22L Scott Caldwell

In a lot of ways, the character of Rose was the heart and soul of the first season of the show. She helped the cast fill out as she was just a survivor of the plane crash. She certainly wasn't going to run around adventuring all over the island. She

also, like any hopeful wife would do, or person for that matter,  gave words of encouragement to many of our heroes, especially Jack, all while holding out hope that her husband Bernard was still alive and somewhere else on the Island.

An accomplished character actor from way back, L. Scott Caldwell had roles in movies like The Fugitive long before getting cast as Rose. The stage and screen actress has never stopped working since debuting in Hollywood in the seventies and has continued to work steadily since performing on Lost.

In addition to Rose, Caldwell is also most known for playing Ricky’s adoptive mother on The Secret Life Of The American Teenager, as well as Lydia’s mother on the most under-rated cop drama ever, Southland. Most recently the warmth-filled actress can be seen on shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and How To Get Away With Murder.

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