Morgan Freeman Accused Of Harassment

Morgan Freeman has been accused of harassment. Multiple women have come forward claiming he has acted inappropriately with them on a number of occasions.

According to CNN, who published a very lengthily and in-depth report, eight women in total have come forward with allegations against the actor. A young production assistant who worked on the 2015 film Going In Style is accusing Freeman of unwanted touching and comments about her figure. She revealed that one time, he kept trying to lift up her skirt to see if she was wearing underwear. Despite her constantly pushing his hand away and asking him to stop, he continued until his co-star Alan Arkin told him to cut it out.

The environment on the set of the 2012 film Now You See Me was not much different based on another woman’s accusations of harassment.

“He did comment on our bodies. We knew that if he was coming by not to wear any top that would show our breasts, not to wear anything that would show our bottoms, meaning not wearing clothes that were fitted," a female staffer on the film revealed to CNN, claiming she and another assistant were constantly dealing with Freeman’s inappropriate behavior.


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Even though there are eight women who have come forward with harassment allegations against the 80-year-old actor, additional women told CNN working on movie sets with Freeman over the last decade has been unbearable. His unwanted advances, comments and touching have made working with him miserable.

There are also stories of him making derogatory comments to those who worked for his company Revelations Entertainment. Even his co-founder in the company, Lori McCreary, was not safe from his demeaning comments, especially in public. Although a rep for McCreary has not commented on the story yet, Freeman released a statement regarding all allegations against him.

“Anyone who knows me or has worked with me knows I am not someone who would intentionally offend or knowingly make anyone feel uneasy. I apologize to anyone who felt uncomfortable or disrespected that was never my intent," read his apology statement.

Morgan Freeman has been accused of harassment and not just on the sets of his movies or in his company. Three reporters told CNN that during a press junket he made inappropriate remarks to them on multiple occasions. He would mostly comment on the way female reporters dressed or their bodies, making them feel uncomfortable.

This is likely just the beginning of the story as the accusations against Freeman begin to pile up. What do you think about the iconic actor being the latest Hollywood male accused of harassment?


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