Micheal B. Jordan's Trainer Spills Secrets To His Shredded Creed II Body

Michael B. Jordan looks shredded in the trailer for his upcoming movie Creed II.

Thanks to trainer Corey Calliet Jordan was in top-notch shape to return to the role of Adonis Creed. It was quite the change for the actor, who had previously bulked up to play Erik Killmonger, the infamous villain in Black Panther. The transformation was not an easy one. Jordan needed to drop some weight for his Creed role but remain in powerful punching shape.


Calliet recently spoke to Men's Health on the process of taking the 31-year-old from bulky to shredded. The two men have been friends for over three years. They met when the trainer whipped Jordan into shape for Creed. Calliet was also the one who helped the actor transition into Erik Killmonger, so he knew the safest way to achieve the results the results needed for Adonis big return.

The timing of the two projects was essential. Calliet was able to use the bulk to help shred Jordan into boxer shape. The trick was to lose some of his size without losing the power. Since the Creed II star was training for a role as a boxer that meant hardcore boxing training. Instead of focusing on sparring, the actor trained on the heavy bag and mitts. The reason for this was to help him with fighting choreography while whipping him into shape.

In order to keep the hunky star lean, bodyweight plyometrics and light weightlifting circuits were also thrown into the mix. Jordan already knew how to box, he did it in the first film, so the second time around it was all about looking better than ever. It is a sequel. Jordan had to up his game. Whatever they did, it worked. The actor looks smoking hot in the Creed II trailer, but then again, he always looks good.

If you are looking to try to get shredded like hottie Michael Jordan, his trainer Corey Calliet has been kind enough to share his workout routine. Perform one round of each exercise and repeat the circuit four times. Jordan did the routine after his boxing training; you could do it after your weight training or cardio training.

Jump rope - 3 minutesKettlebell Swings – 8 repsDumbbell Goblet Squat - 8 repsPushups - 15 repsSit-ups – 20 reps

Not a bad little workout to add to your routine.


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