10 Of The Most Ridiculous Celebrity Engagement Rings

When someone gets engaged, the first thing everyone asks is to see the ring. Celebrities are no different in this aspect, except for their rings tend to be ridiculously over the top. While the average American family spends about $2,000 on a ring, these celebrities have blown that figure out of the water.

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These celebrity engagement rings are nothing to laugh at, as some of them are worth more than many of us will make in our lifetime. You might envy their wealth or the rings' sophisticated designs, but money doesn't always buy happiness in many of these cases. Keep reading to learn about the ten most ridiculous celebrity engagement rings!

10 Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom got engaged on Valentine's Day this year, and her ring is even more impressive than the announcement. It has a flower design that sparkles with expensive glittering diamonds. This ring was obviously a custom design and even though the official price has not been released, jewelry experts say it wasn't cheap.

It is estimated that the diamond petals add up to about two-and-a-half carats, while the gorgeous ruby or pink diamond in the center is said to be about two carats. The grand total is said to rest somewhere around $5 million, but it definitely suits the personality that goes along with this couple.

9 Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are the perfect couple, but Lively's engagement ring is what draws many eyes. It is an oval design and the diamond is tinted pink, and the unique rose gold band suits its large size perfectly. Her ring is a total of twelve carats and was a creation by one of Reynold's friends, Lorraine Schwartz.

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This ring cost around $2 million for its size, clarity, and the fact that pink diamonds are a super rare find. This ring is in a league of its own, but that won't stop us from drooling over its perfection.

8 Kate Upton and Justin Verlander

Kate Upton announced her engagement back in 2016, but what everyone's eyes were really focused on was her stunning ring. Verlander had it custom made as he worked with a jeweler name Anita Ko to find the perfect design. It is a giant solitaire diamond set atop a diamind-encrusted band that glitters in every sort of light.

It has been estimated that this purchase cost Verlander roughly $1.5 million when you add up the eight-carat monstrosity and the smaller diamonds spattered throughout. It truly is one for the history books and we hope this couple manages to keep their happily ever after.

7 Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

It comes as no surprise that Jennifer Lopez made our list with a gigantic engagement ring from Alex Rodriguez. This is her fifth time getting engaged and it is her biggest ring to date. This ring is estimated to be between ten and fifteen carats and we can only imagine how heavy this rock is on her finger.

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It also cost Rodriguez somewhere in the ballpark of $1 and $5 million, because J.Lo deserves nothing but the best. Her rings are known to start beauty trends, so it might be worth your while to watch for a spike in the price of emerald cut rings in the near future.

6 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are known not to forego any expense as they share pictures from their luxury vacations and the result of the total renovation of their home. Kanye has actually purchased two different engagement rings for her, as the first one was stolen from her hotel room in Paris.

The new ring upgraded her to twenty carats of diamond and it only cost a whopping $5 million. It is obvious they are not short on cash, but we hope that Kim is never the victim of a robbery ever again.

5 Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello

Sofia Vergara, from Modern Family, got engaged back in 2014 to Joe Manganiello and her ring was hard to miss. This ring is a vintage style with a cushion cut diamond, but don't forget the halo of diamonds surrounding this rock. The center stone is said to be between five and seven carats, and the ring itself if estimated at $500,000.

If this isn't love then we are not sure what is, especially when the wedding was as lavish as the ring on her finger. We couldn't be happier for them in their marriage and all we can do is thank the designer, Lorraine Schwartz, for giving us such a beautiful design to admire.

4 Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka

This couple never made it down the altar as they split before they could tie the knot, but she still had this historic ring to remember him by. This pear-shaped diamond was a total of 20 carats and it cost a mere $2 million.

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Paris Hilton kept the ring after their breakup without any intentions of returning it to Zylka as a celebrity jeweler, named Michael Greene, had originally given it to her for free in return for the publicity. It might not have ended well for this celebrity couple, but at least one of them made out on the deal with a gorgeous glittering diamond.

3 Mariah Carey and James Packer

James Packer proposed to Mariah Carey, but he broke it off before they could make it official at the altar. You might remember her song called I Don't and the even more iconic music video where she burned her $250,00 wedding dress in retaliation of the split, but a simple fire won't melt this diamond.

This ring was massive with thirty-five carats of glittery diamond and it was estimated to cost about $10 million. It was designed by Wilfredo Rosado and she originally kept it, but after two years she finally sold it to a jeweler in Los Angeles.

2 Cardi B and Offset

Offset proposed to Cardi B in front of fans back in 2017, but this is another love story that failed to last despite the expensive ring. This ring cost $500,ooo and was a pear-shape design, but this ring wasn't enough to save their marriage.

There are rumors that the two are making a comeback as Cardi B was seen sporting the ring back in February. The eight carats might have cost an arm and a leg, but maybe one day they will find a way to be together once again.

1 Beyonce and Jay-Z

Beyonce and Jay-Z are a power couple with a lot of cash in their possession, which is why it shouldn't come as a surprise to see her engagement ring on this list. Her rock is set in a split-shank setting that helps a diamond appear bigger than it actually is, not that her diamond needed any help.

Her emerald-cut diamond is as classy as she is and comprised of a total of eighteen carats. This was another beauty created by Lorraine Schwartz that came out to the grand total of $5 million. It might be out of our price range, but Beyonce sure knows how to rock it with a style all her own.

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