper purchased a Hennessy VelociRaptor 6x6 which looks to be specialty-made. Post Malone has expensive but strange taste in his purchases!

4 Preparing For The Apocalypse

For most people, buying a car that starts somewhere in the thousands is a big decision to make. Not Posty, though. He has expensive tastes and unfortunately, his spending doesn’t stop at the Hennessy truck. Malone also has a love for purchasing property, particularly his mansion in Utah that he paid $3 million dollars for in 2018.

Having been on the rap scene for a hot minute, Malone has already made so much and bought enough to fill up a museum. Though the mansion itself isn’t the problem, but rather his unusual need to have 30 bunk beds throughout the estate. Malone is apparently a conspiracy theorist who believes the world will end soon and is just making necessary preparations.

3 His Very Own Arsenal

If people couldn’t tell Post Malone was from the south by the $3 million mansion in Utah, then they’ll know for sure by his gun collection. The rapper loves his weaponry and there are even videos of him at a shooting range. Post Malone is a real-life cowboy and enjoys the fact that he can walk into a grocery store with a hand-held gun and not get stopped by the cops.

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The police will definitely think twice once they see his gun collection, though. Malone doesn’t just own guns, but also military-grade weaponry. During a Rolling Stone interview, Malone mentioned that he owned a hand-held cannon. He claims that his "large arsenal is to protect himself" but seriously, no one should have equipment from the Navy stored away in their house.

2 Malone Has More Jewels Than He Can Handle

By now, it’s probably obvious that Posty has a wide range of interests. He loves everything from Popeye's Chicken to fast cars and a military arsenal. These are things that most guys dream of owning. He’s certainly like every rapper who loves flashing their gold chains.

Once again, another male celeb who raps for a living sports the signature diamond jewels to match. One of Malone’s most prized possessions are the two Rolex watches that cost a total of $52,000. Not to mention, the rapper has a love for Hello Kitty jewelry charms, which seems uncharacteristic of him but then again, Posty is a spontaneous guy. He has also been seen wearing a set of gold grills, as seen in the pic above. There is such a thing as too much bling Malone.

1 The Clothes Don’t Make The Man

Not only does Posty like showing off his bling but he has an odd sense of fashion. If there were words to describe his style it could be summed up to sleazy-chic. The rapper often adorns himself in “Western tropes, such as chain-stitched suites,” that have obvious connections to Malone’s Texan roots. He also wears floss-thin bolero ties and high-waist pants, which are odd dress choices.

Even more bizarre was his 2018 Nashville onstage ensemble that consisted of a “mustard yellow suit embroided with snakes.” His dress choices may be outlandish, but Post Malone exudes quiet confidence in his style and clearly doesn't care what the haters have to say. He wears the clothes, rather than it being the other way around.

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