10 Times Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone Were Relationship Goals

In the world of Hollywood, nothing is guaranteed, other than perhaps botched plastic surgery jobs and racy scandals. Long-standing, healthy relationships simply aren’t trendy and don’t make for good tabloids, but for some more even-keeled stars, it’s the ultimate goal. Actress and comedienne Melissa McCarthy defines these relationship goals with her husband, comedy actor Ben Falcone. The two have been together since before the turn of the millennium, showing us all how it’s done.

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These two have been setting relationship goals since 1998; here, we examine a few examples of their relationship, from their humble beginnings to their latest love stories.

10 When They Met Taking a Comedy Class

Who doesn’t love a good relationship origin story? Melissa and Ben certainly have that down. As if the pair weren’t cute enough as they are, Melissa and Ben actually met each other while taking an improv comedy class at Groundlings in Los Angeles in 1998. She was attracted to his more reserved personality but loved that he came right out of his shell when it came time to perform. The two bonded over their task of writing their first comedy skit, titled All Seger’s Eve, a Bob Seger-themed holiday skit. That fateful class turned into a relationship that continues strong today.

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9 When They Acted Alongside Each Other for the First Time

Melissa McCarthy’s breakout role as lovable chef Sookie St. James on the hit show Gilmore Girls was made even more special because she was able to act alongside her then-boyfriend Ben Falcone for the first time in a scene in season three. That episode had been filmed before either of them had become largely famous, only adding to their adorable relationship origin story. Since then, the two have shared more on-screen interactions, such as in the movie that sent Melissa all the way to A-list status: Bridesmaids. It’s so interesting to see how celebrities interact with each other on-screen, especially when their relationship dynamics change!

8 When They Got Married

Okay, this is kind of the definition of relationship goals! Celebrities tend to jump the gun when tying the knot and seem to marry quickly, but Melissa and Ben took their time and the results are just beautiful. They have been together practically since meeting in 1998 but didn’t get married until seven years later, on October 8, 2005. And what may be even sweeter (and also on the rare side by Hollywood standards) is that they are still going strong today. They credit their relationship success to remaining humble, having respect for each other, and always making each other laugh. How sweet!

7 When They Had Their Children

On May 5, 2007, Melissa and Ben welcomed baby Vivian Falcone to the world. Now, if you’re looking at the timeline of Melissa’s acting career, you’ll notice there’s a bit of an overlap with the timing of her filming Gilmore Girls and her pregnancy. Some sources report that the character Sookie’s pregnancy was written into the show for this very reason! Their second daughter Georgette was born a few years later in March of 2010. Having children didn’t slow down either one of this dynamic duo: Melissa began filming for Mike and Molly four months after baby Georgette was born.

6 When They Acted in Their First Blockbuster Movie Together

5 When They Wrote and Acted in Another Blockbuster Together

Because just acting in a blockbuster film wasn’t relationship goals enough for Melissa and Ben, they felt the need to write one themselves. Of course, they acted in it together as well, which has never been a bad thing. The two began their comedy production company On The Day with the film Tammy, which they wrote together. Melissa stars in it, while Ben has a cameo in the beginning as Tammy’s (Melissa’s) manager. He directs his leading lady in the remainder of the film, and does it well. Tammy is full of funny, cringe-worthy moments, courtesy of Melissa and Ben.

4 When They Traveled to a New Continent Together

Conquering the comedy world while traveling the real world, Melissa and Ben have enjoyed many adventures together. While promoting Melissa’s new film The Boss, the pair traveled to Sydney, Australia. The primary reason for being there may have been to promote the film, but the two were able to enjoy a date night or two while there. Melissa posted a photo on her social media of the two smiling, the Sydney Opera House in the background. Sweet Melissa even graciously stopped to take pictures with some super fans. By the way, the film was another successful collaboration between her and Ben.

3 When Ben Published a Book about Raising His Daughters

We can all agree by now that Melissa and Ben’s story is worthy of a movie all of its own, and Ben realized that at least part of it should be told. In 2017, he wrote and published a book about raising his daughters with Melissa, titled Being a Dad is Weird: Lessons in Fatherhood from My Family to Yours. Within the pages, Ben credits his parenting style to his own father, who played a very important role in Ben’s upbringing. His immense love for the family he built with Melissa is clear, and her support of his endeavors make these two relationship goals.

2 When Melissa Knows Her Husband Better Than Anyone

When you can goof around with your significant other, it makes the relationship that much better. Melissa and Ben share many laughs together, but one Valentine’s Day, in particular, became especially humorous for Ben. His loving wife Melissa innocently gifted him a heart-shaped box, presumably filled with chocolates as one might expect to receive on Valentine’s Day. However, Ben opened the box to find one of his favorite foods instead: deviled eggs! Ben was delighted, and said he knew Melissa loved him by knowing he’d rather have the eggs than chocolate. It’s easy to see how they get along so well!

1 When They Show Up in Matching Outfits

Melissa and Ben aren’t immune to doing basic couple things, even though they have fame and fortune on their side. This includes showing up to parties in matching outfits, although their way of doing it is flashier and of course in a humorous manner. The power couple attended the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscars After-Party together, you know the typically-black-tie-only affair...in matching black Adidas tracksuits. No one was going to turn the two away, and they won the hearts of everyone at the party. The stunt may have been Melissa’s brainchild, but husband Ben was all in.

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