19You Can Even Forget About Getting A Signature From The Duchess

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To stay on the Queen's good side, Meghan is going to have to get her act together and make sure she does not cross anymore lines. We all assume that being a part

of this family must be like a fairytale, but Meghan is going to lead a life that is very ordered because she is living a life servicing the monarchy. Of course, being a royal does have its perks, but the protocols Meghan is about to face, like the one that disallows her to sign autographs, proves that there are more downsides.

The leading lady of Prince Harry, who most know because of her iconic role in the television drama Suits, will now never again be able to sign autographs for her Suits super fans, as well as Royal Family fans. It is unfortunate for the fans that admire the Duchess because they will never posses an autograph from the new Royal Family member and trendsetter — we cannot forget the Givenchy wedding dress she looked dreamy in. We are sure Meghan is sorry to disappoint her fans, but to make sure she starts on the right foot, she must make sure she does not breach this protocol. This rule is a historic one, and signing is condemned completely off limits by the monarchy. Why? It is a long-standing rule to avoid forgery.

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