NASA Hilariously Responds To Tony Stark’s Avengers Endgame Call For Help

Marvel fans have been jokingly pleading with NASA to help rescue Tony Stark from space following the release of the Avengers Endgame trailer last week.

If you still haven't seen Avengers Infinity War then honestly, we don't know what you're doing reading this article. Nevertheless, if you want to avoid spoilers look away now. This will likely be the last time we offer you that courtesy though, so be warned. Also, once you have finally gotten around to watching Infinity War, follow it up by checking out the epic trailer for Avengers Endgame.

The first half of the trailer is taken up by Tony Stark recording an emotional monologue using his beaten up Ironman mask. The Avenger is adrift in space and records the message for Virginia "Pepper" Potts back on Earth. He explains that he has been out of food and water for four days, and his oxygen will run out in a few hours. Stark also says he has a zero chance of rescue.


Somehow Marvel made us feel too many emotions via a trailer alone. We're not sure we will be able to handle the rollercoaster that is the entire movie. Judging by some of the responses to the trailer on social media, we are not alone. Marvel fans have taken to Twitter and been pleading with NASA to do something, anything, to help Ironman.

NASA is now our favorite US Federal Government agency (yes we have them ranked, don't you?) as it has responded to fearful Avengers fans. NASA wrote on Twitter that it is listening out for the message "Avengers, we have a problem." However, since it appears that Stark cannot communicate with anyone from his unknown place in space, NASA will also "use all resources to scan the skies for your missing man."

Just when you were wondering if everyone is as excited about the next installment of Avengers as you are, here is the answer to that question. As well as fans around the world fearing for Ironman's life and whoever is in charge of NASA's Twitter account being a big Marvel fan, the trailer for Endgame was viewed more than any other in its first 24 hours. It had been watched 289 million times that first day. Cards on the table, we think we might be responsible for at least half of those.


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